Henry Norris Berry

(born 22 Feb 1845 Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: Elizabeth Barley (born 11.5.1794 Urchfont, Wiltshire )   View NotesHide notes  

Possibly christened Betty on above date in 1794 Urchfont to John and Sarah, who also had a christening a year earlier also called Betty - who probably died.

married 16 Jan 1817 Urchfont, Wiltshire

Paternal grandfather: Robert Burry (born 1790 Stert, Wiltshire )   View NotesHide notes  

Married Elizabeth Barley around 1810 according to IGI, but found better match in 1817


Mother: Eleanor ??? (born 1818 Lavington, Wiltshire)  

Father Isaac Berry (born 27 Jul 1817 Stert, Wiltshire died 24 Feb 1888)   View NotesHide notes  

Married Eleanor about 1844 Bishops Cannings. Death date according to IGI. However 1881 census has Eleanor as a widow.

Brother: William Edwin Berry (born 27.11.1846 Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire )  

Brother: Valentine Isaac Berry (born 23.2.1850 Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire )  

Sister: Eleanor Elizabeth Berry (born 24.11.1854 Ludgershall, Wiltshire )  

Census records:

1881 ?, Urchfont, Wiltshire
Berry William Ed Head Single M 33 1848 Farmer Employ 2 Men (100 Acres) Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire 1934
Wiltshire Sarah Servant Widow F 50 1831 Domestic Servt Cook, Deaf Eastcott Devizes, Wiltshire
Wiltshire Susan Servant Single F 14 1867 Domestic Servt Housemaid, Devizes, Wiltshire

1881 Stert Street, Stert, Wiltshire
Berry Valentine J Head Single M 32 1849 Farmer Of 150 Acres Employing 8 Labs And 2 Boys Horton, Wiltshire 1935
Berry Eleanor Mother Widow F 63 1818 Lavington, Wiltshire 1932
Berry Elizabeth Sister Single F 0 0 Annuitant, Ludgershall, Wiltshire 1933
Cartridge Bessie Servant Single F 36 1845 Dairymaid, Whichingfor, Worcestershire
Wilis George Servant Single M 18 1863 Farm Servant (Indoor) Devizes, Wiltshire
Wiltshire George Servant Single M 15 1866 Farm Servant (Indoor) Eastcott, Wiltshire