Albert Thomas Clark

(born 1882 Stanwick, Northamptonshire died 1955 Stanwick, Northamptonshire)

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Maternal grandmother: Ann Panter (born 29 Jan 1810 Rushden, Northamptonshire died 24 May 1891 Stanwick, Northamptonshire)   View NotesHide notes  

Died of bronchitis and senility aged 81 in 1891 according to attached death record, widow of William Lilley, journeyman shoemaker. Thomas Clark, son-in-law in attendance.

Daughter of Richard and Ann.

Marriage on IGI

married 5 Mar 1830 Stanwick, Northamptonshire

Maternal grandfather: William Lilley (born 1809 Stanwick, Northamptonshire) (born Stanwick, Northamptonshire )  


Paternal grandmother: Catherine Smith (born 1822 Stanwick, Northamptonshire )  

married 1845 Thrapston district, Northamptonshire

Paternal grandfather: Henry Clark (born 1815 Stanwick, Northamptonshire )  


Mother: Susan Lilley (born 1 Jan 1843 Stanwick, Northamptonshire died 21 Dec 1918 Stanwick, Northamptonshire)   View NotesHide notes  

Susan and Thomas’s gravestone reads:

“Susan Clark, died December 21 1918 aged 75. She believed his words and sang his praises. Thomas Clark who was suddenly called abov March 16, 1919.”

Obituary from Rushden Echo, 27 December 1918:

“We regret to report that the death took place rather unexpectedly on Saturday last of Mrs Clark, wife of Mr Thomas Clark, of Stanwick. Deceased was born at Stanwick on January 1st, 1843, and passed away just a few days short of her 76th birthday. She leaves a husband and five children to mourn their loss. The eldest son lives at Petone, New Zealand, and the eldest daughter resides at Fenny Stratford, Buckinghamshire, the other three children living at Stanwick.”

“The late Mrs Clark had a life-long connection with the Baptist Church at Stanwick, being a scholar in the Sunday school in her young days, and afterwards being a teacher, a position which she held as recently as two years ago. Mr and Mrs Clark, were married at the Ringstead Baptist church on October 15th, 1868, by the Rev W Kitchen, and celebrated their golden wedding in October of this year. The deceased lady and her husband were baptised and received into fellowship at the Stanwick Baptists Church at the same time, 46 years ago, by the Rev J T Bristow, who was at that time pastor of the church, and Mr Clark has been a deacon of the church for 38 years. The late Mrs Clark was held in the highest esteem in the village, and she will be greatly missed in the Baptist cause and in all movements. The funeral took place yesterday (Thursday), and impressive service being held at the Baptist Church.”

married 1868 Thrapston district, Northamptonshire

Father Thomas Clark (born 1847 Stanwick, Northamptonshire died 16 Mar 1919)   View NotesHide notes  

In 1901 census the family were living at High Street Stanwick and Thomas was a gardener.  Susan worked at home as a boot closer and son Sydney is a shoemaker.

When Thomas died he left quite a sizeable estate of 397 english pounds, 12 shillings, and 8 pence and his sons Albert and Sydney and son-in-law Herbert Liggins were his Trustees.  Probate was granted in London on 6 May 1920.  Thomas made his will just 6 months prior to his death so he may have had some premonition of his death.  It was also just prior to wife Susan’s death.

He left everything to Susan during her lifetime and then to be divided on her death.  Son Albert Thomas clrk was given first option of buying the bottom part of the plot with pigstys and henplaces for 30 english pounds and son Sydney Frank Clark was given first option to buy the top half for 30 english pounds.

Sister: Miriam Clark (born 1873 Stanwick, Northamptonshire )  

Sister: Agnes Clark (born 1876 Stanwick, Northamptonshire )  

Brother: Herbert Clark (born 7.6.1878 Stanwick, Northamptonshire died 16.9.1944 Masterton, New Zealand) 6 children  

Wife: Florence Eliza Hales (born 25.3.1880 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire died 12.5.1966 Foxton, New Zealand)  

Son: Frederick Robert Clark (born 24.9.1902 Stanwick, Northamptonshire died 10.8.1979 Masterton, New Zealand)  

Daughter: Grace Lily Clark (born 19.7.1904 Stanwick, Northamptonshire died 10.1.1967 Eastbourne, New Zealand)   View NotesHide notes  

Died at her home 122 Muritai Road, Eastbourne.

Medical notes: died of Hepato-cardiac failure, 6 days, Secondary carcinomatosis liver-months; Primary carcinoma left breast, 5 years, renal failure, 3-4 days as certificate by Dr RM MARTIN.

Cremated Karori Cemetery. (Taken from Ancestors of Carolyn Rosemary Booker notes - 11/2/2012)

Daughter: Agnes Florence Clark (born 9.2.1913 Petone, New Zealand died 30.11.2007 Wanganui, New Zealand)   View NotesHide notes  

Agnes changed her name from Anges to Alyson by Deed in 1976. She married twice. First to Stephen (Steven) Francis Best in 1933 and secondly to Donald (Don) Gordon Topp. Donald was born in 1923 and died in Tauranga on 4 Januarhy 1982

aged 59. Don was a bus drivier for Newmans Bus Company

Son: Aliston Herbert Clark (born 6.12.1913 Petone, New Zealand died 9.8.1978 Waikato, New Zealand)  

Son: Phillip Thomas Clark (born 22.9.1916 Featherstone, New Zealand died 3.7.1992 Levin, New Zealand)  

Son: David Hales Clark (born 10.8.1919 Featherstone, New Zealand died 27.2.1985 Palmerston North, New Zealand)  

Brother: Sidney Frank Clark (born 1885 Stanwick, Northamptonshire ) 2 children  

Wife: Kate Hatton (born 1886 Culworth, Northamptonshire )  

Daughter: Kathleen May Clark (born 1909 Stanwick, Northamptonshire )  

Son: Cyril Hatton Clark (born 21.6.1914 died 12.1995 Kettering, Northamptonshire)  

Wife: Mary Hannah Shrives (born 1881 Stanwick, Northamptonshire ) married 1903 Thrapston, Northamptonshire  

Daughter: Evelyn Clark (born 1906 Stanwick, Northamptonshire )  

Daughter: Constance Lillian Clark (born 1911 Stanwick, Northamptonshire )  

Agnes Florence
Clark (known as Mickie and she changed her name ...
Herbert and
Florence Clark, Featherston Cemetery, New Zealand
Grace Lilly
Booker (née Clark) with daughter Carolyn Rosemary ...
Grace Lily
Clark with mother Florence Eliza Clark (née Hales)
Phillip Clark
with mother Florence and wife Beatrice (Mary)
Stephanie Clark
with parents Phillip and Mary, 1966
Florence Eliza
Clark (née Hales) at the Burrows wedding
Phillip Thomas
Clark, Beatrice Mary Clark, Aliston (Bert) and h...
P.T. (Phil)
Clark and B. Mary Clark memorial
Top L-R:
Frederick Clark, Agnes, unknown man, Grace Lily, Flore...
Phillip Thomas
Clark with his favourite niece Patricia Clark, d...
David Hales
Clark and his wife Ngaire Eleanor Himsley
Florence and
Herbert Clark
Florence Eliza
Clark (née Hales)
The children of
Florence Eliza Hales and Herbert Clark, taken i...
Ann Lilley -
death 1891 aged 81 certificate
Robert and
Eliza Hales with children Percy, Florence, Harold an...
Robert and
Eliza Hales with children Florence, Lily and Harold ...
(Hales) and Herbert Clark, 1926
Manor House at
Sharnbrook where Florence Hales was in service b...
Phillip Thomas
Beatrice Norton
and Phillip Clark
Herbert Clark
and family bound for New Zealand on the Ionic, wh...

Present day Map with below census address/es in red

Census records:

1851 Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Lilly Ann Head Married F 41 1810 Lace Maker Rushden, Northamptonshire 3241
Lilly Mary Daughter Unmarried F 13 1838 Lace Maker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3242
Lilly Sophia Daughter Unmarried F 10 1841 Lace Maker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3244
Lilly Susan Daughter Unmarried F 8 1843 Lace Maker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3243
Lilly Harriot Daughter Unmarried F 5 1846 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3245
Lilly Eliza Daughter Unmarried F 2 1849 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3234

1851 Stanwick [2], Northamptonshire
Clark Cathrine Head Married F 29 1822 Lace Maker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3487
Clark Cheney Son Unmarried M 5 1846 Scholar At Home Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3488
Clark Thomas Son Unmarried M 4 1847 Scholar At Home Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3479
Clark Ann Daughter Unmarried F 2 1849 Scholar At Home Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3489

1861 Lower Road [2], Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Clarke Henry Head Married M 46 1815 Agricultural Labourer Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3482
Clarke Catherine Wife Married F 39 1822 Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3487
Clarke Cheney Son Unmarried M 15 1846 Agricultural Labourer Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3488
Clarke Ann Daughter F 12 1849 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3489
Clarke John Son M 9 1852 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3483
Clarke Joseph Son M 5 1856 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3484
Clarke Elizabeth Daughter F 3 1858 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3485
Clarke Hannah Daughter F 0 1861 3486

1861 Lower Road, Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Lilley William Head Married M 52 1809 Shoe Maker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3240
Lilley Ann Wife Married F 50 1811 Rushden, Northamptonshire 3241
Lilley Mary Daughter Unmarried F 23 1838 Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3242
Lilley Susan Daughter Unmarried F 18 1843 Shoe Closer Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3243
Lilley Eliza Daughter F 12 1849 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3234

1871 Blind Street [2], Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Clark Henry Head M 56 1815 Ag Lab Northamptonshire 3482
Clark John Son M 19 1852 Northamptonshire 3483
Clark Joseph Son M 15 1856 Northamptonshire 3484
Clark Elizabeth Daughter F 13 1858 Northamptonshire 3485
Clark Hanah Daughter F 11 1860 Northamptonshire 3486

1871 Blind Street, Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Lilley William Head Marr M 62 1809 Shoe maker Northamptonshire, Standwick 3240
Lilley Ann Wife Marr F 61 1810 Northamptonshire, Rushden 3241
Lilley William Son Un M 35 1836 Shoe maker Northamptonshire, Stanwick 3246
Lilley Eliza Daughter Un F 22 1849 Northamptonshire, Stanwick 3234

1881 Stanwick, Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire
Clark Thomas Head Married M 34 1847 Gardener Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3479
Clark Susan Wife Married F 38 1843 Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3243
Clark Miriam Daughter Single F 8 1873 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3480
Clark Agnes Daughter Single F 5 1876 Scholar Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3481
Clark Herbert Son Single M 2 1879 Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3472

1891 Bottom End [2], Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Clark Thomas Head Married M 44 1847 Gardener Stanwick 3479
Clark Susan Wife Married F 48 1843 Stanwick 3243
Clark Agnes Daughter Single F 15 1876 Stanwick 3481
Clark Herbert Son Single M 12 1879 Bakers Apprentice Stanwick 3472
Clark Albert Son M 9 1882 Scholar Stanwick 3967
Clark Sidney Son M 6 1885 Scholar Stanwick 3964

1891 Kennel Hill, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire
Hales Robert Wright Head Married M 37 1854 Journeyman Miller Odell, Bedfordshire 539
Hales Eliza Wife Married F 42 1849 Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3234
Hales Florence Eliza Daughter F 11 1880 Scholar Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3235
Hales Lily Augusta Daughter F 8 1883 Scholar Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3236
Hales Percy Robert Son M 6 1885 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3237
Hales Harold Son M 4 1887 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3238
Hales Frederick William Son M 0 1891 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3239

1901 Church Street, Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Clark Herbert Head Single M 22 1879 Master Baker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3472
Clark Albert Brother Single M 19 1882 Bootmaker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3967

1901 Ditchford Mill, Irchester, Northamptonshire
Hales Robert W Head Married M 48 1853 Miller Odell, Bedfordshire 539
Hales Eliza Wife Married F 52 1849 Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3234
Hales Florence E Daughter Single F 21 1880 Housemaid Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3235
Hales Lily A Daughter Single F 18 1883 Housemaid Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3236
Hales Percy R Son M 16 1885 Miller Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3237
Hales Harold Son M 14 1887 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 3238

1901 High Street, Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Clark Thos Head Married M 54 1847 General Gardener Domestic Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3479
Clark Susan Wife Married F 58 1843 Boot Closer Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3243
Clark Sidney Son Single M 16 1885 Shoe Maker Stanwick, Northamptonshire 3964

1911 High St Stanwick Wellingboro, Northamptonshire
Clark Thomas Head Married42 years M 64 1847 Gardeder Jobbing Norths Stanwick 3479
Clark Susan Wife Married42 years F 68 1843 Norths Stanwick 3243

1911 High Street, Stanwick Wellingboro, Northamptonshire
Clark Sidney Frank Head Married M 26 1885 Baker Stanwick Northamptonshire 3964
Clark Kate Wife Married3 years F 25 1886 Culworth Northamptonshire 3965
Clark Kathleen May Daughter F 2 1909 Stanwick Northamptonshire 3966
Hatton Jim Visitor Single M 22 1889 Baker Culworth Northamptonshire

1911 High Street, Stanwick, Wellingboro, Northamptonshire
Clark Albert Head Married M 29 1882 Shoehand Laster Norths Stanwick 3967
Clark Mary Wife Married7 years F 30 1881 Norths Stanwick 3968
Clark Evelyn Daughter F 5 1906 Norths Stanwick 3969
Clark Constance Daughter F 0 1911 Norths Stanwick 3970
Shrives John Father In Law Widower M 72 1839 Roadman Northampton 3971