Elizabeth Middlemiss

(born 1821 Middlesex)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Martha ??? (born 1801 Middlesex)  

Father Alexander Middlemiss (born 1791 Scotland)  

Brother: Thomas Middlemiss (born 1821 Middlesex )  

Brother: John Middlemiss (born 1822 Finchley, Middlesex died 1873 Mile End, Middlesex) 5 children  

Partner: Ruth Culverhouse (born 1829 Wing, Buckinghamshire died 1875 Holborn, Middlesex)  

Daughter: Hannah Middlemiss (born 1849 Hampstead, Middlesex )  

Son: John Middlemiss (born 1851 Hampstead, Middlesex )  

Son: Henry Middlemiss (born 1852 Hampstead, Middlesex )  

Son: Edward Middlemiss (born 8.12.1853 London Hampstead died 10.2.1929 )   View NotesHide notes  

Lived in Hackney in 1891 census too along with Alexander D, Edward S, Elizabeth H, Ernest H and Albert Henry

Edward ”spent some time helping out at the Swiss Cottage dairy farm; later he was a sorter in the General Post Office. Still later he had his own plate and sheet glass business at Chilton Street, Bethnal Green. The mirrors in the overmantles at Beach Crest were produced by his firm, but later the firm fell on bad times. From 1900 he was complaining of poor business and he sold the business in late 1902 or early 1903.“

“... A favourite story of Aunt Lil's was how her parents Edward and Elizabeth first met. Elizabeth (then Stone) travelled with a Sunday school party to Chingford Plain one bank holiday. Then, as now, there was a fair on the Plain and she, goaded by her friends, visited a fortune teller. This lady foretold a sudden meeting in the very near future with a handsome man who would become her husband. While they were still giggling about this outside the tent, Elizabeth turned to walk away and bumped into a handsome young man who, of course, turned out to be Edward. The girls all cried "Oh, the gipsy, the gipsy", and doubtless Edward wanted to know what it was all about. Anyway, the story goes that he raised his hat and apologized and the acquaintance went on from there. They had four sons and a daughter at two yearly intervals and then a gap of nine years before Mabel was born. During those nine years, four babies were either still born or died soon after birth. For some time during their married life (certainly during Mabel's childhood) Grandma Stone lived with them and, presumably, helped with the household chores.”

Dr. Frank Middlemiss - personal notes

Baptisms of children on Ancestry - some still to document

Son: Charles Middlemiss (born 1857 Hampstead, Middlesex )  

Sister: Mary Middlemiss (born 1826 Middlesex )  

Brother: Alexander Middlemiss (born 1840 Middlesex )  

Middlemiss in the 1902 electoral register for Bethnal Gr...

Present day Map with below census address/es in red

Census records:

1841 Burcott, Wing, Buckinghamshire
Culverhouse Henry M 50 1791 Ag Lab Buckinghamshire 2904
Culverhouse Ann F 50 1791 Buckinghamshire 2905
Culverhouse Elizabeth F 15 1826 Buckinghamshire 2906
Culverhouse Harriet F 15 1826 Buckinghamshire 2907
Culverhouse Ruth F 13 1828 Buckinghamshire 2899
Culverhouse George M 8 1833 Buckinghamshire 2908
Culverhouse Mercy F 6 1835 Buckinghamshire 2909

1841 Ken Wood Farm, Finchley, Middlesex
Middlemiss Alexander M 50 1791 Farmer Scotland 2910
Middlemiss Martha F 40 1801 Middlesex 2911
Middlemiss Elizabeth F 20 1821 Middlesex 2912
Middlemiss Thomas M 20 1821 Middlesex 2913
Middlemiss John M 15 1826 Middlesex 2898
Middlemiss Mary F 15 1826 Middlesex 2914
Middlemiss Alexander M 1 1840 Middlesex 2915

1861 Swiss Dairy, Finchley New Road, Hampstead, London
Middlemiss John Head Married M 39 1822 Dairyman Finchley, Middlesex 2898
Middlemiss Ruth Wife Married F 32 1829 Wing, Buckinghamshire 2899
Middlemiss Hannah Daughter F 12 1849 Scholar Hampstead, Middlesex 2900
Middlemiss John Son M 10 1851 Scholar Hampstead, Middlesex 2901
Middlemiss Henry Son M 9 1852 Scholar Hampstead, Middlesex 2902
Middlemiss Edward Son M 7 1854 Scholar Hampstead, Middlesex 44
Middlemiss Charles Son M 4 1857 Scholar Hampstead, Middlesex 2903

1871 Swiss Dairy Finchley New Road, St John Hampstead, London, Middlesex
Middemiss Ruth Head F 42 1829 Dairy Keeper Beds, Wing ovr Leighton 2899
Middemiss Hannah Daughter F 22 1849 Middlesex, Hampstead 2900
Middemiss Henry Son M 19 1852 Middlesex, Hampstead 2902
Middemiss Edward Son M 17 1854 Middlesex, Hampstead 44
Middemiss Charles Son M 14 1857 Middlesex, Hampstead 2903

1881 4, Clark Terrace Pratts Road, Hackney, Middlesex
Middlemiss Edward Head Married M 26 1855 Clerk , Hampstead, Middlesex 44
Middlemiss Elizabeth L Wife Married F 25 1856 Bethnal Green, Middlesex 45
Middlemiss Edward S Son Single M 1 1880 Dalston, Cumberland 360
Middlemiss Unchristened Son Single M 0 1881 Hackney, Middlesex 359
Bennett Harriet Nurse Widow F 69 1812 Nurse , St Lukes, Middlesex

1891 34, Glaskin Road, Hackney, London
Middlemiss Edward Head Married M 37 1854 Manager To Plate Glass Merchant Hampstead, London 44
Middlemiss Elizabeth S Wife Married F 35 1856 Bethnal Green, London 45
Middlemiss Edward S Son M 11 1880 Scholar Shoreditch, London 360
Middlemiss Alexander D Son M 10 1881 Scholar Hackney, London 359
Middlemiss Albert Henry Son M 7 1884 Scholar Hackney, London 46
Middlemiss Ernest H Son M 6 1885 Scholar Hackney, London 358
Middlemiss Elizabeth H Daughter F 3 1888 Hackney, London 47
Stone Elizabeth S Mother In Law Widow F 64 1827 Living On Own Means Shoreditch, London 357

1901 10, Tudor Road, Hackney, London
Middlemiss Edward Head Married M 47 1854 Glass Silverer Hampstead, London 44
Middlemiss Elizabeth S Wife Married F 45 1856 Bethnal Green, London 45
Middlemiss Edward S Son Single M 21 1880 Glass Silverers Clerk Shoreditch, London 360
Middlemiss Alexander W Son Single M 20 1881 Glass Silverer White Hackney, London 359
Middlemiss Albert H Son Single M 17 1884 Glass Silverer White Hackney, London 46
Middlemiss Ernest T Son Single M 16 1885 Hackney, London 358
Middlemiss Elizabeth H Daughter Single F 13 1888 Hackney, London 47
Middlemiss Mabel V Daughter Single F 14 1887 Hackney, London 356
Middlemiss Reginald G Son Single M 1 1900 Hackney, London 49
Stone Elizabeth S Mother-In-Law Widow F 74 1827 Shoreditch, London 357

1911 80 Devonshire Road Hackney, London
Middlemiss Edward Head Married M 57 1854 Glass Merchants Clerk London Hampstead 44
Middlemiss Elizabeth Sarah Wife Married F 55 1856 London Bethnal Green 45
Middlemiss Albert Henry Son Single M 27 1884 Glass Silverer London Hackney 46
Middlemiss Elizabeth Hannah Daughter Single F 23 1888 Dressmaker London Hackney 47
Middlemiss Mabel Victoria Daughter F 14 1897 Embroidress London Hackney 48
Middlemiss Reginald George Son M 11 1900 School London Hackney 49