Isaac Coster Coulton

(born 1833 America, New York)

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Maternal grandmother: Phillis Cox (born 2 Feb 1780 Bletchington, Oxfordshire died 24 Mar 1863 Oxford)   View NotesHide notes  

Transcript of will of Elizabeth Swingbourn

This is the last will and testament of me Elizabeth Swingbourn of Kidlington in the County of Oxford, Widow, made this twenty fourth day of June in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine.

First I will and direct that all my just debts funeral and Testamentary Expenses and the cost of proving this my will be paid and discharged by my Executors herinafter mentioned. I give and bequeath unto William Scroggs of Kidlington aforesaid, Miller, and Robert Burgoyne of the same place, Tailor, the sum of six hundred pounds, new three and one half per centum Bank Annuities, upon trust, to pay the dividends thereof to my niece Phillis Sandell, of the City of Oxford, for her sole and separate use independent of her husband, whether present or future, and not subject to his debts, control or engagements and, so that she shall not anticipate or assign the same or any part thereof, and from and after her decease upon trust to assign and transfer the said capital sum unto, and equally between, each of her children as shall be living at her decease. But in case of the death of either in her lifetime leaving issue, then upon trust, to assign and transfer the share of him, or her, so dying, unto his, or her, children. I give and bequeath unto the said Phillis Sandell, all my household furniture, linen, books and wearing apparel, for her sole, and separate use.

I give and bequeath unto my niece, Charlotte Pointer, now or late of Edgeware Road, in the County of Middlesex, one hundred pounds of the like stock, for her separate use and whose receipt for the same shall be a sufficient discharge.

I give and bequeath unto my niece Mary Head of Marston in the County of Wilts, fifty pounds of the like stock.

Unto my niece Ann Pointer, of Edgeware Road, aforesaid, one hundred pounds of the like stock.

Unto my niece Sarah Pullen, of Hinton in the County of Wilts, one hundred and pounds of the like stock.

Unto my nephew John Cox, of Bletchington in the County of Oxford, one hundred pounds of the like stock.

Unto my niece Martha Cox, of the City of London, one hundred and fifty pounds of the like stock, and to Rebecca, the wife of Stephen Cox, of New Woodstock in the County of Oxford, one hundred and fifty pounds of the like stock.

I give and bequeath to each of the daughters of my late nephew, Charles Warner, of Bletchington aforesaid, as shall be living at the time of my decease, nineteen pounds sterling, and to each of the children, as shall be then living, of a daughter, or daughters, of the said Charles Warner, who shall have died in my lifetime, a like sum of nineteen pounds.

I give and bequeath unto my niece Martha Upcott, of the City of London, nineteen pounds. Unto my niece Rebecca Smith of the same city, nineteen pounds.

Unto Ann, the daughter of the aforesaid Rebecca Cox, the sum of fifty pounds and unto Elizabeth, the wife of Charles Gibbs, of Warbrough in the County of Wilts, the sum of fifty pounds.

I give and bequeath to each of the children of my late nephew Thomas Cox, of Blechington aforesaid, the sum of ten pounds, to be paid to each on his or her attaining the age of sixteen years.

I give the sum of ten pounds to be distributed in bread to poor widows and widowers of Kidlington aforesaid at the discretion of my executors. I give and bequeath unto the said William Scroggs and Robert Burgoyne, the sum of nineteen pounds each as a small remuneration for the trouble they will be put to in executing this, my will. All the rest and residue of my estate and effects, whatsoever, and wheresoever, I give and bequeath unto the said William Scroggs, and Robert Burgoyne, upon trust, to pay and divide the same unto, and amongst themselves, and all, and every other the legatees, in my said will, mentioned, rateably and in proportion to the amount of their respective, and several, legacies, by me hereinfore bequeathed. And I hereby nominate and appoint the said William Scroggs and Robert Burgoyne to be executors of this my will, and, hereby revoking all former wills by me, heretofore made, do declare this to be my last will and testament, and I empower my said executors to alter, vary and transpose my said trust funded property as it may appear best, to them, but so that nevertheless, the sum may be secured on some real or Government Security or Securities, upon trust, aforesaid. And I devise all mortgaged and trust estates which may be vested in me unto the said William Scroggs and Robert Burgoyne, subject to, and upon, the equities and trusts affecting the same. And I declare that their receipt and the receipt of the survivor and his heirs shall be a good discharge for all monies, which, in such receipt, shall be expressed to be received, and that all persons paying any monies for the purposes of this my will, and, taking a receipt from them or him, accordingly shall not be obliged to see to the further application of the same monies, nor be accountable for the misapplication, provided lastly. And I hereby declare that on the death, refusal, or incapacity to act, of either of them, the said William Scraggs and Robert Burgoyne, or any trustee or Trustees, to be appointed in his or their place or stead, it shall be lawful for the acting trustee, or trustees, for the time being, of this my will, or the executors or administrators of the last acting trustee, to appoint a new trustee, or trustees, in the place as stead of such trustee so dying, refusing or becoming incapable, to act as aforesaid and thereupon, the said trust monies and premises shall be transferred so that the same may vest in such new trustee, jointly with the continuing trustee upon the trust hereinbefore declared. And that every such new trustee shall have the same power, as if he had been appointed by this my will. And my will and mind is that my trustees and executors shall not be answerable the one for the other of them, or for signing receipts for the sake of conformity, or for involuntary lapses, but each for his own acts, receipts and defaults only. And that it shall be lawful for them to reimburse themselves, and to allow each other all losses, costs, charges and expenses, which they, or either of them, shall be put unto, or sustain for, or by reason of, this my will, or the trusts hereby reposed in them. In witness whereof, I the said Elizabeth Swingbourn have to this, my last will and testament, contained in this and the two preceding sheets of paper, set my hand the day and year first above written.

Elizabeth Swingbourn

The writing contained in this and the two preceding sheets of paper was signed by the above mentioned Elizabeth Swingbourn the testatrix in the joint presence of us who in her presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses.

J. V .Harrison

Batten Harrison

Copy of will of Mrs Swingbourn. Dated 24th June 1839

Taken from the copy of the will made by Harrison and Son.

married 30 Aug 1804 Kidlington

Maternal grandfather: Edward Charles Sandell (born 19 Feb 1767 Oxfordshire died 31 Oct 1846 Oxford) (born Oxfordshire died Oxford)   View NotesHide notes  

At the age of 11, Edward was awarded Oxford University privilegiatus as an apothecary. This gave him special rights in the city and he wouldn't have had to complete an apprenticeship. See attached image and for more details.

Apothecary and Man Midwife, who was bankrupted in 1837. He had some kind of relationship with Mr Paget who re-established the Dorchester School in 1801 (see attached image). This is probably the origin of Joesph’s middle name.

From British History Online:



There had been an endowed grammar school in Dorchester since 1652, but by the middle of the 18th century it had ceased to provide effective education. (fn. 623) In 1801 a Mr. Paget advertised that he would re-establish 'Dorchester School' which had long been vacant, and offered to board 8 young gentlemen at 20 guineas a year, with dancing and French included in the curriculum. (fn. 624) By 1833 the school had 50 pupils. (fn. 625)

From: 'Parishes: Dorchester', A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 7: Dorchester and Thame hundreds (1962), pp. 39-64. URL: Date accessed: 19 April 2011.


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Elizabeth Sandell (born 1807 Oxfordshire died 1893 Pancras)  

Father Isaac Love Coulton (born 1813 Clerkenwell, London died 1881)  

Brother: Richard Charles Coulton (born 1839 St Pancras, London )  

Brother: William Wallis Coulton (born 1841 London, Middlesex )  

Sister: Emily Rebecca Coulton (born 1843 Pancras, London died 1886 Pancras)  

Sister: Adeline Letitia Coulton (born 1845 St Pancras, London, Middlesex )  

Sister: Elizabeth Sarah Coulton (born 1847 Pancras, London, Middlesex )  

Sister: Caroline Phillis Coulton (born 1852 Pancras died 1906 Epsom)  

Partner: Mary Ann Hicks (born 1836 St Giles, Middlesex )  

Daughter: Mary Ann Elizabeth Coulton (born 1859 Marylebone, Middlesex )  

Son: Isaac Coster Coulton (born 1861 St Pancras, Middlesex ) 3 children  

Partner: Hannah Philp (born 1859 London St Pancras )  

Son: Reginald Sidney John Coulton (born 1890 London Islington )  

Daughter: Elsie Gladys Maud Coulton (born 1891 London Islington )  

Son: Francis Everard Coulton (born 1897 London Islington )  

Son: William R Coulton (born 1865 St Pancras, Middlesex ) 2 children  

Partner: Harriet Minnie Holmes (born 1869 Hackney London )  

Son: William Coulton (born 1899 St Pancras London )  

Daughter: Dora Minnie Coulton (born 3.10.1900 Islington London died 1986 Southend-on-sea, Essex)  

Son: John Coulton (born 1868 St Pancras, Middlesex ) 1 children  

Partner: Esther Sophia Baker (born 1863 London )  

Son: John Felix Coulton (born 1898 London )  

Edward Sandell
privilegiatus - the privileges of the University...
Charicature of
a man-midwife from 1793. Edward Charles Sandell ...
Marriage of Mr
Sandell, Apothecary and Man Midwife to Miss Cox ...
The founding of
Dorchester School in 1801 by Mr Paget. Edward S...
auction of land owned by Edward Charles Sandell from J...
Kettle Hall see where it is believed Edwa...
Edward Sandell
was a pupil of Magdalen school
Sandell's bankruptcy in 1837
Sandell's schooling at Magdalen School costing 15 shilli...

Census records:

1841 Clarendon Place Jericho, St Thomas, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Sandell Edwd M 70 1771 Ind Oxfordshire 141
Sandell Phillis F 60 1781 Oxfordshire 140
Sandell Jos M 25 1816 School ??? Oxfordshire 132
Sandell Maria F 20 1821 Governess ?? Oxfordshire 142
Davis Leah F 15 1826 F/S [female servant] Oxfordshire 134

1841 Ernest Street, St Pancras, Marylebone, Middlesex
Aberdour Tho M 40 1801 Middlesex
Aberdour Mary F 35 1806
Harvey Ellen F 10 1831 Middlesex
Massey Elizth F 40 1801 Middlesex
Massey Francis F 15 1826 Foreign
Massey Marchling M 9 1832 Middlesex
Massey Claria F 8 1833 Middlesex
Rawling Maria F 25 1816 Middlesex
Rawling Alfred M 4 1837 Middlesex
Rawling George M 1 1840 Middlesex
Boulton Isaac M 30 1811 Middlesex 218
Boulton Elizth F 30 1811 217
Boulton Isaac M 8 1833 219
Boulton Ricd M 2 1839 Middlesex 220
Boulton Wm M 0 1841 Middlesex 221

1851 32, Mary Street, Saint Pancras, Marylebone, Middlesex
Coulton Isaac Head Married M 38 1813 Artist Decoration London, Middlesex 218
Coulton Elizabeth Wife Married F 38 1813 Stone Oxfordshire 217
Coulton Isaac Son Unmarried M 18 1833 Artist America Newyork 219
Coulton Richard Son Unmarried M 12 1839 Scholar London, Middlesex 220
Coulton William Son Unmarried M 10 1841 Scholar London, Middlesex 221
Coulton Rebecca Daughter Unmarried F 8 1843 Home London, Middlesex 222
Coulton Adelaide Daughter Unmarried F 6 1845 Home London, Middlesex 223
Coulton Elizabeth Daughter Unmarried F 4 1847 Home London, Middlesex 224

1851 Brewers Street, St Aldate, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Davis Isaac Visitor Unmarried M 21 1830 Labourer Bampton, Oxfordshire 530
Sandell Joseph Head Married M 39 1812 School Master Oxford St Michael, Oxfordshire 132
Sandell Leah Wife Married F 26 1825 Bampton, Oxfordshire 134
Sandell Elizabeth Daughter F 3 1848 Oxford St Aldate, Oxfordshire 133
Sandell Hadassah Daughter F 1 1850 Oxford St Aldate, Oxfordshire 135
Sandell Keturah Daughter F 0 1851 Oxford St Aldate, Oxfordshire 29
Davis Hephzibah Visitor Unmarried F 20 1831 Barmaid Bampton, Oxfordshire 515
Sandell Phillis Mother Widow F 67 1784 Fund Holder Bletchington, Oxfordshire 140
Prior Alice Servant Unmarried F 14 1837 House Servant East Hannay, Berkshire
Noys Lois Visitor F 8 1843 Oxford St Martin, Oxfordshire 668

1861 7, Robert Street, Pancras, London, Middlesex
Coulton Isaac L Head Married M 48 1813 Decorative Artist London Clerkenwell 218
Coulton Elizabeth Wife F 53 1808 Oxford 217
Coulton Richard C Son Unmarried M 22 1839 Decorative Artist Pancras 220
Coulton William W Son Unmarried M 20 1841 Decorative Artist Pancras 221
Coulton Emily R Daughter Unmarried F 18 1843 Pancras 222
Coulton Adeline L Daughter F 16 1845 Pancras 223
Coulton Elizabeth Daughter F 14 1847 Pancras 224
Coulton Caroline Daughter F 9 1852 Scholar Pancras 225

1861 8, William Street, Pancras, London, Middlesex
Coulton Isaac C Head Married M 28 1833 Decorator Artist , United States 219
Coulton Mary Ann Wife Married F 25 1836 St Giles, Middlesex 976
Coulton Mary Ann Daughter F 2 1859 Marylebone, Middlesex 977
Coulton Isaac C Son M 0 1861 St Pancras, Middlesex 978

1861 Diamond Terrace, St Giles, Summertown, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Tunwell Phillis Head Widow F 78 1783 Fund Holder Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire 140
Hounslow Letitia Daughter Married F 41 1820 Grocers Wife Oxford 142
Hounslow Sarah B S Granddaughter Unmarried F 18 1843 Scholar Oxford 205
Hounslow Letitia W Granddaughter Unmarried F 15 1846 Scholar Oxford 206
Hounslow William E Grandson Unmarried M 15 1846 Booksellers Clerk Oxford 202
Hounslow Rose Granddaughter Unmarried F 9 1852 Scholar Oxford 204
Hounslow James Grandson Unmarried M 5 1856 Scholar Oxford 207
Hounslow Maria Granddaughter Unmarried F 3 1858 Scholar Oxford 208
Stockwell Eliza Servant Unmarried F 14 1847 House Servant Old Woodstock, Oxfordshire

1871 Nelson St, Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex
Holmes Whiting Head M 29 1842 Cambridgeshire 990
Holmes Jane Wife F 28 1843 Huntingdonshire 991
Holmes William Son M 7 1864 Cambridgeshire 996
Holmes Harriet Daughter F 2 1869 Middlesex 987

1871 Robert St, St Pancras, London, Middlesex
Carlton Isaac L Head M 58 1813 Middlesex 218
Carlton Elizth Wife F 65 1806 Oxfordshire 217
Carlton Rich C Son M 32 1839 Middlesex 220
Carlton Wm Son M 30 1841 Middlesex 221
Carlton Emily R Daughter F 28 1843 Middlesex 222
Carlton Adeline Daughter F 26 1845 Middlesex 223
Carlton Caroline Daughter F 19 1852 Middlesex 225

1881 ?, Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire
Holmes Whiting Head Married M 40 1841 Farm Bailiff , Sutton, Cambridgeshire 990
Holmes Jane Wife Married F 39 1842 Wife , Bluntersham, Huntingdonshire 991
Holmes Harriet M Daughter Single F 12 1869 Scholar , London, Middlesex 987
Holmes Alfred J Son Single M 7 1874 Scholar , Hendon, Middlesex 992
Holmes Emma J Daughter Single F 5 1876 Scholar , Alperton, Middlesex 993
Holmes Florence A Daughter Single F 1 1880 Singleborough, Buckinghamshire 994
Holmes George Henry Son Single M 0 1881 Singleborough, Buckinghamshire 995

1881 18, Netley Street, St Pancras, Middlesex
Coulton Isaac C Head Married M 47 1834 Decorative Artist , New York N U 219
Coulton Mary Ann Wife Married F 45 1836 St Giles, Middlesex 976
Coulton Isaac C Son Single M 20 1861 Clerk War Office , St Pancras, Middlesex 978
Coulton William R Son Single M 16 1865 Painter , St Pancras, Middlesex 979
Coulton John Son Single M 13 1868 Scholar , St Pancras, Middlesex 980
Coulton Mary Ann Daughter Single F 22 1859 Milliner , St Pancras, Middlesex 977

1881 37, Stebbington St, St Pancras, Middlesex
Culton William Head Married M 42 1839 Painter , London, London, Middlesex 221
Culton Blanche Wife Married F 44 1837 Painter , London, London, Middlesex 975

1881 7, Robert Street, St Pancras, Middlesex
Coulton Isaac L Head Married M 68 1813 Decorative Artist London, Middlesex 218
Coulton Elizabeth Wife Married F 72 1809 Oxford, Oxfordshire 217
Coulton Emily R Daughter Single F 39 1842 Dressmaker London, Middlesex 222
Coulton Adeline Daughter Single F 37 1844 Dress Maker London, Middlesex 223
Coulton Elizabeth S Daughter Single F 35 1846 Dress Maker London, Middlesex 224
Coulton Caroline F Daughter Single F 29 1852 Dress Maker London, Middlesex 225
Gibbart D H Lodger Single M 32 1849 Shop Manager Quared, Somerset
Gibbart Benj Lodger Single M 31 1850 Butchers Assistant Bayford, Somerset
Carter Mary J Boarder Widow F 62 1819 No Occupation Uley, Gloucestershire

1891 118, Torriano Avenue, St Pancras, London
Coulton Elizabeth Head Widow F 84 1807 Living On Means Oxford, Oxfordshire 217
Coulton Adaline Daughter Single F 46 1845 Living On Means St Pancras, London 223
Coulton Elizabeth Daughter Single F 44 1847 Living On Means St Pancras, London 224
Coulton Caroline Daughter Single F 39 1852 Living On Means St Pancras, London 225
Thompson Emily Niece Widow F 44 1847 Living On Means Crovinish
Thompson Emily Niece 2nd Single F 23 1868 Shop Assistant Wallington, Berkshire
Thompson Lily Niece Single F 19 1872 Shop Assistant Gravesend, Kent
Thompson Bertie Nephew 2nd M 8 1883 Scholar St Pancras, London

1891 52, Johnson Street, St Pancras, London, London
Clutton William Head Married M 49 1842 Painter , Bloomsbury, London 221
Clutton Blanch Wife Married F 50 1841 Westminster, London 975

1891 6, Dorset Street, St Marylebone, London, London
Coulton Isaac C Head Married M 58 1833 Tobacconist & Newsagent , New York, America 219
Coulton Mary A Wife Married F 56 1835 Marylebone, London 976
Coulton Mary A Daughter Single F 32 1859 Cab Maker , St Pancras, London 977
Coulton William H Son Single M 26 1865 Painter , St Pancras, London 979
Coulton John Son Single M 23 1868 Upholster , St Pancras, London 980

1901 6, Dorset Street, St Marylebone, London
Coulton Isaac E Head Married M 68 1833 House Painter , New York 219
Coulton Mary A Wife Married F 68 1833 London 976
Coulton Mary A Daughter Single F 42 1859 Tobacconists Assistant , London 977

1901 65, Clonmel Road, Fulham, London
Coulton John Head Married M 33 1868 Upholsterer , St Pancras, London 980
Coulton Esther S Wife Married F 38 1863 Marylebone, London 985
Coulton John F Son Single M 3 1898 Fulham, London 986

1901 88, Bartholomew Road, St Pancras, London
Colton Adelaide L Head Single F 56 1845 Plain Needlework , Cripple St Pancras, London 223
Coulton Elizabeth S Sister Single F 54 1847 Plain Needlework , St Pancras, London 224
Coulton Caroline P Sister Single F 49 1852 Plain Needlework , Cripple St Pancras, London 225

1901 St Pancras, London
Coulton Richard Inmate Single M 61 1840 Dock Laborer , St Pancras 220

1911 44 Huntingdon Street N, London
Coulton William Head Married M 46 1865 House Decorator St Pancras London 979
Coulton Minnie Wife Married F 42 1869 Hackney London 987
Coulton William Son M 12 1899 School St Pancras London 988
Coulton Dora Daughter F 10 1901 School Islington London 989
Holmes George Brother In Law Single M 29 1882 Plasters Labourer Gt Horwood Buckinghamshire 995

1911 6 Dorset ST, London
Coulton Mary Ann Head Widow F 76 1835 Newsagent St Giles London 976
Coulton Mary Ann Elizabeth Daughter F 52 1859 Assisting In Business Marylebone London 977

1911 72 Gainsborough Buildings, Millbank Estate, Westminster S W, London
Coulton John Head Married M 43 1868 Upholsterer London 980
Coulton Esther Sophia Wife Married F 48 1863 School Teacher London 985
Coulton John Felix Son M 13 1898 School London 986

1911 8 Prospero Road Upper Holloway Islington, London
Coulton Isaac Coster Head Married M 50 1861 Clerk- Higher Grade 2nd Division London St Pancras 978
Coulton Hannah Wife Married F 52 1859 London St Pancras 981
Coulton Reginald Sidney John Son Single M 21 1890 Insurance Clerk London Islington 982
Coulton Elsie Gladys Maud Daughter Single F 20 1891 Shorthand - Typist London Islington 983
Coulton Francis Everard Son M 14 1897 School London Islington 984