Stanley Fairhurst Cave

(born 20 Feb 1924 Houghton died 25 Dec 1996 Hertford and Ware, Hertfordshire)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: Eliza F Armstrong (born 1875 Leigh, Lancashire )  

married 1894 Durham

Paternal grandfather: Thomas Fairhurst Cave (born 1874 Wigan, Lancashire )  


Mother: Mary Ellison (born 15 Sep 1900)  

married 1923 Houghton, Durham

Father Norman Cave (born 13 Apr 1899 Ponteland, Northumberland)  

Brother: George F Cave (born 25.3.1932 Houghton-Le-Spring died 27.3.2012 Peterlee, Durham)   View NotesHide notes  

Electoral Rolls show he lived at 7, Snowdon Place, Peterlee, County Durham, SR8 2LF and 11, Shrewsbury Close, Peterlee, County Durham, SR8 2NZ with a Maria Cave. Marriage records confirms he married Maria Canali in 1953.

Sister: Mary Fairhurst Cave (born 1934 Houghton-Le-Spring died 15.4.2014 )   View NotesHide notes  

Married Brian Stephenson in 1957 Durham

Wife: Eirene Myra (Pippa) Bearman (born 8.2.1926 Edmonton died 5.10.1982 Broxbourne)   View NotesHide notes married 1954 Ware, Hertfordshire  

Eirene “was always called "Pippa", because her father was so fond of Browning’s poem Pippa Passes. She trained as a nurse, working in London hospitals until she emigrated on a £10 ticket to New Zealand in about 1949. She met Stan Cave in the summer of 1953 on her return voyage from New Zealand, announcing her engagement on her arrival. After their marriage they both emigrated to Tasmania, where their three children, Christopher, Elizabeth and Nigel, were born.

They returned to England for the sake of their children’s education in 1961. They lived at 52, Hertford Road, Hoddesdon, although after Pippa’s death Stan moved to Hertford. Stan was a chain smoker and suffered badly from emphysema. He died on Christmas Day, 1996.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Son: Christopher F Cave (born 1955 ) 2 children   View NotesHide notes  

Christopher “married a Welsh girl who already had a child. They produced Pippa’s first grandchild just a few months before she died. They live at Harlow.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Married 1981 and had two children Nicholas 1982 and David 1987

Wife: Christine E Picton (born 1958 )  

Son: Nicholas Fairhurst Cave (born 1982 Haverfordwest )  

Son: David John Cave (born 1987 Harlow )  

Daughter: Elizabeth Ann Cave (born 1957 ) no children   View NotesHide notes  

Elizabeth “(her grandfather always called her "Bunty")" married Andrew (Andy) Walmsley who was a diabetic, after kidney failure and having had a leg amputated, he died of heart failure in February 1992 aged 38. They had no children. They had a house in Dolphin Street, Deal, which she inherited. During the last months of his life Andy was looked after by his ailing mother in her home which was also in Deal while Elizabeth (who rarely visited), remained in the marital home. A few months after Andy died in 1992 she set off to travel the world.

Husband: Horace Andrew Walmsley (born 12.1953 Ilford district, Essex died 2.1992 )   View NotesHide notes  

Mother Liisa A Viljanen, father Norman, married December 1953

Son: Nigel Robert Cave (born 1959 ) no children   View NotesHide notes  

Nigel “married Jessica, who had suffered from cystic fibrosis from birth. They lived in Hertford and he is a postal worker. They had no children. Jessica died in 1998.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Wife: Jessica Jean Leeden (born 1963 Hertford district died 1998 Hatfield district, Herts)  

Stanley Fairhurst Cave Notes:

Mother maiden name Ellison according to birth transcript, matching father Norman F Cave and mother Mary Ellison, married Dec 1923, Houghton, Durham.

Donald and
Ethel Bearman’s Ruby Wedding, 29 September 1962

Census records (6):

1881 Cottage Row, Coxhoe, Durham
Cave Richard Head Married M 32 1849 Coal Miner Lancashire 3904
Cave Mary Wife Married F 33 1848 Manchester 3905
Willins Hannah Daughter Single F 11 1870 Scholar Lancashire 3906
Cave Margaret E Daughter Single F 8 1873 Scholar Lancashire 3907
Cave Thomas Son Single M 6 1875 Scholar Lancashire 3908
Cave Richard Son Single M 4 1877 Scholar Lancashire 3909
Cave James Son Single M 1 1880 Lancashire 3910

1891 Buddle Cottages, Primitive Chapel Row, Pittington, Durham, Durham
Cave Richard Head Married M 40 1851 Coal Miner Wigan, Lancashire 3904
Cave Mary Wife Married F 41 1850 Manchester, Lancashire 3905
Cave Hannah Daughter Single F 21 1870 Wigan, Lancashire 3906
Cave Margaret E Daughter Single F 18 1873 Wigan, Lancashire 3907
Cave Thomas Son M 16 1875 Coal Miner Pitter Wigan, Lancashire 3908
Cave Richard Son M 14 1877 Coal Miner Pitter Wigan, Lancashire 3909
Cave James Son M 11 1880 Scholar Wigan, Lancashire 3910
Cave Henry Son M 9 1882 Scholar Kelloe, Durham 3955
Cave Christina Daughter F 8 1883 Scholar Kelloe, Durham 3956
Cave Elizabeth Daughter F 5 1886 Scholar Kelloe, Durham 3957
Cave William H Son M 1 1890 Kelloe, Durham 3958
Spencer James Boarder Single M 28 1863 Coal Miner Bolton, Lancashire

1901 105, Lewis Street, East Rainton, Middle Rainton, Durham
Cave Thomas F Head Married M 27 1874 Hewer Coal Mines Wigan, Lancashire 3908
Cave Eliza Wife Married F 25 1876 West Leigh, Lancashire 3913
Cave Alice Daughter F 5 1896 West Leigh, Lancashire 3954
Cave Norman Son M 1 1900 Kenton, Northumberland 3911

1911 23 South Row Sunniside Fence Houses, Durham
Cave Thomas F Head Married M 37 1874 Coal Miner Hewer Lancashire Wigan 3908
Cave Eliza F Wife Married16 years F 35 1876 Lancashire Leigh 3913
Cave Norman F Son M 11 1900 Northumberland Ponteland 3911
Cave James F Son M 5 1906 Durham Houghton Le Spring 3950
Cave William F Son M 3 1908 Durham Newbottle 3951
Cave Elizabeth M F Daughter F 9 1902 Durham Hetton Le Hole 3952
Cave Margaret F Daughter F 1 1910 Durham Newbottle 3953
Armstrong John Boarder Single M 23 1888 Coal Miner Hewer Lancashire Leigh
Armstrong Peter Boarder Single M 22 1889 Coal Miner Hewer Lancashire Leigh

1939 9 Maple Terrace, Shiney Row, Houghton-Le-Spring, Durham
Cave Norman F Married M 40 1899 General Labourer & ARP Warden 13th April 3911
Cave Mary Married F 39 1900 Unpaid Domestic Duties 15th Sept 3912
Cave Stanley F Single M 15 1924 Errand Boy (shop) 20th July 546
Cave George F Single M 7 1932 At school 25th Mar 4547
— Record Closed — 0 0 4548

1939 Street Farm, Deben, Suffolk
Cornell Rowland G Married M 35 1904 General Farmer (Own Account) 9th February
Cornell Married F 51 1888 Unpaid domestic duties assisting f 11th April
Bearman Donald B Married M 49 1890 Chartered Accountant 24th May 31
Bearman Ethel C Married F 46 1894 University Lecturer (Languages) 7th October 37
Wood Vera K Single F 35 1904 Children’s Nurse 25th March 4084
Bearman Eirene M Single F 13 1926 At School 271
Bearman Rosalind A Single F 10 1929 At School 23rd April 272
Bearman Peter F B Single M 7 1932 At School 114