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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to validate data, it should not be taken as fact - evidence is sometimes slim, resulting in some ‘educated guesses’. Where possible I include evidence in the form of scanned documents or transcripts. Where not stated, it is often taken from widely used sources such as freebmd or familysearch - and of course some evidence is from family members.


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Tree based around Elizabeth Hannah Bridge

L Elizabeth Davies (1842-1901)
L Elijah Barrett (1843-85)
L Nathaniel Kevan (1845-1914)
L Benjamin Kevan (1846-1901)
L Phebe Kevan Smith (1846-72)
L James Kevan (1847-1901)
L Josiah James Smith (1848-73)
L Fanny Rosa Brown (1850-1904)
L Eliza Boyd Kevan (1850-23)
L Charlotte Smith (1851)
L Phoebe Kevan (1852-1939)
L Nathaniel Smith (1853-1910)
L Clara Harding (1854-1919)
L Samuel Bridge Kevan (1854-1925)
L Elizabeth Hannah Bridge (1855)
L Elizabeth Baker (1856-1935)
L Jane Kevan (1856-76)
L Matha S Smith (1856)
L Mary Finn (1858)
L Phillis Catherine Kevan (1858)
L Benjamin Smith (1858)
L Martha Pask Bridge (1859)
L Jesels Pask Bridge (1860)
L Martha Kevan (1860-62)
L Emily Bridge Smith (1860)
L Emma P Bridge (1861)
L Francis W Smith (1862)
L Ebenezer Kevan (1863-1935)
L John Humphrey (1864)
L James E Smith (1864)
L John T Humphries (1865)
L Elizabeth Mary Matthews (1865)
L Jessie C Smith (1866)
L Helen E Kevan (1868)
L John Kevan (1870-1944)
L Edith Ann Hooley (1871)
L William Thompson Bridge (1873)
L Katherine M Kevan (1875)
L Daisy Ellen Smith (1875)
L Frederick W Kevan (1877)
L James A Humphrey (1879)
L Ethel E Humphrey (1880)
L Donald J Kevan (1881)
L Eliza Boyd (1818-88)
L Ann Dorling (1821)
L Elizabeth Dorling (1821)
L Nathaniel Kevan (1822-75)
L Josiah Smith (1822-81)
L Phebe Kevan (1824-72)
L Phebe Dorling (1826)
L John Bridge (1830)
L Elizabeth Pask Kevan (1830-80)
L Martha Kevan (1834-62)
L John Box (1835)
L Henry Bridge (1836-1902)
L Sarah Kevan (1836)
L Isaac Bridge (1837)
L Martha Bridge (1838-52)
L Hannah Kevan (1841)
L James Humphrey (1842)
L Helen S ??? (1843)
L Richard Bridge (1843-60)
L John James Kevan (1843)
L Elizabeth Thompson (1844)
L Thomas Ramsey Kevan (1848)
L Emma Kevan (1850)
L Joseph Dorling (1789)
L Ann Elizabeth Pask (abt.1789-1850)
L Phoebe Pask (1798)
L Nathaniel Kevan (1799-1862)
L Samuel Fosdike Bridge (1803-82)
L Martha Pask (1804-51)
L Oliver Pask (1806)
L Elizabeth Mary Armitage (1808)
L Elizabeth Pask (1808-37)
L Josiah Pask (1808)
L Lois Smoothy (1810)
L Mary Pask (1813)
L Henry Pask (1818)
L Emma Pask (abt.1820)
L Jarvis Holmes Dorling (abt.1746)
L Mary Pask (abt.1750)
L James Pask (abt.1755)
L Petchy Pask (1756)
L Oliver Pask (abt.1760-1826)
L Elizabeth Turner (abt.1765)
L Mary Armstrong (abt.1785)
L Daniel Pask (abt.1711-63)
L Margaret ??? (abt.1740)
L John Turner (abt.1740)