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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to validate data, it should not be taken as fact - evidence is sometimes slim, resulting in some ‘educated guesses’. Where possible I include evidence in the form of scanned documents or transcripts. Where not stated, it is often taken from widely used sources such as freebmd or familysearch - and of course some evidence is from family members.


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Tree based around Joseph Boyd

L Thomas Bearman (1811-68)
L Catherine Boyd (1814-88)
L Eliza Boyd (1818-88)
L Catharine Morrison (1819)
L Thomas Boyd (1821)
L Benjamin Boyd (1822)
L Nathaniel Kevan (1822-75)
L Joseph Boyd (1824-82)
L Isabella Boyd (1824)
L Eleanor Boyd (1825)
L Isobella Barclay Morrison (1826)
L Charles Bedding (1827-1906)
L Jane Boyd (1827-64)
L Sarah Barclay Boyd (1829-71)
L Rebecca Morris (1830-1912)
L Charles Boyd (1844)
L William Boyd (1848)
L Phillis Eve (1788-1853)
L Thomas Boyd (1790-1859)
L John Boyd (1793)
L James Morrison (1793)
L Isabella Boyd (1796)
L Peter Boyd (1799)
L Charles Boyd (1802)
L Joseph Boyd (1802-2)
L Robert Boyd (1805)
L Elizabeth ??? (1806)
L Ann Boyd (1806)
L Barbara Boyd (1808)
L Thomas Boyd (1759)
L Robert Boyd (1761)
L Isobel Barclay (1762)
L William Barclay (1764)
L Ann Barclay (1765)
L Elizabeth Barclay (1767)
L Joseph Boyd (1767)
L Catherine Barclay (1770)
L Thomas Barclay (1772)
L Agnes Benvie (1717)
L Jean Benvie (1719)
L Janet Benvie (1720)
L James Boid (1722)
L Patrick Benvie (1724)
L Andrew Boid (1725)
L Jean Benvie (1726)
L Robert Boid (1727)
L Patrick Boid (1729)
L Janet Boid (1732)
L John Barclay (abt.1736)
L Isobell Sims (abt.1740)
L John Benvie (abt.1692)
L Elspeth Gardiner (1693)
L Margaret Gardiner (1694)
L John Boid (abt.1696)
L Alexander Gardiner (1697)
L Anna Gardiner (1700)
L Agnes Hall (abt.1700)
L Agnes Grieve (abt.1668)
L Patrik Gardner (abt.1670)