Ada Alice Fosker

(born 1882)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Annie Pullen (born abt 1850)  

Father James Fosker (born abt 1850)  

Husband: Robert William Loftin (born 1870 London City Of, London, Middlesex died 5.1912 Islington, London)   View NotesHide notes married 14.10.1901 St Andrew Islington, London  

There is a record of Annie Loftin on the Pallant Family tree according to Ancestry. Also, record of marriage on Lauren's family tree. Also link on Fosker one name study:

Was a horsekeeper in 1902 according to daughters christening record

Buried 10th May 1912 at Islington Cemetery. Source: deceasedonline.

Daughter: Ada Annie Loftin (born 1902 ) 3 children   View NotesHide notes  

Lived in Islington 1911 census.

Husband: Harold Alexander G Cook (born 1898 Islington, London )  

Son: Harold F Cook (born 1921 Islington, London )  

Son: Edward W Cook (born 1923 Islington, London )  

Daughter: Violet Cook (born 1926 Islington, London )  

Son: Robert William Loftin (born 1904 died 9.2.1939 ) 2 children   View NotesHide notes  

Five foot 4, brown eyes and dark hair according to his enrolment in the merchant navy - see attached image.

Lived in Islington 1911 census. Probably married Rosetta A Mann in 1926.

Buried 17th February 1939 at Islington Cemetery. Source: deceasedonline.

Attached pictures found on ancestry – thank you if you see this. I will contact when I take out a subscription.

Partner: Rosetta Alice Mann (born 1904 )  

Daughter: Rosetta A Loftin (born 1926 Islington, Middlesex )   View NotesHide notes  

Possibly married Henry Hageman in 1944 - although this may have been her mother remarrying. Also, possibly married Arthur S Blunden in 1948 Islington, ditto.

Daughter: Joan F Loftin (born 1931 Finsbury, Middlesex )  

Daughter: Annie Loftin (born 1906 )   View NotesHide notes  

Lived in Islington 1911 census. Four possible marriages to Parry, Pearce or Quinlan - only the latter seems to have had a child.

Son: Frederick Loftin (born 30.3.1911 Islington ) 1 children  

Partner: Mary Fallon (born 22.6.1912 )  

Son: Robert Loftin (born 11.1.1936 Islington )  

Ada Alice Fosker Notes:

“Ada Alice FOSKER was born in 1882 at Islington, Middlesex. She was the daughter of James Charles FOSKER and Annie PULLEN. In the census of 5 April 1891 at 9 Buxton Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, she was listed as aged 7 born Islington, the daughter of Charles J FOSKER.2 In the census of 31 March 1901 at 19 Buxton Buildings, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, she was listed as a Machinist, aged 18 born Caledonian Road, the daughter of James Charles FOSKER.

Ada married Robert WIlliam LOFTIN on 14 October 1901 at St Andrew, Islington, Middlesex.”

Quoted from Fosker One Name Study at

1807 baptism,
John Dickery
Robert William
Loftin enrolment on merchant navy in 1921
Robert William
Loftin died age 34 in the newspaper 1939. From t...
Robert Loftin
funeral card 1939
Robert Loftin
picture found on Ancestry – I have yet to conta...

Census records (3):

1881 60, Frederick St [2], Islington, Middlesex
Loftin Ann Head Married F 30 1851 Book Binders Wife London City Of, London, Middles 363
Loftin Ellen Daughter Single F 11 1870 London City Of, London, Middles 1763
Loftin Robert W Son Single M 9 1872 London City Of, London, Middles 1764
Loftin John Son Single M 7 1874 St Lukes, Middlesex 1765
Loftin Charles Son Single M 5 1876 Islington, Middlesex 1766
Loftin Samuel Son Single M 3 1878 Islington, Middlesex 1767
Loftin Edith Daughter Single F 0 1881 Islington, Middlesex 364

1911 Sutterton Mews, London
Loftin Robt Head Married M 42 1869 Islington 1764
Loftin Ada Wife Married F 29 1882 Cab Washer Islington 1999
Loftin Ada Daughter F 8 1903 Islington 2000
Loftin Robt Son M 6 1905 Islington 2002
Loftin Annie Daughter F 4 1907 Islington 2001
Loftin Frederick Son M 1 1911 Islington 3142

1939 33 Pooles Park, Finsbury Park, London
Loftin Frederick Married M 28 1911 30 March 3142
Loftin Mary Married F 27 1912 22nd June 4511
-- Closed -- Record 0 0
Loftin Robert M 3 1936 11th Jan 4512
-- Closed -- Record 0 0