William Turp

(born 1909 ? prob. Edmonton)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Wife: Ellen Louisa (Nellie) Roberts (born 2.11.1908 Islington died 3.1997 Islington) married 1935 Islington, London  

Son: William John Turp (born 1936 Islington )  

Daughter: Mary B Turp (born 1938 Islington ) no children   View NotesHide notes  

Probably married John A C Bryant in 1967 Islington. Marriage was to a Mary E Turp, but I could find no record of a Mary E Turp birth. Perhaps the middle name is Betty/Elizabeth or it was a typo. No record of any children.

Husband: John A C Bryant (born 1931 Islington )  

Daughter: Beryl E Turp (born 1942 Islington ) 2 children  

Husband: Henry G Allen (born 1939 )  

Son: Andrew Henry Allan (born 1985 Surrey )  

Son: David James Allan (born 1986 Surrey )  

Son: David G Turp (born 1947 Islington )  

Son: Paul R Turp (born 1948 Islington ) 2 children  

Wife: Sandra D Bustin (born 1949 Birmingham, Warwickshire )  

Son: Duncan Turp (born 1973 Hackney, London )  

Daughter: Rebecca Turp (born 1976 Hampstead, London )  

Census records:

1911 359 Caledonian Road Holloway N, London
Roberts John Gough Head Married M 32 1879 Locksmith, own account London Walworth 13
Roberts Martha Hannah Wife Married F 33 1878 Yorks Sheffield 40
Roberts Albert George Son M 8 1903 London Islington 41
Roberts John Edward William Son M 5 1906 London Islington 42
Roberts Ellen Louisa Daughter F 2 1909 London Islington 43