Charles Meredith Dawson

(born 1905 Islington, London)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: Ann Victoria Lugar (born 1838 Ardleigh, Essex )   View NotesHide notes  

Fourth daughter of Robert Lugar according to attached marriage announcement

married 10 Jun 1856 Messing, Essex

Paternal grandfather: Edward Boghurst Dawson (born 1824 Frating, Essex )   View NotesHide notes  

Edward was a high ranking Inspecting Veterinary Surgeon in India, achieving that rank on 25 May 1866 according to Hart’s Army Lists 1873 - see


Mother: Minnie Emily Docker (born 1877 London, Greenwich)  

married 1903 Pancras, London

Father Meredith Broderick Dawson (born 1873 Walton on the Naze, Essex died 1919 Scarborough, Yorkshire)   View NotesHide notes  

In 1911 FMP gives his second name as Roderick, freebmd has it as Broderick

Sister: Ethel Jessy Dawson (born 1904 Islington, London )  

Brother: Edward Montague Dawson (born 1909 Doncaster, Yorkshire )  

Sister: Mabel G Dawson (born 1914 Doncaster, Yorkshire )  

Edward B.
Dawson,Veterinary Surgeon, East India Register & Army...
announcement in The Essex Standard, June 18 1856 - Edw...
Mr W E Dawson,
son of Edward Boghurst, passed his exam. Essex S...

Present day Map with below census address/es in red

Census records:

1881 Eton House, Beach Rd, Great Clacton, Essex
Dawson Edward B Head Married M 57 1824 Inspecting Vety Surgeon Madras Army - Retired, Frating, Essex 2769
Dawson Ann V Wife Married F 43 1838 Ardleigh, Essex 2770
Dawson Edith F Daughter Single F 22 1859 Madras Cossoor 2771
Dawson Jessy Daughter Single F 20 1861 Madras Cossoor 2772
Dawson Ethel A Daughter Single F 13 1868 Scholar, Bangalore 2773
Dawson Meredith M Son Single M 8 1873 Scholar, Walton on the Naze, Essex 2774
Dawson Mabel M Daughter Single F 1 1880 Ipswich, Suffolk 2775
Clements Rose Servant Single F 24 1857 Cook (Domestic Serv), Pettistree, Norfolk
Cann Margaret Servant Single F 16 1865 Housemaid (Domestic Serv), Brightlingsea, Essex

1901 Tower Lodge, Penfold Road, Great Clacton, Essex
Dawson Edward B Head Married M 77 1824 Retired Major Indian Army Frating, Essex 2769
Dawson Ann V Wife Married F 63 1838 Ardleigh, Essex 2770
Dawson Jefsy M Daughter Single F 43 1858 India Brit Sub 2772
Dawson Ethel A Daughter Single F 33 1868 India Brit Sub 2773
Dawson Mable M Daughter Single F 21 1880 Ipswich, Suffolk 2775
Dalby Elizabeth Servant Single F 38 1863 General Domestic Ipswich, Suffolk

1911 An address in Tendring, Essex, Essex
Dawson Meredith Roderick Head M 38 1873 2774
Dawson Minnie Emily Wife F 34 1877 London 2776
Dawson Ethel Jessy Daughter F 7 1904 London 2777
Dawson Charles Meredith Son M 5 1906 London 2778
Dawson Edward Montague Son M 2 1909 Yorkshire, Doncaster 2779

1911 Jowes Lodge, Penfold Road, Clacton on Sea, Essex
Dawson Major Edward Boghurst Head Married M 87 1824 Staff Vet Surgeon Pensioned Retired By Madras Army Frating Essex 2769
Dawson Anne Victoria Wife Married F 72 1839 Ardleigh Essex 2770
Dawson Jessie Daughter Single F 45 1866 Dosoor India Resident 2772
Dawson Ethel Annie Daughter Single F 39 1872 Bangalore India Resident 2773
Dawson Mabel Mary Daughter Single F 29 1882 Ipswich Suffolk 2775