53 Rue de Rivoli. Paris


Dear Mere,

   How are things going along now? I hope this early edition of Summer agrees well with Pere & yourself. It has been quite wonderful here. And how is Elsie? I hope she is learning cheerfulness. I have been meaning to write to her. But I have written to practically no one.

   I am now enclosing a copy of my paper. I have many more copies if they should be wanted. In fact I took off about 70 copies.

     Tuesday I wrote to Pere in office. In the evening I read the Nation & got to bed early. It was a fete day- Mardi Gras - & Paris very gay. Britan (?) & I saw something of the crowds on the Grand Boulevarde in the afternoon. In the evening practically all our fellows were out seeing the fun.

     Wednesday I finished Ranson’s “6 Weeks in Russia in 19”, & then challenged some of the Americans into a discussion on Socialistic moralities & the economic issues of the immediate future.

     Thursday I started to read Hyndman’s “Economics of Socialism”. Then followed the social & M. Rivoire’s address on “Our time Catholics in France”. He is an ex priest. His admiration for Quakerism as being positive & catholic, in fact more Catholic than Roman Catholicism & as transcending mere Protestantism was fine. His only complaint was that Quakers were not all sufficiently Quaker.

     Friday afternoon Dorothea typed the stencils for my paper & Cecil Pearson & I took off the copies.

     In the evening Gertrude Simms & I had a date for the Salle Played (?) where Marthe Wren (?) was giving an exposition of Beethoven. We walked there. Our seats were the second row from the piano & next to Mr. Schoner (?) my little professor. The execution was wonderful. After seeing Gertrude to the Britannique, Mr Schoner waked home with me & we talked French.

     Saturday afternoon Mark & I had Bath. In the evening I read second act of “L’ame en follie”

     I spent this morning writing short notes to Edith, Hilda & four others(?).

     I wonder if Pere could send me a check for some three pounds out of my money. I think I ought to have some in reserve & I have nearly got through what I brought out. Some of us English chaps are thinking of going down to Nice & returning home by sea, which will be cheaper than returning by land. Of course the mission will pay our vacation expenses.

   I must close now.

  Love to all.

Yours affectionately