Patience Sandell

(born 1744)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Prudence Smith (born abt 1712 died 1778)  

married 1 Feb 1733 Buscott, Berkshire

Father Thomas Sandell (born 1708 Buscott died 1777)  

Brother: Edward Sandell (born 1735 Buscott, Berkshire died 1785 ) 1 children  

Wife: Hannah Stevens (born 1733 died 1829 )  

Son: Edward Charles Sandell (born 19.2.1767 Oxfordshire died 31.10.1846 Oxford)   View NotesHide notes  

At the age of 11, Edward was awarded Oxford University privilegiatus as an apothecary. This gave him special rights in the city and he wouldn't have had to complete an apprenticeship. See attached image and for more details.

Apothecary and Man Midwife, who was bankrupted in 1837. He had some kind of relationship with Mr Paget who re-established the Dorchester School in 1801 (see attached image). This is probably the origin of Joesph’s middle name.

From British History Online:



There had been an endowed grammar school in Dorchester since 1652, but by the middle of the 18th century it had ceased to provide effective education. (fn. 623) In 1801 a Mr. Paget advertised that he would re-establish 'Dorchester School' which had long been vacant, and offered to board 8 young gentlemen at 20 guineas a year, with dancing and French included in the curriculum. (fn. 624) By 1833 the school had 50 pupils. (fn. 625)

From: 'Parishes: Dorchester', A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 7: Dorchester and Thame hundreds (1962), pp. 39-64. URL: Date accessed: 19 April 2011.

Brother: William Sandell (born 1737 Buscott, Berkshire died 1822 ) 3 children  

Wife: Sarah Cook (born 1747 died 1817 )  

Daughter: Ann Sandell (born 1772 )  

Daughter: Jane Sandell (born 1781 died 1801 )  

Son: William Sandell (born 1785 )  

Sister: Mary Sandell (born 1740 Buscott, Berkshire )  

Edward Sandell
privilegiatus - the privileges of the University...
Charicature of
a man-midwife from 1793. Edward Charles Sandell ...
Marriage of Mr
Sandell, Apothecary and Man Midwife to Miss Cox ...
The founding of
Dorchester School in 1801 by Mr Paget. Edward S...
auction of land owned by Edward Charles Sandell from J...
Kettle Hall see where it is believed Edwa...
Edward Sandell
was a pupil of Magdalen school
Sandell's bankruptcy in 1837
Sandell's schooling at Magdalen School costing 15 shilli...

Census records:

1841 Clarendon Place Jericho, St Thomas, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Sandell Edwd M 70 1771 Ind Oxfordshire 141
Sandell Phillis F 60 1781 Oxfordshire 140
Sandell Jos M 25 1816 School ??? Oxfordshire 132
Sandell Maria F 20 1821 Governess ?? Oxfordshire 142
Davis Leah F 15 1826 F/S [female servant] Oxfordshire 134