Agnes Hall

(born abt 1700 Baldergerno, Inchture, Perth, Scotland)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Husband: John Boid (born abt 1696 Baldergerno, Inchture, Perth, Scotland ) married 5.12.1712 Kinnaird By Errol, Perth, Scotland  

Son: James Boid (born 17.12.1722 Baldergerno, Inchture, Perth, Scotland )  

Son: Andrew Boid (born 6.6.1725 Baldergerno, Inchture, Perth, Scotland )  

Son: Robert Boid (born 12.3.1727 Baldergerno, Inchture, Perth, Scotland )  

Son: Patrick Boid (born 26.1.1729 Baledgarno, Perth, Scotland ) 3 children   View NotesHide notes  

Approximate transcription of marriage evidence 1750:


" Thurs 10th Sep being met and constitute by prayer ...

... Ja. Peebles ... [ various names ]

... ??elation was given in agt. Pat Boid /x

Jean Benvy as cohabiting together as married persons since

the month of June last, without having been regularly married &

that they were cited to this Dict? Being called they confessed

& produced a testimonial of their having been mar-

ried in a private marriage about the 1st of June last,

to out[?] proclaim afor[?] Sep considering there was a

breach of the order that ought to be kept rebuked ..

they acknowledged being their fault. Being ... He

be ... ......... fully. Stewards were dismissed

closed by prayer"


Wife: Jean Benvie (born 21.8.1726 )  

Son: Thomas Boyd (born 24.3.1759 Perth, Scotland )  

Son: Robert Boyd (born 27.12.1761 Perth, Scotland )  

Son: Joseph Boyd (born 3.5.1767 Gormach, Errol, Perth, Scotland )   View NotesHide notes  

Clandestinely married, and charged 7/3 (7 shillings 3 pence) a few weeks later on 21st September 1789 - see marriage document.

Daughter: Janet Boid (born 29.11.1732 Bandeen, Inchture, Perth, Scotland )  

Agnes Hall Notes:

Record from IGI, presumably guessed from marriage. Searches on scotlandspeople show 2 Agnes Haly in Perth County as possible matches: one 1693, the other 1699.

Evidence of
marriage between Jean Benvy and Patrick Boyd in 175...