Norman Harry Judd

(born 30 Apr 1921 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA died 6 Aug 2009 Truro, Cornwall)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Partner: Margaret Elizabeth (Betty) Huxley (born 18.9.1920 Derby died 21.3.2005 Truro)  

Daughter: Myra Judd (born abt 1949 )   View NotesHide notes  

Oddly, I cannot find a birth record for Myra. Perhaps Myra was a middle name?

There is also a record of a Norman Judd, age approximately the same as her father’s, travelling from New York to Southampton with a Muriel Judd, aged 1 on Ancestry. Perhaps this was Myra.

Son: Clinton Judd (born 1951 Derby ) 1 children  

Wife: Lesley S Maslen (born 1952 Swindon, Wiltshire )  

Daughter: Laura Marie Judd (born 1979 Kings Lynn, Norfolk )  

Son: Clive N Judd (born 1956 Worthing )  

Daughter: Frances M (Bay) Judd (born 1958 Worthing, Sussex )  

Son: Howard A Judd (born 1963 Worthing, Sussex ) 1 children  

Wife: Marga D Van Leeuwen (born 1963 )  

Daughter: Polly Elena Judd (born 2002 Truro, Cornwall )  

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