Caroline Kevan

(born 1866 Hackney, London)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: Eliza Boyd (born 5.1818 St Pancras, Middlesex died 14.6.1888 Hackney)   View NotesHide notes  

Christined 31.5.1818 Old church, St Pancras

Probate, Personal Estate £255 1s. 9d. Eliza of 10 Tudor Road, Hackney was proved by Nathaniel Kevan, collector of Rates the Son the sole Executor.

married 23 Feb 1844 Bethnal Green, Middlesex

Paternal grandfather: Nathaniel Kevan (born 1.9.1822 St Johns Southwark, Surrey died 11.10.1875 Hackney, Middlesex)   View NotesHide notes  

Probate records show Nathaniel leaving effects under £600. He lived at 147 Great-Cambridge Street Hackney Road but late of 31 Shrubland Grove Dalston., proved by Eliza Kevan of 31 Shrubland Grove, Widow the Relict the sole Executrix.

Birth record in non-conformist records at ancestry.


Mother: Elizabeth Davies (born 1842 Ross, Hertfordshire died 1901 Hackney)  

married 4 Apr 1874 Limehouse, Tower Hamlets, London

Father Nathaniel Kevan (born 1845 Bethnal Green, London died 19 Nov 1914 Deal, Kent)   View NotesHide notes  

Nathaniel Kevan of 38 Blenheim Road, Deal, Probate London 31 December to Caroline Parsons (wife of Robert Henry Parsons). Effects £2777 8s 8d.

“Ebenezer, Nathaniel, Phoebe and Phyllis Kevan were all cousins of Thomas Bearman 111 on his mother's side and Nathaniel, in particular, was a life-long friend of his. In 1881 the Kevanfamily was living at 10, Tudor Road, Hackney, London next door to the Bearmans, where 20 years later, the Middlemiss family were living.

“Nathaniel Kevan (1844/45 - ?) settled at Deal, where he had a house in Blenheim Road. He became a well-known f igure in the town and can be seen on many old photographs taken on the beach, the pier or the Parade. He married his cook , Elizabeth (1841/42 - ?) who, I understand, was a shy person and always kept very much in the background. They had just one daughter, Caroline, generally known as Doris, who married but I never heard whether she had any children. The sisters Phoebe and Phyllis lived in the Blenheim Road house for many years after Nathaniel died.

“They also were a well-known sight in Deal - two old ladies in black, always together. The interior of their house was, in the 30s, still a cosy Victoriana museum, with big aspidistras and knick-knacks. Phoebe (1852/53- 1939) was an upright lady with a strong, somewhat gaunt face, a deep voice and a precise way of speaking. She appeared to be the dominant sister; Phyllis(1857/58- ?) was a round-faced, more compliant sort of person.”

Dr Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Husband: Robert Henry Parsons (born 1869 Islington London ) married 1893 Hackney, Middlesex  

Kevan, plumber, in the Commercial Directory 1848
Nathaniel Kevan
just moved to 48 Kyverdale Road in 1899 elector...
Nathaniel Kevan
held property in Great Cambridge Street - 1908 ...
Eliza Boyd
marriage to Nathaniel Keven 1844
Eliza Kevan
(Boyd) 1888 probate
Nathaniel Kevan
1914 probate
Kevan’s probate record from 1876
[Eliza Boyd b.1818], mother of Ebenezer and Nathanial...
Nathaniel KEVAN
Nathaniel KEVAN
on Deal Pier
Nathaniel KEVAN
outside his house at Blenheim Road, Deal
KEVAN’s wife
(Caroline) KEVAN, Nathaniel’s daughter
KEVAN, with daughter Doris (Caroline) and her husband...

Census records:

1841 Homerton, Lower, St John Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex
Boyd Thomas M 50 1791 Baker Scotland 23
Boyd Elizabeth F 50 1791 Middlesex 24
Boyd Catherine F 25 1816 Middlesex 17
Boyd Eliza F 20 1821 Middlesex 26
Boyd Joseph M 17 1824 Baker Middlesex 19
Boyd Jane F 14 1827 Middlesex 22
Boyd Sarah F 11 1830 Middlesex 28

1841 Stepney Rents To Crab Tree Row, St Matthew Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex
Harford Thomas M 50 1791
Harford Rhoda F 25 1816 Middlesex
Harford Thomas M 3 1838 Middlesex
Harford Rhoda F 1 1840 Middlesex
Kevan Nathaniel M 15 1826 A. P. Middlesex 56
Mackenzey Sarah F 15 1826 Middlesex

1851 2, Great Cambridge Street (West Side), Saint Leonard, Shoreditch, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex
Kevan Nathaniel Head Married M 28 1823 Plumber employs 3 men Southwark, Surrey 56
Kevan Eliza Wife Married F 32 1819 Somers Town, Middlesex 26
Kevan Nathaniel Son Unmarried M 6 1845 Scholar Bethnal Green, Middlesex 50
Kevan Benjamin Son Unmarried M 4 1847 Scholar Bethnal Green, Middlesex 57
Kevan James Son Unmarried M 3 1848 Shoreditch, Middlesex 58
Kevan Eliza Daughter Unmarried F 1 1850 Shoreditch, Middlesex 59
Mckaskill Isabella Servant Married F 26 1825 Servant Scotland

1861 64, Great Cambridge Street, St Leonard Shoreditch, London, Middlesex
Kevan Nathanial Head Married M 38 1823 Plumber Painter & ... Bermondsey 56
Kevan Eliza Wife Married F 42 1819 St Pancras 26
Kevan Nathanial Son Unmarried M 16 1845 Plumber Bethnal Green 50
Kevan Eliza Boyd Daughter Unmarried F 11 1850 Scholar Shoreditch 59
Kevan Phebe Daughter Unmarried F 9 1852 Scholar Shoreditch 53
Kevan Samuel Bridge Son Unmarried M 7 1854 Scholar Shoreditch 63
Kevan Jane Daughter Unmarried F 5 1856 Scholar Shoreditch 62
Kevan Allis Catharin Daughter Unmarried F 3 1858 Scholar Shoreditch 54
Kevan Martha Daughter Unmarried F 0 1861 Shoreditch 60
Davies Elizabeth Servant Unmarried F 22 1839 House Servant Ross, Herefordshire

1871 Cambridge St, Great, St Leonard, Shoreditch, London, Middlesex
Kevan Nathaniel Head M 48 1823 Gas Collector Bermondsey 56
Kevan Eliza Wife F 52 1819 Middlesex 26
Kevan Nathaniel Son M 26 1845 Plumber Middlesex, Bethnal Green 50
Kevan Benjamin Son M 24 1847 Carpenter Middlesex, Bethnal Green 57
Kevan James Son M 23 1848 Plumber Middlesex, Shoreditch 58
Kevan Eliza B Daughter F 21 1850 Middlesex, Shoreditch 59
Kevan Phebe Daughter F 19 1852 Middlesex, Shoreditch 53
Kevan Samuel B Son M 17 1854 Blind Maker Middlesex, Shoreditch 63
Kevan Jane Daughter F 15 1856 Scholar Middlesex, Shoreditch 62
Kevan Phillis C Daughter F 13 1858 Scholar Middlesex, Shoreditch 54
Kevan Ebeneza Son M 8 1863 Scholar Middlesex, Shoreditch 55

1871 Ufton Grove, St John Hackney, Hackney, London, Middlesex
Parsons Robert Head M 30 1841 Middlesex
Parsons Sarah Wife F 34 1837 Middlesex
Parsons Sarah E Daughter F 6 1865 Kent
Parsons Mary K Daughter F 4 1867 Middlesex
Parsons Robert Hy Son M 2 1869 Middlesex 188
Parsons Wm Brother M 35 1836 Middlesex

1881 10, Blomfield Street, Hackney, Middlesex
Parsons Robert Head Married M 40 1841 Collecting Bag Maker (Leather) Kingsland, Middlesex
Parsons Sarah Wife Married F 44 1837 Kingsland, Middlesex
Parsons Sarah E Daughter Single F 16 1865 Machinist Greenhithe, Kent
Parsons Martha R Daughter Single F 14 1867 Scholar Islington, Middlesex
Parsons Robert H Son Single M 12 1869 Scholar Islington, Middlesex 188

1881 10, Tudor Rd, Hackney, Middlesex
Kevan Nathaniel Head Married M 36 1845 Collector Of Gas Rates Bethnal Green, Middlesex 50
Kevan Elizabeth Wife Married F 39 1842 Hertfordshire 51
Kevan Caroline Daughter Single F 15 1866 Scholar Hackney, Middlesex 52
Kevan Eliza Mother Widow F 62 1819 Income From House Rates St Pancras, Middlesex 26
Kevan Phebe Sister Single F 28 1853 Shoreditch, Middlesex 53
Kevan Phillis C Sister Single F 23 1858 Shoreditch, Middlesex 54
Kevan Ebenezer Brother Single M 18 1863 Shoreditch, Middlesex 55

1891 10, Tudor Road, Hackney, London
Kevan Nathaniel Head Married M 46 1845 Collector To Gas Co Bethnal Green, London 50
Kevan Elizabeth Wife Married F 49 1842 Ross, Hertfordshire 51
Kevan Caroline Daughter Single F 25 1866 Hackney, London 52
Kevan Phoebe Sister Single F 39 1852 Living On Own Means Shoreditch, London 53
Kevan Phillis Catherine Sister Single F 33 1858 Living On Own Means Shoreditch, London 54
Kevan Ebenezer Brother Single M 28 1863 Clerk To Gas Co Shoreditch, London 55

1911 35 Blenheim Road, Deal, Kent
Kevan Nathaniel Head Widower M 66 1845 Retired Gas Cos Official St Matthew Bethnal Green 50
Kevan Phoebe Sister Single F 59 1852 St Leonard Shoreditch Midx 53
Kevan Phillis Catherine Sister Single F 53 1858 St Leonard Shoreditch Midx 54

1911 48 Kyverdale Road Stamford Hill N, London
Parsons Robert Henry Head Married M 42 1869 Wood Box Making Islington London 188
Parsons Caroline Wife Marr 18yrs F 45 1866 Hackney London 52
Bones Annie Domestic Servan Single F 21 1890 General Servant Domestic Bloomsbury London