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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to validate data, it should not be taken as fact - evidence is sometimes slim, resulting in some ‘educated guesses’. Where possible I include evidence in the form of scanned documents or transcripts. Where not stated, it is often taken from widely used sources such as freebmd or familysearch - and of course some evidence is from family members.


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Tree based around Kathleen Cresswell

L Alice Redburn (1877)
L Leonard Thomas Redburn (1881)
L Kate Stoten Reid (1881)
L Walter Nelson Greygoose (1882)
L Henry Edwin Greygoose (1883)
L Emma Bunker (1885)
L Arthur Huxley (1885-1950)
L Ethel Redburn (1888)
L Myra Elizabeth Webb (1889)
L Donald Boyd Bearman (1890-1975)
L Lillie Knights (1892)
L Maud Cross (1893)
L Mabel Knights (1894)
L Ethel Carrie Webb (1894-1971)
L Frederick Webb (1896-1918)
L Walter Edward Cross (1897)
L Henry William W Cross (1900)
L Florence Matilda M Healey (1901)
L Doris Knights (1901)
L Wilfred George Knights (1904)
L Kathleen Cresswell (1909-88)
L James Hawkins (1830)
L Sarah Ann Greygoose (1842)
L Thomas Redburn (1842)
L Stephen Greygoose (1844)
L Eleanor Greygoose (1846)
L Catherine Greygoose (1848)
L Mary Ann Ranson (1848)
L George Ranson (1850)
L Henry Cross (1851)
L Stephen Cross (1853)
L Henry Greygoose (1853)
L Walter James Greygoose (1855)
L Walter Cross (1857)
L Richard William Cross (1857)
L Alice Oyler (1858)
L George Wigley (1859)
L Emma Sarah Cross (1860)
L Frederick Greygoose (1860-74)
L William Ranson (1860)
L Walter Mark Cross (1861)
L Alfred Robert Webb (1861-1948)
L Walter John Wigley (1861)
L Sarah Fidler (1862-1952)
L Agnes Graygoose (1864)
L Charlotte Elizabeth Bear (1865)
L Matilda Cross (1866)
L Henry Cross (1868)
L Mira Cross (1869)
L Frances Kate Hampton (1869)
L Joshua George Knights (1870)
L Mary Calvert (1871-1916)
L Stephen Cross (1872)
L Annie Elizabeth Cross (1874)
L Benjamin James Cross (1875)
L Frederick Charles Healey (abt.1875)
L Ernest Cresswell (1876)
L Fanny May Savage (1877)
L Florence Maud Cross (1879-1911)
L James Greygoose (1811-79)
L William Ranson (1814)
L Sarah Cross (1815)
L Susannah Cross (1817-1900)
L Stephen Cross (1822)
L Ann C Cross (1823-1903)
L Mary Stally (1825)
L Henry Cross (1826)
L Alfred Cross (1826)
L Mary Ann Cross (1833-1910)
L Thomas Fidler (1835-61)
L Walter Cross (1836)
L Matilda Embleton (1836-1900)
L George Henry Wigley (1836-1901)
L Elizabeth Cross (1839-88)
L Richard William Bray (1840-69)
L William Calvert (1843-1907)
L Edward Savil (1784)
L Thomas Savil (1786)
L Elizabeth Savil (1789)
L Henry Savil (1792)
L Sarah Savil (1796)
L Stephen Cross (1802)
L Mary Butcher (abt.1750)
L Waite Savil (abt.1750)
L Joseph Cross (1761-1842)