Reginald Burgess

(born abt 1910)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Wife: Lillian Florence Poynter (born 1910 London Islington died 1969 Enfield, Middlesex)   View NotesHide notes married 1934 Islington, London  

Marriage to Reginald Burgess in tree copy sent by Christine Roberts, also in freebmd. Death from FMP transcript of deaths 1837-2006, Jan-Feb-Mar 1969, aged 58

Census records:

1911 79 Bingfield Street Islington London N, London
Poynter Walter Head M 25 1886 Milkman London Islington 173
Poynter Florence Ada Wife Married F 24 1887 Printers London Islington 80
Poynter Walter George Son Single M 2 1909 London Islington 1365
Poynter Lillian Florence Daughter Single F 0 1911 London Islington 1366
Poynter Mary Ann Mother Married F 60 1851 Cambridgeshire W Haton