Ethel Norah Jocelyn Watt

(born 1917 Hitchin, Hertfordshire died 1991)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Husband: Albert Norman James Hales (born 27.11.1916 Biggleswade district died 1997 Stevenage, Hertfordshire) married 1942 Cambridge  

Son: Andrew James Hales (born 28.6.1944 Letchworth, Hertfordshire ) 2 children  

Wife: Anne Margaret Urwin Davis (born 26.10.1952 Grantham, Lincolnshire )   View NotesHide notes  

Father Robert A Davis, mother Margaret P Urwin, married 1951, Newcastle upon Tyne

Daughter: Alexandra Anne Hales (born 21.12.1981 Oxford )  

Son: Robert Andrew Hales (born 27.3.1985 Oxford )  

Son: Julian Nicholas Hales (born 31.8.1944 ) 2 children  

Wife: Melinda N Cast (born 7.1.1947 Bermondsey, London )   View NotesHide notes  

Information I was provided gave Melinda's date of birth as 7th January 1948, however official records only show one possible match and that was a year earlier.

Son: Peter Gareth Hales (born 28.2.1970 Hitchin, Hertfordshire )  

Daughter: Judith Ann Hales (born 1972 St Albans, Hertfordshire )  

Norman and
Jocelyn Hales
William Hales, left, and brother Albert (Norman) Hale...