Kenneth Cyril Oram

(born 3 Mar 1919 died 2001 Worthing)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Wife: Kathleen Mary Malcolm (born 1920 died 2008 )   View NotesHide notes  

Kathleen “is my exact contemporary. In 1921, when I could just walk and she had not yet learned to do so, I held her hand while she took her first steps. At the age of 20 she was engaged to a Theology student, a year older than herself, whom she met at college. She was described at the time as "looking no more than sixteen". In September 1942 she started teaching in a boys' grammar school at Brentwood, Essex, and was married in the summer of 1943. Her husband was called Kenneth Oram. He had a successful ecclesiastical career, eventually becoming bishop of Grahamstown, South Africa. After Kenneth's death, Kathleen lived at Worthing.” Frank Middlemiss

Son: Andrew Frank Oram (born 1945 ) 2 children  

Wife: Dorothy Brewer (born 1942 )  

Son: Kelvin Oram (born 1974 )  

Daughter: Kira Oram (born 1975 )  

Daughter: Ruth Eileen Oram (born 1947 ) 2 children  

Husband: Allan Penny (born 1944 )  

Daughter: Robyn Ruth Penny (born 1973 )  

Daughter: Kathryn Ann Penny (born 1974 )  

Son: Stephen Bernard Oram (born 1949 ) 2 children  

Wife: Angela Dahms (born 1954 )  

Son: Nicholas Malcolm Oram (born 1987 )  

Daughter: Joanna Elsa Oram (born 1988 )  

Son: Vincent Charles Oram (born 1955 ) 1 children  

Wife: Robyn Ann Day (born 1956 )  

Son: Geoffrey Charles Oram (born 1994 )