Robert John Berridge

(born 1921 Rochford district, Essex died 2009)

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Maternal grandmother: Eliza Lilley (born 25 Jan 1849 Stanwick, Northamptonshire died 4 Feb 1906)   View NotesHide notes  

Baptised along with Susan Lilley on the 29th January 1864. Source: Rushden Methodist Circuit Baptisms 1864-1867.

married 31 Dec 1877 Stanwick, Northamptonshire

Maternal grandfather: Robert Wright Hales (born 11 May 1852 Odell, Bedfordshire died 2 Mar 1911 Ditchford Mill, Bedfordshire) (born Odell, Bedfordshire died Ditchford Mill, Bedfordshire)   View NotesHide notes  

These notes were taken from notes from my [Stephanie Thompson’s] cousin Carolyn Twyman (nee Booker) when she and husband Philip Twyman visited England in 1997. They had met May Berridge on a number of occasions as they lived in UK for some years and visited May often. May had a huge amount of history that she shared with Carolyn and Philip. You have got a photo of Carolyn (nee Booker) and Philip taken with May on one of their visits.

We know that Robert Wright Hales had a 2nd wife Sarah Annie Whiteman b 1876. They married in April/May 1909 in Wellingborough Vol. 3b Page 356. However when Robert died he had a joint gravestone with Eliza his first wife. They are buried in the St Laurence churchyard and the inscription reads:

“In loving memory of Eliza, the dearly loved wife of Robert W Hales of Ditchford Mill who fell asleep in Jesus February 4, 1906. Aged 57 years. Her children rise up and call her blessed, her husband also. And he praiseth her. Also Robert Wright, husband of above March 2, 1911. Aged 58. At rest”.

Details of Robert’s estate in the index for 1911 read: “Robert Wright Hales of Ditchford Mill Irchester Northamptonshire died 2 March 1911 at Higham Ferrers in the said county. Administration London 9 May to Sarah Annie Hales, his widow. Effects 361 english pounds 7 shillings. Sarah lived at 32 Corporation terrace, High Ferrers, Northants.

From all accounts Sarah Annie Whiteman was a rather severe woman and did not have much to do with his former family. They may have even separated before he died hence his being buried with Eliza. We believe she remarried and lived in Rushden.

According to Richard Hales (he is still alive and we met him a couple of years ago when he was in New Zealand) Robert had a brother who had 2 sons. Will Hales lives in Sharnbrook and Albert Hales died early ‘70’s and his widow Florrie died September 1979. They had 2 sons Fred and Norman. Norman Hales was living at [details removed for privacy] Sandy, Bedfordshire.

Carolyn and Philip have a delightful letter in Eliza’s hand writing. Jon, I am not sure where this letter comes from but I have seen it when we visited with Carolyn and Philip a few months back. I think Carolyn may have got it from May Berridge.

It reads:
“Dear Christian Friends, with pleasure I write a few lines to your respecting my present feelings. I have to thank God that ever I was brought to know myself as a great sinner before God”.........

Notes kindly sent to me by Stephanie Thompson (née Clark)


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Lily Augusta Hales (born 7 Oct 1882 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire died 2 Nov 1936 Eastwood)  

married 1911 New Zealand

Father Walter Berridge (born 1880)  

Sister: Margaret May Berridge (born 1911 New Zealand died 1995 Eastwood, Essex)  

Wife1 : Eileen Frances Florence Sullivan (born 1924 Poplar, London ) married 1944 Southend, Essex  
Wife2 : Hilkka M L Roininen (born abt 1925 ) married 1954 Hitchin, Hertfordshire  

Son: Christopher Robert Berridge (born 8.10.1944 Southend, Essex died 1970 Chelmsford, Essex) 2 children  

Wife: Marilyn Barbara Coombs (born 1946 Willesden, Middlesex )   View NotesHide notes  

Awaiting confirmation of her details from her daughter who is in touch. What I have is from England and Wales birth and marriage indexes on Ancestry

Daughter: Jennifer Susan Berridge (born 1963 Rochford, Essex )  

Daughter: Angela Valery Berridge (born 1964 Rochford, Essex )  

Daughter: Gillian Berridge (born 1948 Essex ) 3 children  

Husband: Kenneth A Soothill (born 1942 Wakefield, Yorkshire )  

Son: Simon Kenneth Soothill (born 1969 Wakefield, Yorkshire )  

Son: Christian Edward Soothill (born 1973 Dewsbury, Yorkshire )  

Son: Thomas Oliver Soothill (born 1978 York, Durham )  

Son: Michael J Berridge (born 1956 Hitchin, Hertfordshire )  

Son: Stephen Berridge (born abt 1958 )   View NotesHide notes  

I only know of Stephen’s existence from email, where contact was informed of him from a telegram. I could not find him in England birth index. I did find evidence that his parents may have moved to Canada, so perhaps he was born there.

According to email from Philip Twyman, Stephen married Pauline and had a daughter called Lauren. Pauline died in September 1995 – see notes for Robert John Berridge.

Robert John Berridge Notes:

“Bob and Hilkka lived in a small modern home in Barrow in Furness. He worked on the submarines there. worked for a defence company at some stage and had made a few trips with them to USA for training etc. He was softly spoken and quite a private man. He was very happy with Hilkka, but was discreet about his other family.

“During WW2 he trained with the RAF at Perth, Scotland. His son Michael became a Dr and we think that he practices in Manchester. Steven married Pauline and had a daughter, Lauren. Pauline died in September 1995 and Steven was very distraught. We understand that Bob passed away in 2009 and unfortunately have lost touch with the family since then.”

This information is taken from an email sent to Stephanie Thompson by Philip Twyman who married her cousin Carolyn (nee Booker). They visited with Bob regularly when they lived in the UK.

Lilley’s Christian letter outlining her beliefs probabl...
Page 2 of Eliza
Lilley’s Christian notes
Eliza (Lilley)
Hales memorial card
Bob and Hilkka
Berridge 1997 in their front room
Lily Augusta
Berridge (née Hales)
Robert and
Eliza Hales with children Percy, Florence, Harold an...
Robert and
Eliza Hales with children Florence, Lily and Harold ...
The grave of
Eliza 1906 and Robert W Hales 1911 of Ditchford Hi...

Census records:

1851 Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Lilly Ann Head Married F 41 1810 Lace Maker Rushden, Northamptonshire 3241
Lilly Mary Daughter Unmarried F 13 1838 Lace Maker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3242
Lilly Sophia Daughter Unmarried F 10 1841 Lace Maker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3244
Lilly Susan Daughter Unmarried F 8 1843 Lace Maker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3243
Lilly Harriot Daughter Unmarried F 5 1846 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3245
Lilly Eliza Daughter Unmarried F 2 1849 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3234

1861 Keeper Lodge, Park Lane, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire
Hales William Head Married M 41 1820 Game Keeper Milbourn, Bedfordshire 536
Hales Marsha Wife Married F 47 1814 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 537
Hales Tom Son Unmarried M 17 1844 Game Keeper Odell, Bedfordshire 538
Hales William Son Unmarried M 11 1850 Scholar Odell, Bedfordshire 155
Hales Robert Son M 8 1853 Scholar Odell, Bedfordshire 539
Hales Susan Daughter F 6 1855 Scholar Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 540
White Elizth ... Unmarried F 22 1839 House Servant ..., Wiltshire

1861 Lower Road, Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Lilley William Head Married M 52 1809 Shoe Maker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3240
Lilley Ann Wife Married F 50 1811 Rushden, Northamptonshire 3241
Lilley Mary Daughter Unmarried F 23 1838 Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3242
Lilley Susan Daughter Unmarried F 18 1843 Shoe Closer Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3243
Lilley Eliza Daughter F 12 1849 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3234

1871 Blind Street, Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Lilley William Head Marr M 62 1809 Shoe maker Northamptonshire, Standwick 3240
Lilley Ann Wife Marr F 61 1810 Northamptonshire, Rushden 3241
Lilley William Son Un M 35 1836 Shoe maker Northamptonshire, Stanwick 3246
Lilley Eliza Daughter Un F 22 1849 Northamptonshire, Stanwick 3234

1871 Down Street, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire
Hales William Head M 50 1821 Agricultural Labourer Bedfordshire, Sharnbrook 536
Hales Martha Wife F 56 1815 Charwoman Bedfordshire, Melchbourne 537
Hales Robert Son M 18 1853 Miller Bedfordshire, Odell 539
Lineham Frances Emily Granddaughter F 5 1866 Scholar Northamptonshire, Northampton

1891 Kennel Hill, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire
Hales Robert Wright Head Married M 37 1854 Journeyman Miller Odell, Bedfordshire 539
Hales Eliza Wife Married F 42 1849 Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3234
Hales Florence Eliza Daughter F 11 1880 Scholar Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3235
Hales Lily Augusta Daughter F 8 1883 Scholar Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3236
Hales Percy Robert Son M 6 1885 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3237
Hales Harold Son M 4 1887 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3238
Hales Frederick William Son M 0 1891 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3239

1901 Ditchford Mill, Irchester, Northamptonshire
Hales Robert W Head Married M 48 1853 Miller Odell, Bedfordshire 539
Hales Eliza Wife Married F 52 1849 Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3234
Hales Florence E Daughter Single F 21 1880 Housemaid Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3235
Hales Lily A Daughter Single F 18 1883 Housemaid Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3236
Hales Percy R Son M 16 1885 Miller Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3237
Hales Harold Son M 14 1887 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3238