Mary Kelly

(born 1872)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Partner: Joseph Broadway Bury (born 17.7.1870 Westminster, London died 13.3.1946 )   View NotesHide notes  

Freebmd shows marriage in 1897 Mile End to either Phillis Mary A Goodey or Mary Kelly. 1911 census has a Mary Broodway Bury and child Sidney Broodway Bury living with him in Croydon, Surrey. Freebmd shows Joseph Sidney B born in 1900 Mile End. Need to see full transcript/census return for more details.

Son: Joseph Sidney Broadway Bury (born 1900 )  

Census records:

1881 11, Bromells Blds, Clapham, Surrey
Bury Charles A Head Married M 35 1846 Draper All Cannings, Wiltshire 1891
Bury Fanny Wife Married F 33 1848 Pimlico, Middlesex 1898
Bury Joseph B Son Single M 10 1871 Scholar Pimlico, Middlesex 1903
Bury Frederick C Son Single M 8 1873 Scholar Pimlico, Middlesex 1906
Bury Arthur S Son Single M 6 1875 Scholar, Deaf & Dumb Pimlico, Middlesex 1899
Bury Harry H Son Single M 4 1877 Pimlico, Middlesex 1901
Bury Christopher Son Single M 2 1879 Pimlico, Middlesex 1905
Bury William J Son Single M 1 1880 Pimlico, Middlesex 1904