John Beaumont

(born 1825 Leicester)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Wife: Susannah Tappin (born 4.6.1821 Islington, Middlesex died 1851 )   View NotesHide notes married 1846 Islington, Middlesex  

I think Susannah died in 1851, apparently without having any children. Her husband went on to remarry to Martha Saker Loveday in 1857 Newington. He was described in the 1851 census, below, as a City Missionary. In 1881 he was described as an Itinerant Preacher.

Census records:

1851 11, Trafalgar Grove, Greenwich, Kent
Beaumont John Head Married M 26 1825 City Missionary Leicester 3140
Beaumont Susannah Wife Married F 29 1822 Islington, Middlesex 2091