Felix Frank

(born 1878 died 1943)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Partner: Anna Frisch (born 1885 died 1974 )  

Son: Wilhelm Franz Josef Frank (born 14.3.1915 Vienna died 3.4.1977 Coventry, Warwickshire) 3 children  

Wife: Mary Ethel (Peggy) Huxley (born 7.6.1916 Derby died 10.1987 Coventry)   View NotesHide notes  

Met Vilda when she wanted to find a translator to help her read Heiner (German romantic poet) in the original German. Vilda however was not poetic!

Many thanks to Rothwell family tree by LeonLefcovitch on Ancestry

Son: John F K Frank (born 1944 Derby, Derbyshire )  

Daughter: Elizabeth A M Frank (born 1949 )  

Daughter: Felicity Rosalind Frank (born 1953 Derby, Derbyshire )  

Myra, Arthur
and Peggy according to Rosalind Hammond. Which cas...
L-R: Roger and
Daisy Rothwell, Neil Perry, Tim and Libby (Eliza...
Vilda, Libby,
John & Mary Frank, from tree on Ancestry
Mary and Vilda
Anna and Vilda
Frank c.1923
Mary Ethel
Mary Ethel
(Peggy) Huxley
Donald and
Ethel Bearman’s Ruby Wedding, 29 September 1962