Eliza Sarah Dawson

(born 1847 Hackney, Middlesex)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: Judith Frances Balls (born 1785 Chelmsford, Essex died 24.9.1826 )   View NotesHide notes  

FMP have record of burial of Judith Frances Dawson in Great Bentley, Essex. This is not far from Frating hall where she was a farmer's wife. Also on IGI, buried 24th September 1826.

married 15 Oct 1806 Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex

Paternal grandfather: William Kendall Dawson (born 1786 Frating, Great Bentley, Essex died 19.1.1861 Great Bentley, Essex)   View NotesHide notes  

Baptised 20th April 1786 according to IGI, Frating, Essex.

Mentioned in the will of Richard Warren Balls and named as brother. Presume he meant brother-in-law.

He must have had a daughter who married somebody called Cuddon as his grandson can be seen in 1851 census - born 1841.

There was a William Dawson buried at Springfield church from inscriptions held at Chelmsford who died 20 Nov 1841 aged 70. However, I don't think this was him.

William Kendall was an estate agent/auctioneer and some some records can be found on seax - D/DU 381/27 (1825) :

Assignment of Term to attend the Inheritance (Lease and Release)

(i)Jas. Pulham, gentleman (ii) Robert Cana, auctioneer, both of Woodbridge (co. suffolk) (iii) James Jermyn of Roydon (co. suffolk)esq., administrator of goods of Henry Jermyn of Sibton (co. Suffolk), esq. deceased (iv) George Nevil Adams of Gloucester Place, Portman Square (co. Middlessex), esq.(v) WILLIAM KENDALL DAWSON of Frating hall, farmer,and (vi) WILLIAM Sparling of Colchester, gent.

Property as in D/DU 381/16,17

The above references 1811 - /DU 381/16,17:

Conveyance (Lease and Release) for £1,000

(i) James Pulham of Woodbridge (co. Suffolk) gent., s.and h. of James Pulham of Harwich and W. Mary, formerly Mary Brook, both decd., and w. Frances (ii) William Pearson of Ipswich, gentleman (iii) James Garrard of Frating, farmer, and (iv) Wm, London of Woodbridge (co. Suffolk), land valuer

Messuage called Sayers, building called Slowhouse (66a., field-names) in Frating and Great Bentley

To the uses to extinguish right of dower of Frances w. of James Pulham



Mother: Eliza Walker (born 1827 Grays, Essex)  

married 1852 Hackney, Middlesex

Father William Isaac Dawson (born 1807 Frating, Essex died 9 Nov 1890 Edmonton, Middlesex)   View NotesHide notes  

Baptism on IGI, 1807 no exact date, mother Eliz. Frances Dawson Death (freebmd, also see attached image) also announced in The Belfast News Letter November 14th 1890, so wonder if he had some Irish connections.

Burial Abney Park Cemetery 15 Nov 1890 aged 83, ref 085555, section C07, index 3S12

Husband: James Grout (born 1845 Enfield, Middlesex )   View NotesHide notes married 1871 Edmonton, Middlesex  

Marriage on ancestry & freebmd

Son: James William Grout (born 1872 Edmonton, Middlesex )  

Son: Maurice Henry Grout (born 1874 Enfield, Middlesex )  

Son: Percy Charles Grout (born 1875 Enfield, Middlesex ) no children  

Wife: Edith Emily Nurse (born 1884 Westmoreland Windermere )  

Son: Philip Grout (born 1877 Enfield, Middlesex ) 2 children  

Wife: Florence Margaret Uwins (born 1876 Battle, Sussex )  

Daughter: Phyllis Margaret Grout (born 1903 Balham, London )  

Son: James Grout (born 1908 Clifton, Bristol )  

Son: Perry Grout (born 1879 Enfield, Middlesex died 1959 Dartford, Kent) no children  

Wife: Lily Kill (born 1890 )  

Daughter: Lizzie Margaret Grout (born 1881 Enfield, Middlesex ) 1 children  

Husband: Gerald Stewart Harrison (born 1868 London )  

Son: Richard Stewart Harrison (born 1907 Sidcup, Kent )  

Daughter: Ethel Sophia Grout (born 1884 Hackney, London ) 1 children  

Husband: William Hoar (born 1871 Portsmouth, Hampshire )  

Son: James William Hoar (born 1906 Belvedere, Kent )  

Death of
William Isaac Dawson in 1890 announced in the Daily Ne...
Probate for
William Kendall Dawson 1861 less than £100 to wife...

Census records:

1841 Foundry Yard, St Peter, Colchester, Essex
Dawson Willm K M 59 1782 Essex 2743

1851 61 Church Street, Frating, Essex, Essex
Dawson William K Head Married M 63 1788 Land Agent Auctioneer Essex, Frating 2743
Dawson Ann Wife Married F 39 1812 Essex, Dunmow? 2762
Cuddon Harry Grandson M 10 1841 Scholar Middlesex, London
Head Erne Servant M 23 1828 House Servant Essex, Elmstead

1861 An address in Hackney, Middlesex, Middlesex
Dawson Willm J Head Married M 53 1808 Essex 2767
Dawson Eliza Wife Married F 33 1828 Essex 2781
Dawson Eliza S Daughter F 14 1847 Middlesex 2782
Shipman Jane Servant F 18 1843 Middlesex

1871 Bush Hill Farm, Edmonton, Middlesex
Dawson William Isaac Head M 63 1808 Merchant Essex, Colchester 2767
Dawson Eliza Wife F 42 1829 Merchant’s wife Middlesex, Georges East 2781
Dawson Eliza Daughter F 24 1847 Merchant’s daughter Middlesex, Islington 2782
Burnes Georgina Servant F 34 1837 Servant (domestic) Suffolk, Ipswich

1881 Bush Hill, Edmonton, Middlesex
Dawson William J Head Married M 75 1806 Gentleman Frating, Essex 2767
Dawson Eliza Wife Married F 54 1827 Grays, Essex 2781
Currell Elizabeth Servant Single F 25 1856 Domestic Servant Southgate, Middlesex

1881 Shirley Lge, Windmill Hill, Enfield, Middlesex
Grout James Head Married M 36 1845 Sadler & Ironmonger (Emp 6 Men) Enfield, Middlesex 2783
Grout Eliza S Wife Married F 33 1848 London E.C., London 2782
Grout James W Son Single M 8 1873 Edmonton, Middlesex 2784
Grout Mauria H Son Single M 7 1874 Enfield, Middlesex 2785
Grout Percy C Son Single M 5 1876 Enfield, Middlesex 2786
Grout Philip Son Single M 4 1877 Enfield, Middlesex 2787
Grout Perry Son Single M 2 1879 Enfield, Middlesex 2788
Kingshot Annie Servant Single F 24 1857 Genl Servant Enfield, Middlesex

1901 45, Florence Road, St Paul Deptford, London
Cobb Thomas J Head Married M 40 1861 Insurance Broker’s Clerk Sevenoaks, Kent
Cobb Georgina F Wife Married F 29 1872 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Cobb Thomas G N Son M 5 1896 New Cross, London
Cobb Sidney J D Son M 3 1898 New Cross, London
Stead Beatrice R Servant Single F 16 1885 (Domestic) Deptford, London
Grout Maurice H Boarder Single M 26 1875 Builder Enfield, Middlesex 2785
Grout James W Boarder Single M 27 1874 Builder Enfield, Middlesex 2784

1901 96, High Street, Bexley, Kent
Grout James Head Married M 56 1845 Living On Own Means Enfield, Middlesex 2783
Grout Eliza S Wife Married F 53 1848 Lime ST, London 2782
Grout Percy C Son Single M 25 1876 House Agent Enfield, Middlesex 2786
Grout Philip Son Single M 24 1877 Clerk Architect Enfield, Middlesex 2787
Grout Perry Son Single M 22 1879 Clerk Builders Enfield, Middlesex 2788
Grout Lizzie M Daughter Single F 19 1882 Enfield, Middlesex 3669
Grout Ethel S Daughter Single F 16 1885 Art Student Hackney, London 3670
Watling Harriet Servant Single F 22 1879 Cook Domestic Northfleet, Kent
Murphy Mary Servant Single F 19 1882 Horsekeeper Domestic Dowlas, Glamorganshire, Wales

1911 2 Madras Villas, Whitehill Road, Gravesend, Kent
Grout Percy Charles Head Married M 35 1876 Builders Clerk Middlesex Enfield 2786
Grout Edith Wife Married F 27 1884 Westmoreland Windermere 3676

1911 4 Gloucester Road, Belvedere, Kent
Hoar William Head Married M 40 1871 Secretary To Limited Company Portsmouth Hampshire 3672
Hoar Ethel Sophia Wife Married7 years F 26 1885 Hackney London 3670
Hoar James William Son M 5 1906 Belvedere Kent 3673
Wyatt Elizabeth Servant Single F 24 1887 General Servant Domestic Plumstead Kent

1911 45 Florence Road Deptford S E, London
Cobb Thomas Joseph Head Married15 years M 50 1861 Insurance Brokers Clerk Kent Chiddingstone
Cobb Georgina Fanny Wife Married F 38 1873 Kent Tunbridge Wells
Cobb Thomas George Son M 15 1896 School London Deptford
Cobb Sidney Joseph Dudley Son M 13 1898 School London Deptford
Hall Minnie Gabrielle Adopted Daughter F 3 1908 London Deptford
Hall Sarah Minnie Visitor Single F 29 1882 Independent Warwickshire Birminghan
Grout James William Boarder Single M 38 1873 Builder Edmonton Middx 2784

1911 84 Bargery Road, Catford, London
Grout Maurice Henry Head Married M 37 1874 Builder Midx Enfield 2785
Grout Florence Margaret Wife Married7 years F 51 1860 Lincs Boston
Grout Maurice James Son M 6 1905 Kent Lewisham
Wellham Alice Gertrude Servant Single F 18 1893 General Servant Domestic Essex Clacton/sea

1911 Ashwood, Halfway St, Sidcup, Kent
Harrison Gerald Stewart Head Married 5 years M 43 1868 Builder London 3674
Harrison Lizzie Margaret Wife Married F 29 1882 Enfield Middlesex 3669
Goodyear Ada Marjorie Visitor Single F 20 1891 Finchley Middlesex
Harrison Richard Stewart Son M 4 1907 Sidcup Kent 3675
Egger Hilda Servant Single F 20 1891 Domestic Servant Belveden Kent

1911 Deanery Road Warmley, Somersetshire
Grout Philip Head Married M 34 1877 Architect And Surveyor Enfield Middlesex 2787
Grout Florence Margaret Wife Married10 years F 34 1877 Battle Sussex 3666
Grout Phyllis Margaret Daughter F 8 1903 Balham London 3667
Grout James Son M 3 1908 Clifton Bristol 3668