William Gregory Malcolm

(born 23 Oct 1878 Bethnal Green London died 29 Mar 1949 Walthamstow)

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Maternal grandmother: Martha Ann Thorne (born 27 Dec 1817 Clerkenwell, Middlesex died 30 Dec 1856 Shoreditch)  

Maternal grandfather: John James Gregory (born 5 Oct 1817 Clerkenwell, Middlesex died Jun 1860 City of London)  


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Martha Maria Gregory (born 25 Mar 1843 Limehouse, Middlesex died 22 Jul 1921 Forest Gate)  

Father Robert Molton Malcolm (born 26 Nov 1826 Shadwell, Middlesex died 22 Oct 1888 Bethnal Green)  

Sister: Jeannie Elizabeth Malcolm (born 17.3.1867 Bethnal GN, Middlesex died 3.3.1919 Forest Gate)  

Sister: Alice Eleanor Malcolm (born 14.12.1875 Bethnal GN, Middlesex died 7.2.1958 East Ham)  

Brother: Robert Molton Malcolm (born 23.10.1878 Bethnal GN, Middlesex died 24.9.1919 Southend)  

Brother: Thomas Edmund Malcolm (born 6.4.1881 Bethnal Green, London died 12.7.1941 East Ham)  

Sister: Martha Mary Malcolm (born 9.2.1884 Bethnal Green, London died 5.4.1967 East Ham)  

Wife: Ida Helena Sandell (born 5.2.1884 Bethnal Green, London died 21.4.1963 Plaistow)   View NotesHide notes  

“Ida ... married William Malcolm on the 25th July 1908. From early in the 2nd World War they were living at 3, Sandringham Road, Leyton, opposite the Stutchburys, where William died in 1949. My wife Florence and I inspected the house in 1954 with a view to buying it, but we decided not to. Ida and William had three children, Frank, Alan and Kathleen.”

Bearman Family tree by Dr. Frank Middlemiss

Son: Frank Gregory Malcolm (born 3.4.1912 Hackney died 2.3.1975 Aylesbury) 3 children   View NotesHide notes  

Was an infantry officer during the 2nd World War and was wounded in Italy in 1943, according to Frank Middlemiss’s notes.

Wife: Joan Mary Hutchins (born 1914 died 1998 )  

Son: Nigel John Malcolm (born 1944 )  

Daughter: Catherine Frances Malcolm (born 1946 )  

Son: Philip Nicholas Malcolm (born 1950 )  

Son: Alan Robert Malcolm (born 10.3.1914 died 1981 ) 2 children   View NotesHide notes  

Alan was a conscientious objector during the 2nd World War, according to Frank Middlemiss’s notes.

Wife: Gwendoline Florence Curl (born 10.6.1918 died 4.2004 Colchester)  

Son: Ian Robert Malcolm (born 1944 )  

Son: Richard Martin Malcolm (born 1946 )  

Daughter: Kathleen Mary Malcolm (born 23.2.1920 died 2008 ) 4 children   View NotesHide notes  

Kathleen “is my exact contemporary. In 1921, when I could just walk and she had not yet learned to do so, I held her hand while she took her first steps. At the age of 20 she was engaged to a Theology student, a year older than herself, whom she met at college. She was described at the time as "looking no more than sixteen". In September 1942 she started teaching in a boys' grammar school at Brentwood, Essex, and was married in the summer of 1943. Her husband was called Kenneth Oram. He had a successful ecclesiastical career, eventually becoming bishop of Grahamstown, South Africa. After Kenneth's death, Kathleen lived at Worthing.” Frank Middlemiss

Husband: Kenneth Cyril Oram (born 3.3.1919 died 2001 Worthing)  

Son: Andrew Frank Oram (born 1945 )  

Daughter: Ruth Eileen Oram (born 1947 )  

Son: Stephen Bernard Oram (born 1949 )  

Son: Vincent Charles Oram (born 1955 )  

William Gregory Malcolm Notes:

From early in the 2nd World War they were living at 3, Sandringham Road, Leyton opposite the Stutchburys, where William died in 1949. My wife Florence and I inspected the house in 1954 with a view to buying it, but we decided not to.

Frank Middlemiss - online notes

William Malcolm
and Ida SANDELL’s wedding 25th July 1908
William Malcolm
and Ida SANDELL’s wedding 25th July 1908
Wedding of
Charles Howard SANDELL, 28th August 1915. Front row ...

Census records (9):

1851 1, William Street, Saint James Clerkenwell, Finsbury, Middlesex
Gregory John Head Married M 33 1818 Bornet Clocker Clerkenwell, Middlesex 250
Gregory Martha Wife Married F 33 1818 Bornet Maker Clerkenwell, Middlesex 251
Gregory Martha Daughter Unmarried F 8 1843 Limehouse, Middlesex 242
Gregory Eliza Daughter Unmarried F 4 1847 Shoreditch, Middlesex 252
Gregory Alice Daughter Unmarried F 1 1850 Shoreditch, Middlesex 253

1861 29, Salisbury Street, Shoreditch, London, Middlesex
Gregory Martha Head Unmarried F 18 1843 Paper Tag Maker St Lukes, Middlesex 242
Gregory Eliza Sister Unmarried F 14 1847 Paper Tag Maker St Lukes, Middlesex 252
Gregory Alice Sister F 11 1850 Paper Tag Maker St Lukes, Middlesex 253
Gregory Mary Sister F 6 1855 Scholar St Lukes, Middlesex 254

1871 Marian Square, St Matthew Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex
Malcolm Robert Molton Head M 44 1827 Middlesex 241
Malcolm Annie Wife F 35 1836 Middlesex 246
Malcolm Jeannie E Daughter F 4 1867 Middlesex 243

1881 35, Oval, Bethnal Green, Middlesex
Barker Thos M Head Married M 44 1837 School Teacher Dedham, Essex
Barker Catherine Wife Married F 40 1841 Wales
Malcolm Robert M Lodger Head Married M 54 1827 Dock Laborer Shadwell, Middlesex 241
Malcolm Martha M Wife Married F 38 1843 Limehouse, Middlesex 242
Malcolm Jeannie Daughter Single F 14 1867 Shoe Paste Fitter Bethnal GN, Middlesex 243
Malcolm Alice H Daughter Single F 6 1875 Scholar Bethnal GN, Middlesex 244
Malcolm Robert M Son Single M 4 1877 Bethnal GN, Middlesex 245
Malcolm William G Son Single M 2 1879 Bethnal GN, Middlesex 201
Munn Jesse Lodger Widower M 57 1824 Bricklayers Labourer Boxmoor, Hertfordshire

1891 11, The Oval, Bethnal Green, London
Sandell Chas Joseph Head Married M 38 1853 Sign Writer Oxford 136
Sandell Edith Emma Wife Married F 35 1856 London 196
Sandell Ida Helena Daughter Single F 7 1884 Bethnal Green 197
Sandell Chas Howard Son Single M 5 1886 Bethnal Green 198
Sandell Gertrude Linda Daughter Single F 2 1889 Bethnal Green 199
Sandell Reginald Paget Son Single M 0 1891 Bethnal Green 200
Cotter Arthur Lodger Single M 25 1866 Milk Carrier Springfield, Essex
Cotter Edward Lodger Single M 23 1868 Milk Carrier Bloomfield, Essex

1891 19, Appleby Street, Shoreditch, London, London
Malcolm Martha M Head Widow F 48 1843 Paper Bag Maker Limehouse, London 242
Malcolm Alice E Daughter Single F 16 1875 Machinist Bethnal Green, London 244
Malcolm Robert N Son M 14 1877 Office Boy Bethnal Green, London 245
Malcolm William G Son M 12 1879 Scholar Bethnal Green, London 201
Malcolm Thomas E Son M 9 1882 Scholar Bethnal Green, London 248
Malcolm Martha M Daughter F 7 1884 Scholar Bethnal Green, London 249

1901 11, The Oval, Bethnal Green, London
Sandle Charles J Head Married M 48 1853 Sign Writer Oxford 136
Sandle Edith E Wife Married F 45 1856 Bow, London 196
Sandle Ida H Daughter Single F 17 1884 Pupil Teacher Bethnal Green, London 197
Sandle Charles H Son Single M 15 1886 Bethnal Green, London 198
Sandle Gertrude L Daughter Single F 12 1889 Bethnal Green, London 199
Sandle Reginald P Son Single M 10 1891 Bethnal Green, London 200

1911 84 Frampton Park Road Hackney, London
Malcolm William Gregory Head Married M 32 1879 Book - Binder Bethnal Green London 201
Malcolm Ida Helena Wife Married F 27 1884 Bethnal Green London 197

1939 16 Alcester Crescent, Upper Clapton, London
Malcolm William G Married M 61 1878 School Inquiry Officer London County Council 23rd Oct 201
Malcolm Ida H Married F 55 1884 Unpaid Domestic Duties 5th Feb 197
Malcolm Frank G M 27 1912 Probation Officer County Of Hertford 3rd Apr 255
Malcolm Alan R M 25 1914 Salesman-Warehouseman Sprince 10th Mar 588
Malcolm (Oram) Kathleen M F 19 1920 Student 23rd Feb 589