Richard Vertue Hale

(born 21 Sep 1825 Borough, Southwark, Surrey died 1863)

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Maternal grandmother: Dorcas Wheeler (born 1770 Terrington St Clement)   View NotesHide notes  

Baptised 2nd July 1770 in Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk

Maternal grandfather: George Vertue (born 31 May 1768 Woodbridge, Suffolk died 11 May 1851 Norwood, Lambeth)   View NotesHide notes  

Was a tailor. Buried Norwood Cemetery, Norwood Road, Lambeth, Surrey

Born (after the Father’s Decease) May 31 and baptized at the Mother’s House in Woodbridge June 20 1768 - see baptism record (book icon)


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Martha Vertue (born 10 Oct 1802 St Mary, Newington, Surrey)   View NotesHide notes  

Married Richard Hale 1823. Non-conformist baptism record shows her mother’s parents to be Robert and Dorcas Wheeler

married 1823

Father Richard Hale (born abt 1800)  

Partner: Sarah Martha Carter (born 1830 Hampsted, Middlesex )  

Son: Richard William Hale (born 1852 Southwark, Surrey ) 2 children  

Partner: Emma ??? (born 1857 Hounslow, Middlesex )  

Daughter: Rose E Hale (born 1878 Keighley, Yorkshire )  

Son: George Hale (born 1880 Keighley, Yorkshire )  

Son: George Charles Hale (born 1857 Southwark, Surrey )  

Son: William J Hale (born 1860 Southwark, Surrey )  

Daughter: Sarah M Hale (born 1862 Southwark, Surrey )  

Daughter: Mary Ann R Hale (born 1862 Southwark, Surrey ) no children  

Husband: Simeon Whitaker (born 1859 Keighley, Yorkshire )  

Richard Vertue Hale Notes:

Non-conformist origins shown by his register of Births at Dr Williams' Library in Red Cross Street, Cripplegate.

Married Sarah Martha Carter in 1850 Southwark, Ancestry hold marriage record, also freebmd

Birth record
for Richard Vertue Hale, showing parents and mater...
The 1814 will
of Henry Vertue, victualler of The Swan. Don't kn...
George Vertue
Snr last will and testament, 1850
Vertue’s burial record 1851, aged 83

Census records (4):

1851 Gipsey House Road, St Marys Lambeth, Surrey
Vertue George Head Widower M 82 1769 Retired Taylor , Woodbridge, Suffolk 727
Chatfield Hephzibah Grand Daughter Unmarried F 18 1833 Croydon, Surrey 726

1861 11 Belvedere Building, Southwark, Surrey
Hale Richard Vertue Head Married M 35 1826 Carman Southwark, Surrey 3982
Hale Sarah Martha Wife F 31 1830 Hampsted, Middlesex 3983
Hale Richard William Son M 9 1852 Scholar Southwark, Surrey 3984
Hale George Charles Son M 4 1857 Southwark, Surrey 3985
Hale William J Son M 1 1860 Southwark, Surrey 3986
Carter Sarah Martha Mother-in-law F 78 1783 Not Known, Essex 3987
Martins Rebecca Adopted child F 10 1851 Norwood, Surrey

1881 126, Lidget, Keighley, Yorkshire (West riding)
Hale Richard W Head Married M 29 1852 General Labourer Southwark, Surrey 3984
Hale Emma Wife Married F 24 1857 Hounslow, Middlesex 3988
Hale Rose E Daughter Single F 3 1878 Keighley, Yorkshire 3989
Hale George Son Single M 1 1880 Keighley, Yorkshire 3990

1881 22, Chapel Lane, Keighley, Yorkshire (West riding)
Hale Sarah M Head Widow F 49 1832 Dartford, Kent 3983
Hale George C Son Single M 23 1858 General Labourer Highways (?) Southwark, Surrey 3985
Hale Sarah M Daughter Single F 19 1862 Drawer In Worsted Factory Southwark, Surrey 3991
Whitaker Simeon Son In Law Married M 22 1859 Machine Fitter (Worsted) (S & Mach) Keighley, Yorkshire 3993
Whitaker Mary A R Daughter Married F 19 1862 Worsted Weaver Southwark, Surrey 3992