William Fidler

(born 1824 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: Margery Drewett (born 1768 Patney died 1810 )   View NotesHide notes  

See Allcannings and Etchilhampton Parish Registers online at

married 6 Oct 1786 Etchilhampton

Paternal grandfather: Edward Fidler (born abt 1765 )   View NotesHide notes  

Unfortunately, baptism records were lost for the time of Edward’s birth in Etchilhampton - see attached image. So we may never know his parents for definite. They could have been William Fidler and Betty Brown, married in 1756 and at least one child Betty who died in 1759.


Mother: Hannah Offer (born abt 1796)  

married 20 Oct 1821 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire

Father John Fidler (born abt 1800 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire)  

Sister: Elizabeth Fidler (born 1821 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire )  

Brother: William Fidler (born 1826 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire )  

Sister: Maria Fidler (born 1827 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire died 1861 Axbridge, Somerset) 8 children  

Husband: Eusebius Joseph Rodway (born 1813 Gloucestershire died 1900 Axbridge, Somerset)   View NotesHide notes  

Also married Lucy Morgan in 1863 but she died less than a year later in 1864.

Married Louisa Mathews in 1870, but she died in 1881.

Married Loiusa Kate Smith in 1883

Daughter: Maria Louisa Rodway (born 1848 Weston Super Mare, Somerset )   View NotesHide notes  

Marriage George Christopher Tayler Dec 1887 Bath

Son: Joseph George Rodway (born 1849 Weston Super Mare, Somerset )  

Son: Edward Burchell Rodway (born 1851 Weston Super Mare, Somerset died 1909 )   View NotesHide notes  

Married Gertrude Clark in 1887, Bradford upon Avon

and Georgina Evelyn Constant in 1907, Upton upon Severn

Son: William Knibb Rodway (born 12.1.1852 Weston Super Mare, Somerset died 8.4.1895 Illinois, USA)   View NotesHide notes  

Arrived in New York on board the Wisconsin on 3rd April 1871 at the age of 19.

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W.K. RODWAY - On Wednesday, April 10, 1895 (Died 8 April 1895) we were call ed upon to lay the mortal remains of our most highly esteemed friend, W. K. Rodway, in their final resting place. The brief services at his late home were con ducted by the pastor of the Congregational church, Rev. N. L. Burton, assisted by some of his friends who sang appropriate selections. The scripture read was the 14th chapter of the Gospel by St. John, chosen for the occasion by Mr. Rodway himself after he was told by his physician that he could not recover. He said that chapter comforted him and he called the attention of his loved ones to it in hope that they would find comfort there in their coming bereavement. One looking upon the peaceful face in the casket and remembering the expressions of pain which so often were seen upon his face during the last days of the fear ful malady which terminated his mortal life, could hardly refrain from thoughts like that expressed in the 3d verse of this chapter, "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am there ye may be also." In the weary hours of his last sickness, the lessons taught him in childhood in his Christian home came clearly to his memory, and his acceptance of the salvation of the Gospel was clear and unquestioning. In my last conversation with him he told me that he had hoped to be permitted to enter the covenant of the church of Christ before be was called away, but that it did not seem to be God's will that he should. But said he, "I have the promise of Christ, and that is enough." His final moments were so peaceful that to those who watched beside him he seemed literally to fulfill the favorite expression of the early Christians and fall asleep. After a brief service at the house the Modern Woodmen and the members of the Masonic order, each of which he was a member, conducted his remains to the cemetery, whither he was followed by a large concourse of his grief stricken friends, and with the appropriate and impressive rituals of their orders laid him to his final rest. I esteem it a privilege to supplement the eminently just statement of last week with these words of appreciation, with the hope that they may tend to comfort , those most sorely bereaved by his early death. N. L. BURTON

Contributed by Sandi Donaldson



The WISCONSIN was a 3,238 gross ton ship, built by Palmer Bros & Co, Jarrow-on-Tyne in 1870 for the Guion Line of Liverpool. Her details were - length 366ft x beam 43.2ft, straight stem, one funnel, two masts (rigged for sail), iron construction, single screw and a speed of 11 knots. There was passenger accommodation for 76-1st, 100-intermediate and 800-3rd class. Launched on 19/3/1870, she commenced her maiden voyage from Liverpool to Queenstown (Cobh) and New York on 6/7/1870. She was rebuilt to 3,700 tons about 1874 and sailed on her last voyage between Liverpool, Queenstown and New York on 22/10/1892. She was scrapped the following year. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.2,p.709]


Daughter: Elizabeth Rodway (born 1854 Weston Super Mare, Somerset )  

Daughter: Mary Jane Rodway (born 1855 Weston Super Mare, Somerset )  

Son: Eusebius Joseph Rodway (born 1858 Weston Super Mare, Somerset died 1908 Melksham, Wiltshire)  

Son: John Rodway (born 1861 Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset )  

Brother: Edward Fidler (born 1827 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire )  

Sister: Sarah Fidler (born 1831 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire )  

Fidler baptisms
1788-97, 1905 Transcription, online at archive....
baptisms, John, Sarah and probably Mary 1800, 03 and 05 ...
Edward and
Margery’s marriage was recorded in both Etchil...
Fidler’s baptism record has probably been lost. Al...
Poster with
picture of SS Wisconsin on which William Knibb Rodw...

Census records:

1851 2, Cambridge Buildings, High Street, Weston Super Mare, Somersetshire
Redway Eusebius J Head Married M 38 1813 Baptist Minister Wadham St Chapel , Wootten Under Edge, Gloucesters 1512
Redway Maria Wife Married F 25 1826 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire 1514
Redway Joseph Son M 2 1849 Weston Super Mare, Somerset 1516
Redway Edward R Son Married M 0 0 Weston Super Mare, Somerset 1517
Stenner Phoebe Servant Unmarried F 20 1831 House Servant , Bridgnorth, Somerset

1861 Chapel House, Wadham Street, Weston Super Mare, Somersetshire
Redway Eusebius J Head Married M 48 1813 Baptist Minister Wadham Street Chapel , Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestersh 1512
Redway Maria Wife Married F 34 1827 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire 1514
Redway Maria L Daughter F 13 1848 Scholar , Weston Super Mare, Somerset 1515
Redway Joseph G Son M 11 1850 Scholar , Weston Super Mare, Somerset 1516
Redway Edward B Son M 10 1851 Scholar , Weston Super Mare, Somerset 1517
Redway William K Son M 9 1852 Scholar , Weston Super Mare, Somerset 1518
Redway Elizabeth Daughter F 7 1854 Scholar , Weston Super Mare, Somerset 1519
Redway Mary Jane Daughter F 5 1856 Scholar , Weston Super Mare, Somerset 1520
Redway Eusebius J Son M 2 1859 Weston Super Mare, Somerset 1521
Redway John Son M 0 1861 Weston Super Mare, Somerset 1513
Shepton Eliza A Servant Unmarried F 18 1843 Domestic Servant , Roborough, Somerset

1871 King Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire
Rodway Edward Burchell Nephew M 20 1851 Somerset 1517
Baker Elizabeth Servant F 28 1843 Wiltshire
Turner Isabella Servant F 22 1849 Gloucestershire

1871 Wadham Street Chapel House, Weston-Super-Mare, Somersetshire
Rodway Eusebius J Head M 58 1813 Gloucestershire 1512
Rodway Louisa Wife F 29 1842 Gloucestershire
Rodway Maria L Daughter F 23 1848 Somerset 1515
Rodway Eusebius J Son M 12 1859 Somerset 1521
Rodway John Son M 10 1861 Somerset 1513

1881 6, Sydenham Tce, Weston-Super-Mare, Somersetshire
Rodway Euseriess J Head Widower M 68 1813 Retired Baptist Minister , Wotton U Edge, Gloucestershire 1512
Rodway Mary L Daughter Single F 33 1848 Weston S Mare, Somerset 1515
Rodway Frederick Son Single M 9 1872 Scholar , Weston S Mare, Somerset
Rodway Mary B Daughter Single F 8 1873 Scholar , Weston S Mare, Somerset
Rodway Rowland H Son Single M 6 1875 Scholar , Weston S Mare, Somerset
Rodway Ernest G Son Single M 5 1876 Scholar , Weston S Mare, Somerset
Templar Eliza Servant Single F 32 1849 Domestic Servt , Weston S Mare, Somerset
Templar Kate L Servant Single F 14 1867 Dom Serv , Weston S Mare, Somerset
Templar Clare Visitor Single F 20 1861 Dressmaker , Weston S Mare, Somerset

1881 Adcroft St, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Rodway Rowland Esq Head Widower M 67 1814 Retired Solicitor , Wootton Under Edge, Gloucesters
Rodway Eliz Niece Single F 27 1854 Weston, Somerset 1519
Rodway Edward B Nephew Single M 30 1851 Solicitor , Weston, Somerset 1517
Mead Karen H Servant Single F 37 1844 Domestic Servant , Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Henshaw Helen Servant Single F 21 1860 Domestic Servant , Australia

1881 Turners Hill, Cheshunt (Herts), Middlesex
Fidler Mary Head Widow F 79 1802 Coal Dealer , Devizes, Wiltshire 498
Brownsea Stephen Son In Law Married M 49 1832 Coal Dealer , Blanford, Dorset 1511
Brownsea Eliza Daughter Married F 44 1837 Devizes, Wiltshire 514
Rodway John Grand Son Single M 20 1861 Clerk War Department , Weston-S-Mare, Somerset 1513

1891 6, St Johns Terrace, Grove Road, Weston Super Mare, Somersetshire
Rodway Eusetius J Head Married M 77 1814 Retired Baptist Minister , Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestersh 1512
Rodway Louisa R Wife Married F 61 1830 Great Norwood, Surrey
Rodway Frederick Son Single M 19 1872 Weston Super Mare, Somersetshir
Rodway Rowland H Son Single M 16 1875 Scholar , Weston Super Mare, Somersetshir
Rodway Ernest G Son Single M 15 1876 Scholar , Weston Super Mare, Somersetshir
Smith Winifred M Stepdaughter Single F 14 1877 Scholar , Bath, Somersetshire
Smith Mary Mother In Law Widow F 72 1819 Living On Own Means , Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Mortimer Jane Servant Single F 26 1865 Cook Domestic , Bourton, Berkshire
Chidzey Annie Servant Single F 15 1876 Housemaid Domestic , Wrington, Somersetshire

1891 8, Lorn Road, Lambeth, London
Rodway John Head Married M 30 1861 Civil Servant Clerk , Weston-Super-Mare, Somersetshir 1513
Rodway Sarah V Wife Married F 22 1869 America British Subject 1535
Purdon Thurza B Servant Single F 20 1871 General Servant Domestic , East Woodhay, Hampshire

1891 Adcroft House, Adcroft Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Rodway Edward B Head Married M 40 1851 Solicitor , Weston Super Mare, Somersetshir 1517
Rodway Gertude Wife Married F 29 1862 Wingfield, Wiltshire 1534
Clark Thos Herbert Brother In Law Single M 33 1858 Woollen Cloth Manufacturer , Wingfield, Wiltshire
Clark Maurice H V Brother In Law Single M 20 1871 Cambridge University Student , Wingfield, Wiltshire
Francis Sabina Servant Single F 35 1856 Parlour Maid Doemstic Servant , Rudge, Somersetshire
Abrams Henritta Rose Servant Single F 34 1857 Cook Domestic Servant , Bradford, Wiltshire
Abrams Alice Servant Single F 16 1875 Kitchen Maid Domestic Servant , Melksham, Wiltshire

1891 St Jamess Lodge, Angel Terrace, Bath, Somersetshire
Filleul Philip W G Head Married M 36 1855 Clerk In Holy Orders , Tasmania 1568
Filleul Elizabeth Wife Married F 37 1854 Weston Super Mare 1519
Filleul Philip R Son Single M 5 1886 Bath 1572
Filleul Leonard A Son Single M 3 1888 Bath 1573
Filleul Elsie M Daughter Single F 0 1891 Bath 1569
Mundy Marianne Visitor Single F 50 1841 Bath
Baker Elizabeth A Servant Single F 48 1843 Nurse , Frome
Parker Ethel E Servant Single F 22 1869 Servant , Trigon, Dorsetshire
Smith Sarah A Servant Single F 28 1863 Servant , Bathford, Somersetshire

1901 13, Adcroft House, Adcroft Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Rodway Edward B Head Widower M 50 1851 Solicitor , Weston S Mare, Somersetshire 1517
Rodway Rowland H Brother Single M 26 1875 Solicitors Clerk , Weston S Mare, Somersetshire
Jarvis Ann E Servant Single F 38 1863 Cook Domestic , Lambeth, London
Francis Ellen Servant Single F 25 1876 Housemaid Domestic , Freshford, Somersetshire

1901 52, Devonshire Road, Bexhill, Sussex
Rodway John Head Married M 40 1861 Civil Servant Clerk 2nd Div War Dept , Weston Super Mare, Somersetshir 1513
Rodway Sarah E Wife Married F 32 1869 United States America B S 1535
Rodway John C Son Single M 9 1892 Brixton, London 1536
Rodway Arthur R Son Single M 8 1893 Brixton, London 1537
Rodway Jannet R Daughter Single F 5 1896 Brixton, London 1538
Rodway Alfred C Son Single M 2 1899 Brixton, London 1539
Dando Emily Servant Single F 20 1881 Domestic Lady Help , Dudley, Worcestershire

1901 9, High Street, Yeovil, Somersetshire
Rodway Eusebius J Head Married M 42 1859 Bank Manager , Weston S Mare, Somersetshire 1521
Rodway Kate Wife Married F 36 1865 Ibberton, Dorsetshire 1522
Rodway Kathleen Daughter Single F 7 1894 Salisbury, Wiltshire 1523
Rodway Madge B Daughter Single F 6 1895 Salisbury, Wiltshire 1524
Rodway Roland C Son M 2 1899 Yeovil, Somersetshire 1525
Sugg Annie Servant Single F 20 1881 House Maid (Domestic) , Yeovil, Somersetshire
Giles Florence Servant Single F 19 1882 General Serv (Domestic) , Yeovil, Somersetshire

1901 Vicarage, Robert Road, Handsworth, Staffordshire
Filleul Elizabeth Wife Married F 47 1854 Weston Super Mare, Somersetshir 1519
Filleul Elsie M Daughter F 10 1891 Bath, Somersetshire 1569
Filleul Dorothy B Daughter F 8 1893 Bath, Somersetshire 1570
Filleul Ernest E Son M 8 1893 Bath, Somersetshire 1571
Armstrong Louisa Servant Single F 30 1871 Cook Domestic , Bath, Somersetshire
Taylor Ellen Servant Single F 19 1882 Nursemaid Domestic , Aston Ingham, Herefordshire
Cockell Ethel Servant Single F 17 1884 Parlourmaid Domestic , Westbury, Wiltshire
Walker Frederick Servant M 13 1888 Gardener Domestic , Tysoe, Warwickshire
Filleul Phillip W G Head Married M 46 1855 Clergyma Church of Eng Tasmania 1568

1911 18 Minchead Road Streatham Common, London
Rodway John Head Married M 50 1861 Civil Service-Staff Clerk Somerset Weston Super Mare 1513
Rodway Sarah Virginia Wife Married F 42 1869 United States Resident 1535
Rodway John Charles Son Single M 19 1892 Student Surrey Lambeth 1536
Rodway Arthur Rowland Son Single M 18 1893 Insurance Clerk Surrey Lambeth 1537
Rodway Janet Ruth Daughter Single F 15 1896 School Surrey Lambeth 1538
Rodway Alfred Cecil Son M 12 1899 School Surrey Lambeth 1539
Rodway Ernest Allan Son M 7 1904 Sussex Bexhill on Sea 1540
Rodway Margaret Virginia Daughter F 3 1908 Surrey Wandsworth 1541
Fidler Jane Aunt Single F 80 1831 Wiltshire Ashelton 513
Jones Kitty Lady Help Single F 28 1883 Lady Help Domestic Denbighshire Llangollen

1911 39 Long St Devizes, Wiltshire
Filleul Philip William Gordlestone Head Married M 56 1855 Clergyman Established Church Clynevale Tasmania 1568
Filleul Elizabeth Wife Married F 57 1854 Somerset Weston S Mare 1519
Filleul Elsie Marianne Daughter Single F 20 1891 Student Somerset Bath 1569
Filleul Dorothy Blanche Daughter Single F 18 1893 Student Somerset Bath 1570
Hughes Priscilla Servant Single F 31 1880 Parlourmaid Domestic Oxon Oxford
Jarvis Annie Emily Servant Single F 5 1906 Cook Domestic Oxon Oxford
Cadle Emma Jane Servant Single F 27 1884 Housemaid Domestic Bucks Long Crendon

1911 Lovemead House, Roundstone St, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Tayler George Christopher Head Married M 66 1845 Medical Practitioner Trowbridge Wilts 1567
Tayler Maria Louise Wife Married F 63 1848 Weston Super Mare Somerset 1515
Tayler Mary Elizabeth Daughter Single F 37 1874 Trowbridge Wilts
King Mary Ann Matilda Servant Single F 49 1862 Domestic Keevil Wilts
Gingell Ethel Mary Servant Single F 27 1884 Domestic Ashton Common Rd Trowbridge