Violet M Lees

(born 1888 died 1962 Uckfield, Sussex)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Husband1 : Ernest John Bungard (born 1889 Steyning, Sussex died 1928 Steyning, Sussex) married 1912 Croydon, Surrey  
Husband2 : Clement Vertue (born 14.10.1885 West Norwood, London died 4.10.1961 West Norwood, London)   View NotesHide notes married 1934  

“1911 Census Clement is 25, single and still at home with his parents at 12, Cranfield Villas, West Norwood. He is working as a Corn Merchants Assistant. He later bought the business probably after he served his time in the Navy through the First World War. His nieces Joan Emily & Betty Vertue like to go to Clements business and play shops with all the bird seed and dog biscuits along with picking out and eating all the peanuts from the parrot food!”

Daughter: Irene Beryl Bungard (born 1913 Steyning, Sussex ) no children   View NotesHide notes  

Irene, known as Beryl, married Stanley Vertue in Croydon at roughly the same time as Clement Vertue married her mother Violet, also in Croydon. Stanley was Clement’s nephew.

Husband: Stanley J Vertue (born 1917 Farnham )   View NotesHide notes  

Married Irene B Bungard June 1934, Croydon

Son: Ronald O Bungard (born 1922 Steyning, Sussex ) no children  

Wife: Joyce Wickenden (born 1930 )  

The grave of
Harriet Vertue, wife of Clement Vertue, who died i...

Census records:

1891 1, Woodcote Place, St Mary Lambeth, Norwood, Lambeth, London
Vertue George J Head Married M 39 1852 Whitesmith , Norwood, London 698
Vertue Emily M Wife Married F 38 1853 Dover, Kent 702
Vertue John G Son M 11 1880 Scholar , Norwood, London 703
Vertue Emily E Daughter F 9 1882 Scholar , Norwood, London 704
Vertue Clement Son M 5 1886 Scholar , Norwood, London 705
Vertue Minnie M Daughter F 3 1888 Norwood, London 706
Vertue Amy A Daughter F 1 1890 Norwood, London 707

1901 14, Linton Grove, Lambeth, London
Vertue George J Head Married M 49 1852 Hot Water Fitter , Norwood, Surrey 698
Vertue Emily M Wife Married F 48 1853 Dover, Kent 702
Vertue John J Son Single M 21 1880 Electrician , Brixton, Surrey 703
Vertue Clement Son M 15 1886 Corn Merchants Asst , Norwood, Surrey 705
Vertue Minnie M Daughter F 13 1888 Norwood, Surrey 706
Vertue Amy A Daughter F 11 1890 Norwood, Surrey 707
Vertue Arthur Son M 9 1892 Norwood, Surrey 708

1911 12 Cranfield Villas W Norwood, London
Vertue George John Head Married M 59 1852 Office Housekeeper W Norwood London 698
Vertue Emily Mary Wife Married F 58 1853 Dover Kent 702
Vertue Clement Son Single M 25 1886 Corn Merchants Assistant W Norwood London 705
Vertue Amy Alice Daughter Single F 21 1890 W Norwood London 707