Honor Myles

(born abt 1910 died 7 Feb 1984 Sydney, Australia)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Husband: James William Noyes (born 1902 Poplar, London ) married 1935  

James and Honor
Noyes on the electoral register in 1943 Gladesv...
James and Honor
Noyes in the electoral register, Gladesville, N...

Census records:

1911 57 Hewlett Road, Roman Road, Bow, E London, London
Noyes James William Head Married M 37 1874 Plaster (Worker Builders) Mile End, London 2156
Noyes Eleanor Augustus Wife Married F 30 1881 Bethnal Green 2532
Noyes James William Son Single M 9 1902 Poplar, London 2533
Noyes Sydney Albert Son Single M 7 1904 Poplar, London 2534
Sharp Charlotte Visitor Widow F 62 1849 Bethnal Green