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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to validate data, it should not be taken as fact - evidence is sometimes slim, resulting in some ‘educated guesses’. Where possible I include evidence in the form of scanned documents or transcripts. Where not stated, it is often taken from widely used sources such as freebmd or familysearch - and of course some evidence is from family members.


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Tree based around Elsie Ivy Tappin

L Wallace Henry Honeyborne (1894)
L Joseph Frederick Michaels (1896)
L Elsie Marguerite Tappin (1896)
L Harold Alexander G Cook (1898)
L Caroline Blofeld (1899)
L Blanche Honeyborne (1899)
L Edward Bruce Honeyborne (1899)
L Grace Emily Loftin (1899)
L Herbert Bertram Tappin (1899)
L Louisa May Loftin (1900)
L Edith R Newman (abt.1900)
L William Thomas Tappin (1900)
L William Baden P Tappin (1900-1)
L Elsie May Tappin (1900)
L Emily Loftin (1901)
L Ernest John Loftin (1902)
L Ada Annie Loftin (1902)
L Charles William Loftin (1902)
L Samuel David Loftin (1902-86)
L Albert George Roberts (1902-52)
L Florence Elizabeth Tappin (1902)
L Annie E Loftin (1903)
L John Robert Nevard (1903-86)
L Louisa Isabella Stapleton (1903)
L George Frederick Tappin (1903)
L Benjamin Charles Tappin (1903)
L Albert Edward Barnes (1904)
L Robert William Loftin (1904-39)
L Rosetta Alice Mann (1904)
L Lilian Ann Barnes (1905)
L Sarah Hunt (abt.1905)
L Sir Charles Loftin (1905)
L Edward G Matthews (abt.1905)
L Elizabeth Jane Tappin (1905)
L Albert Edward Tappin (1905-84)
L Olive M Woodrow (abt.1905)
L Alice J Gross (1906)
L Francis Honeyborne (1906)
L Annie Loftin (1906)
L Elsie Loftin (1906)
L Stephen Frances Tappin (1906)
L Ada Beatrice Tappin (1906-83)
L Leonard James Tappin (1906)
L George James Barnes (1907-93)
L Mary Tappin (1907)
L William Herbert Barnes (1908)
L Albert William Barnes (1908-96)
L Ellen May Honeyborne (1908)
L George Frances Loftin (1908)
L Ethel Louisa Tappin (1908)
L Henry James Tappin (1908)
L Elsie Ivy Tappin (1908-2006)
L Robert Barnes (1909)
L Frederick John Loftin (1909)
L Walter George Poynter (1909)
L Stephen James Tappin (1909)
L Reginald Burgess (abt.1910)
L Ernest G Clare (abt.1910)
L Agnes Horswill (abt.1910)
L Frank Jordan (abt.1910)
L Florence E McKenna (abt.1910)
L Lillian Poynter (1910-69)
L Violet Talbot (abt.1910)
L Florence Lily Tappin (1910-2003)
L Janet Barnes (1911)
L William George Gregory (1911-91)
L Frederick Loftin (1911)
L Stephen Wallis Tappin (1911)
L Annie I Tappin (1911)
L Kate Frances Tappin (1911)
L Lester William Weltman (1911-99)
L Florence Barnes (1912)
L Winifred E Tappin (1912-88)
L Harold T Tappin (1912)
L Selina J Pyne (abt.1913)
L George William Poynter (1914-98)
L Ellen E Tappin (1914)
L Ethel ??? (1915-99)
L Henry W Gill (abt.1915)
L Marion Graves (abt.1915)
L Dorothy R Tappin (1915-22)
L Rene Moran (1916)
L Frederick Poynter (1916-87)
L Rose Lilian Tappin (1916-83)
L Kate E Wilmot (1916)
L Lilian E Tappin (1917)
L Stanley Arthur Farris (1918-79)
L Sidney J Tappin (1918-18)
L Harry Charles Tappin (1918-89)
L Arthur James Poynter (1919-99)
L Walter Thomas Tappin (1919-91)
L Clara Maud Dove (1920-91)
L Violet Shadbolt (1920-98)
L Elsie Emma Nash (1922-96)
L Gladys Mary Tappin (1924-2010)
L Stanley Bernard Tappin (1924-87)
L Harry Honeyborne (1867-1936)
L Margaret Fugler (1869)
L Ellen Loftin (1870)
L Robert Loftin (1870-1912)
L Stephen George Tappin (1870)
L Mary Bell Pyman (1872)
L Margaret Louise Bluff (1873)
L Ernest John Loftin (1873)
L Emily Mary Peggram (1874)
L Charles Loftin (1875-1944)
L William Alfred Tappin (1875)
L Sarah Anne Ward (1875)
L William Barnes (1876)
L Albert Edward Tappin (1876)
L Jeanetta ??? (1877)
L Ethel Fanny Faulkner (1877)
L Samuel David Loftin (1877-1944)
L Elizabeth Mary J Tappin (1877)
L Florence Lucy Todd (1877)
L James Edward Barnes (1878)
L Florence Poynter (1878)
L Elizabeth Eliza Shipley (1878)
L John Tappin (1878)
L Thomas James Tappin (1878)
L Ada Barff (1879)
L Louisa Hannah Pye (1879)
L Ernest Seabrook (1879-1907)
L Alice Tappin (1879-80)
L George Barnes (1880-1951)
L Albert Barnes (1880)
L John Herbert Hawkins (1880)
L Benjamin Charles Tappin (1880)
L Arthur Weltman (abt.1880)
L Alfred Tappin (1881)
L Elizabeth Tappin (1881-83)
L Edith Agnes Tappin (1881)
L John Barnes (1882)
L Ada Alice Fosker (1882)
L Walter Percy Hawkins (1882)
L Ada Huggins (1882)
L William Tappin (1882-1971)
L Robert James Tappin (1882)
L Hannah Barnes (1883-1972)
L Alfred Barnes (1883)
L Arthur Tappin (1883-87)
L Henry James Tappin (1883)
L Edward Jacob Tappin (1883)
L Anne Maria Barnes (1884)
L Sarah A M Hood (abt.1884)
L Maryann Tappin (1884)
L Martha Westwood (1884)
L John William Butters (1885)
L Frederick Charles Tappin (1885)
L George Tappin (1885-1908)
L George Albert Tappin (1885)
L Florence Ada Barnes (1886-1956)
L Walter Poynter (1886)
L Thomas Alfred Tappin (1886)
L Charlotte Ellen Barnes (1887)
L George H Barnes (1887)
L Henrietta Rosina Hodder (1887)
L Harold Tappin (1887)
L James R Barnes (1888)
L Susan Emily Pippett (1888)
L Annie Stubbs (1888)
L Charles Edward Tappin (1888-89)
L Alfred William Tappin (1888)
L Frank W Wilmot (abt.1888)
L Ethel May Barnes (1889)
L Henry Barnes (1889)
L James W Hawkins (1889)
L Elsie Neall Hawkins (1889)
L Stephen Tappin (1889-1962)
L George Tappin (1889-1908)
L John Arthur Barnes (1890)
L Arthur Vernon Barnes (1890)
L Ann Butters (1890)
L James Moran (abt.1890)
L Rose Emma Tappin (1890)
L Florence Mary Tappin (1890-95)
L Nellie Amy Barnes (1891-1980)
L John Fred Hardy (1891-94)
L Arthur Edward Huggins (1891)
L Elizabeth Tappin (1891)
L Francis Norman Tappin (1891-92)
L Mary Matilda Barnes (1892)
L Edie Rachel Goodeve (1892)
L Bessie Rebecca Tappin (1892-93)
L Alfred Tappin (1892)
L Ellen Whyman (1892)
L Rose E Barnes (1893)
L Lilly M Butters (1893)
L Dora Hardy (1894)
L Charles Henry Tappin (1894)
L Sidney John Tappin (1894-1972)
L Wallace Henry Tappin (1894)
L Mary A Whitbread (1894-1964)
L Anna Whyman (1894)
L Lily M Barnes (1895)
L Charles E Elmes (abt.1895)
L Abraham B Payne (abt.1895)
L William Tappin (1895)
L Frederick Barnes (1896-1915)
L Daniel Alfred Bye (1896-1978)
L Mabel Hardy (1896)
L Ada Tappin (1896)
L Percy Thomas Tappin (1896-1950)
L Kate Tappin (1896)
L Eliza Jane Whyman (1896)
L May E Barrow (abt.1897)
L Phyllis Hardy (1897-1906)
L Annie Elizabeth Tappin (1897-97)
L Francis Herbert Baines (1898)
L Arthur Barnes (1898-1918)
L Daisy Barnes (1898)
L George Tappin (1898)
L Bertram Tappin (1898)
L Edward Baines (1899)
L Mildred Hardy (1899)
L Albert Edward Thorp (1899-1978)
L Elsie Ivy Barnes (1900-78)
L Minnie Barnes (1900)
L Martha Maria Tappin (1901)
L Thomas Henry Tappin (1903-3)
L Keith Robert David Barnes (1904)
L Charles Frederick Hardy (1905)
L Louisa Tappin (1906)
L Sarah Dickery (1829)
L Jane Dickery (1831)
L Mary Dickery (1831)
L Rebecca Manning (1834-34)
L George Dickery (1838)
L John Dickery (1840-44)
L Thomas Soby (1843)
L Hannah Barnes (1845)
L Mary Ann Soby (1845)
L James Tann (1846)
L Rebecca Soby (1847)
L Stephen Tappin (1847)
L John Hawkins (1848-85)
L Robert William Loftin (1848)
L Charles Hy Tann (1848)
L Mary Tappin (1848)
L Eleanor Barnes (1849)
L Ann Dickery (1849-1930)
L William Hawkins (1850)
L George Tann (1850)
L Clerissa Ann Soby (1851)
L Jane Tappin (1851)
L William Tappin (1851-1908)
L John Barnes (1852)
L Ann Hawkins (1852)
L Lydia A Tann (1852)
L Elizabeth Barnes (1853)
L John Sobey (1853)
L William Robert Barnes (1854-97)
L John Tann (1854)
L Thomas Tappin (1854-1910)
L William Butters (1855-1926)
L Mary J Halifax (1855)
L Susan Hawkins (1855)
L Harriett Ellen Simmonite (1855)
L Charles Tappin (1855-1923)
L Elizabeth Usher (1855-1922)
L James Barnes (1856)
L Emma Barnes (1856-1942)
L Thirza Halifax (1856)
L William Edward Huggins (1856)
L Benjamin Tann (1856)
L Martha Taylor (1856)
L John William Hawkins (1857)
L Walter Sobey (1857)
L Mary Matilda Winship (1857)
L George Hugh Barnes (1858-1902)
L Elizabeth Halifax (1858)
L Susan Hawkins (1858-1941)
L Thomas Tann (1858)
L John Tappin (1858)
L Ann Barnes (1859)
L Elizabeth Hawkings (1859)
L Mary Jane Hawkins (1859)
L William Whyman (1859)
L Amos Barnes (1860-1936)
L Mary Ann Birch (1860)
L Zilpah Halifax (1860)
L Hannah Hawkins (1860-1953)
L George Hawkins (1860)
L William Tann (1860)
L George Tappin (1860)
L James Sobey (1861)
L Needham Whyman (1861)
L James W Hawkins (1862)
L George Hawkins (1862)
L Eliza Tann (1862)
L Matilda Louisa Deacon (1863)
L Mary Ann S Hall (1863)
L Elizabeth Ann Jackson (1863)
L Emma J ??? (1864)
L Albert Barnes (1864)
L Fred Hardy (1864)
L James Hawkins (1864)
L Mary Elizabeth Neal (1864)
L Jonathan Tann (1864)
L Alfred William Tappin (1864)
L Eli Hawkins (1865)
L Ellen Briggs (1866)
L Susannah Hawkins (1868)
L Fanny Tann (1868)
L Edward Hawkins (1869)
L Fred Royal Hawkins (1870)
L Susan Tann (1870)
L Elizabeth Ann Hawkins (1871)
L John Baines (1873)
L Ada Hawkins (1875)
L Sarah Jaggers (abt.1801-44)
L John Dickery (1807)
L Rebecca Manning (1811-34)
L Ann Holmes (1813)
L Jane Holmes (1815)
L John William Sobey (1815-95)
L Mary Ann Barnes (1816)
L George Holmes (1817)
L William Hawkins (1818-89)
L Susannah Manning (abt.1818-96)
L Robert Barnes (1819-95)
L Elizabeth Holmes (1819)
L William Barnes (1821)
L Charles Tann (1821)
L Susannah Tappin (1821-51)
L Mary Ann Manning (1822-95)
L James Barnes (1823)
L John Hawkins (1823)
L Mary Holmes (1823-84)
L Elizabeth Popper (1823-86)
L William Tappin (1823-1901)
L Mary Ann Thornton (1824-86)
L John Barnes (1825)
L John Beaumont (1825)
L Robert Hawkins (1825)
L William Holmes (1826)
L Jane Manning (1826)
L Mary Philips (1827)
L John Whyman (1827)
L Mary ??? (1828)
L Catherine Barnes (1828-29)
L George Hawkins (1828)
L Frances Manning (1828)
L Charles Tappin (1828-98)
L Needham Whyman (1828-81)
L John Halifax (1829)
L Mary Whyman (1830)
L Charlotte ??? (1831-69)
L Rebecca Hawkins (1831)
L James Hawkins (1831)
L Elizebeth Manning (1832)
L Ann Whyman (1832-1902)
L Susannah Brittain (1833)
L Alice Whyman (1833-64)
L Edward Hawkins (1835)
L Emma Manning (1835-35)
L Ellen Manning (1835-35)
L William Whyman (1835)
L Hannah Whyman (1836)
L Thomas Whyman (1840)
L Frederick Whyman (1842-1909)
L Jane Christiana West (1845-1907)
L Stephen Tappin (1769-1846)
L John Dickery (abt.1770)
L Elizabeth Goold (abt.1776)
L John Duffill (1781-1851)
L Hannah ??? (abt.1784)
L William Barnes (1784)
L Sarah Tappin (1784-1843)
L Sarah ??? (abt.1786)
L George Holmes (abt.1786)
L James Whyman (1789)
L Jane Hite (1791-1851)
L John Manning (1791-1840)
L William Legg Whyman (1791)
L John Hawkins (abt.1792)
L Mary Ann Brown (1793)
L Rebecca Whyman (1793)
L Henry Thornton (abt.1795)
L Thomas Whyman (abt.1800)
L Ann Greenwood (1803-78)
L Mary Whyman (1805)
L Abraham Whyman (1808)
L Abraham Whyman (1811)
L Edward Whyman (1761-1830)
L Rebecca Legg (1768)