Jane Christiana West

(born 1845 Islington, Middlesex died 1907 Islington, London)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Martha West (born 1796 Cullen, Oxfordshire)  

Father Richard West (born 1793 Deptford, Kent)  

Brother: Samuel West (born 1834 Deptford, Kent )  

Brother: Robert West (born 1836 Islington, Middlesex )  

Husband: Charles Tappin (born 23.12.1828 Islington, Middlesex died 1898 Islington, London)   View NotesHide notes married 1862 Islington, Middlesex  

In 1851 Charles was visiting Judith and Joseph Wood at Maiden Lane, Islington. He and his siblings were christened while living in the same street, so I wondered if they were any relations but have not been able to uncover any connection.

Jane Christiana West Notes:

Married Charles Tappin, Islington 1862

Charles Tappin
at the age of 62 in the Islington Workhouse regi...
Charles Tappin
in the Islington Workhouse at the age of 64

Census records:

1841 Belle Isle, St Mary Islington, Finsbury, Middlesex
Tappin Stephen M 70 1771 Tile M. Not Middlesex 421
Tappin Sarah F 50 1791 Laundress Not Middlesex 422
Tappin William M 15 1826 Tile M. Middlesex 411
Tappin Charles M 12 1829 Middlesex 423

1851 37, Maiden Lane, Islington, Finsbury, Middlesex
Wood Joseph Head Married M 50 1801 Pig Dealer Yorkshire
Wood Judith Wife Married F 57 1794 Yorkshire
Tappin Charles Visitor Unmarried M 22 1829 Excavator Islington, Middlesex 423

1851 5, Museum Place, Islington, Finsbury, Middlesex
West Richard Head Married M 58 1793 Potter Bl Deptford, Kent 425
West Martha Wife Married F 55 1796 Cullen, Oxfordshire 426
West Samuel Son Unmarried M 17 1834 Servant Deptford, Kent 427
West Robert Son M 15 1836 Errand Boy Islington, Middlesex 428
West Jane Daughter F 7 1844 Scholar Islington, Middlesex 424
Allison William Casual Lodger Unmarried M 24 1827 Railway Labourer Islington, Middlesex
Edmonds James Casual Lodger Unmarried M 24 1827 Bricklayer (Journeyman) Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Childs George Casual Lodger Married M 25 1826 Railway Labourer Bedfordshire

1871 Havelock St, Islington, Finsbury, London, Middlesex
Tappin Charles Head M 41 1830 Potatoes Porter Islington, Middlesex 423
Tappin Jane Wife F 26 1845 Islington, Middlesex 424

1881 14, St James Road, Islington, Middlesex
Tappin Charles Head Married M 52 1829 General Labourer Islington, Middlesex 423
Tappin Jane C Wife Married F 37 1844 Islington, Middlesex 424

1891 Islington Workhouse, St Johns Road Upper Holloway N, London
Tappin Charles Inmate Married M 62 1829 Gas Stoker , Islington 423