John Lasbury

(born 11 Nov 1830 Kensington, Middlesex)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: Mary Burge (born 1761 died 1833 St Michaels, Dundry, Somerset)   View NotesHide notes  


Paternal grandfather: James Lasbury (born 1742 died 4.12.1800 St Michaels, Dundry, Somerset)   View NotesHide notes  



Mother: Mary Turnbull (born 1805 Knaresborough, Yorkshire died 7 Aug 1867 Clifton, Bristol, UK)  

married 28 May 1828 St. Clement Danes Church, Westminster, London

Father Benjaman Lasbury (born 1794 Dunadry, Somersetshire died 12 Apr 1873 Burrington, Somerset)  

Brother: Benjaman Lasbury (born 4.12.1829 Kensington, Middlesex )  

Brother: Thomas Lasbury (born 8.6.1832 Kensington, Middlesex died 8.3.1911 Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois, USA)   View NotesHide notes 6 children  

Emigrated to America in 1865



Mr. Thomas Lasbury, Sr. in whose memory this article appears, was born in Kensington, England, June 8, 1832.

At the time of his death he had nearly attained the age of score-four years. May 18, 1858, while yet in England, he was united in marriage to Miss Emma Wall White. Seven years later this noble couple emigrated to America.

Coming to Pike County, Mr. Lasbury was a successful man in Griggsville, and in Pittsfield for many years. Those who knew him speak in the highest terms of his business integrity. He was a good and true citizen. Since retiring from business, Mr. Lasbury has lived in the west part of Griggsville.

Up till the death of his wife, in December 1909, the Lasbury home was a model of quiet happy home life. In his home, Mr. Lasbury was best known. There his quiet manliness made the hearthstone a cheerful place. Since the death of his wife Mr. Lasbury lived with his daughter, Mrs. Mary H. Rodway. While he has not been a well man for sometime, Mr. Lasbury was a cheerful, contented man. He was not a selfish man, but in a noble sense he spent most of his life tending strictly to his own business. If all were like him peace and harmony would generally prevail.

Thursday March 2 he appeared to feel as well as usual. He made his usual trip to town and talked in congenial and social ways to many of his dear friends. He returned to his home about 5:00P.M. and gave Mrs. Rodway a bottle of medicine from Dr. Watson, and delivered a message sent by the Dr. to her. He then inquired about the health of Mrs. Ezra Doane and family, from whom Mrs. Rodway had received a letter. He expressed his pleasure in knowing that they were well. Then there was a short struggle for breath, a bowing of the head and in less than a minute he yielded his spirit to God who gave it. Thus suddenly passed away a faithful citizen, a true man and a kind friend. It was the way he wanted to go. In him we see what the quiet service to the Episcopal Church will do to mold substantial character and a life that wears well to the end.

To mourn the loss of this good man are four children, Thomas Lasbury of St. Louis, Mo., Mrs. Emma McConnell of Peoria, Illinois, Mrs. Mary H. Rodway and Mr. M.M. Lasbury of Griggsville. There are also nine grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at the home of Mrs. Mary H. Rodway, Sunday afternoon 2:30P.M., Rev. G.E. Young officiating. Interment Griggsville Cemetery. A good man has gone to rest.

Pallbearers were Thomas Lasbury, M.M. Lasbury, C.H. McConnell, J.W. Stead, C.P. Hatch and John Lasbury, Jr.

*THOMAS LASBURY is a grandson of James LASBURY who has a shared marker with his mother, Mary Turnbull Lasbury at St. Michael's Churchyard Cemetery in Dundry, Somerset, England

Wife: Emma Wall White (born 1828 died 1909 )  

Son: Thomas Lasbury (born 22.1.1859 The Terrace, Kensington, London died 1933 )  

Daughter: Mary Harriet Lasbury (born 4.10.1860 London, England died 30.8.1935 Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois, USA)   View NotesHide notes  

MARY HARRIET (LASBURY) RODWAY, was born in London, England, October 4, 1860, and, died at her home in Griggsville, August 30, 1935. At the age of six she came with her parents to Illinois and the remaining years of her life were spent in or near Griggsville. On October 31, 1882, she was married to Mr. W. K. Rodway who preceded her in death on April 8, 1895. To them were born four daughters, Mary Louise Richards who is also deceased; Elizabeth Baxendale of Detroit, Michigan; Edith Doane, of Griggsville; and Margaret Doane of Perry. Besides the three daughters, there are also one brother, Mr. M. M. Lasbury, a, sister, Mrs. Emma McConnell, and ten grand children, who survive to mourn her passing. Mrs. Rodway was long an active member of the Congregational church, of the Ladies' Benevolent Society, and of the Cree Missionary Society. She was also one of the early members of the Order of the Eastern Star. a past worthy matron of that organization, a member of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, a past president of the Abbie A. Hatch Chautauqua Circle, and at one time was elected president of the Pike County Federation of Women's Clubs. Her faithful performance of the duties of the various offices she held in these organizations is evidence of her active interest in all that might advance the welfare of the community, and in her death friends, neighbors and acquaintances will feel a personal loss. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Skinner Funeral Home, the Rev. J. K. Putt of St. James Church officiating. Interment was in Griggsville cemetery.

Travelled to England in 1912, stayed for a few weeks between September and November

Probate granted 18 November to Rowland Henry Rodway solicitor attorney of Elizabeth Baxendale. Effects £2353 9s 7d in England.

Son: William White Lasbury (born 24.7.1862 died 1868 )  

Son: Marmaduke John Lasbury (born 21.4.1864 Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois, USA died 21.4.1864 Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois, USA)  

Son: Mitchener Marchant Lasbury (born 21.4.1864 London, England died 1943 )  

Daughter: Emma E Lasbury (born 8.1.1869 Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois, USA died 10.7.1951 )   View NotesHide notes  


Funeral services for Mrs. Emma Lasbury McConnell, the last of a prominent Griggsville family, passed away on July 10 in Detroit, Michigan, at the home of her niece, Mrs. Elizabeth Baxendale. The remains were brought to Griggsville, and funeral services were held at the Skinner Funeral Home at 2 o'clock Saturday Afternoon, The Rev. J.K. Putt officiating. Interment was in the Griggsville Cemetery.

The daughter of Thomas and Emma White Lasbury, she was born in Griggsville, January 8, 1869. She was married to C.H. McConnell who preceded her in death in 1932. She was one of five children all of whom have preceded her in death. Namely, Thomas, Mrs. Mary H. Rodway, M.M. (Twin) and Marmaduke.

After living most of her married life in Peoria, she moved to Griggsville after her husbands death to live with her brother Twin. In 1948 she went to Detroit to live with her niece. She has been bedfast for the past two yeas.

Mrs. McConnell was a member of the Easter Star, The Cree Missionary Society, and the Griggsville Congregational Church.

Sister: Mary Lasbury (born 1839 Kensington, Middlesex ) 6 children  

Husband: James Thomas Hurn (born 1831 Clifton, Bristol )  

Son: James Thomas Hurn (born 1855 Clifton, Gloucestershire )  

Daughter: Anne Hurn (born 1859 Clifton, Gloucestershire )  

Daughter: Alice Hurn (born 1862 Clifton, Gloucestershire )  

Daughter: Edith Hurn (born 1869 Clifton, Bristol )  

Daughter: Ada Hurn (born 1871 Clifton, Bristol )  

Son: Frank Hurn (born 1873 Bristol )  

Sister: Elizabeth Lasbury (born 9.1841 Kensington, Middlesex ) 11 children  

Husband: Edwin George Norman (born 1832 Somerset, Taunton )  

Son: William George Norman (born 1862 Surrey, Lambeth )  

Daughter: Florence Norman (born 1863 Surrey, Lambeth )  

Daughter: Elizabeth Norman (born 1865 Surrey, Lambeth )  

Daughter: Annie Norman (born 1868 Surrey, Lambeth )  

Daughter: Eliza Norman (born 1872 Kensington, London )  

Son: Albert Edward Norman (born 1875 Shepherds Bush, Middlesex )  

Son: James Norman (born 1877 Shepherds Bush )  

Son: Charles Norman (born 1878 Shepherds Bush )  

Son: John Norman (born 1880 Shepherds Bush )  

Son: Leopold Norman (born 1882 Shepherds Bush, London )  

Daughter: Alexandra M Norman (born 1883 Shepherds Bush, London )  

John Lasbury Notes:

Emigrated to America and married Sarah Simpkin

Emma Lasbury
Mary Harriet
Rodway (Lasbury) probate 1936
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1920 census
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Rodway (Lasbury)
Mary Harriet
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William and Mary (Lasbury) Rodway
Lasbury’s calling card
certificate Benjamin Lasbury, 1873

Census records:

1851 123, Rd Terrace, Kensington, Middlesex
Lasbury Benjaman Head Married M 56 1795 Butcher Master Employ Men , Dunadry, Somersetshire 1542
Lasbury Mary Wife Married F 46 1805 Knaresborough, Yorkshire 1543
Lasbury Benjaman Son Married M 21 1830 Engraver , Kensington, Middlesex 1544
Lasbury John Son Married M 20 1831 Butcher Journeyman , Kensington, Middlesex 1545
Lasbury Thomas Son Married M 18 1833 Butcher Journeyman , Kensington, Middlesex 1546
Smith Thomas Visitor Married M 21 1830 Painter Journeyman , Bristol
Cloud Thomas Servant Unmarried M 17 1834 Journeyman Butcher , Hammersmith, Middlesex
Auchens James Servant Unmarried M 15 1836 Butchers Boy , Sebergham, Leicestershire
Chandlers Hannah Servant Unmarried F 15 1836 Housemaid , Fulham, Middlesex

1851 Sudbury Hodge Miss Copland Owners, Harrow, Middlesex
Stevens Caroline Head Unmarried F 42 1809 Conductress Of A School , Woking, Surrey
Stevens Jane Head Widow F 35 1816 London, Middlesex
Stevens James Brother Unmarried M 40 1811 Retired Farmer , Woking, Surrey
Lansbury Mary Boarder F 13 1838 Scholar , Kensington, Middlesex 1574
Rainbow Anne Boarder F 12 1839 Scholar , Hammersmith, Middlesex
Lasbury Elizabeth Boarder F 9 1842 Scholar , Kensington, Middlesex 1575
Harwood Mary Boarder F 9 1842 Scholar , Kensington, Middlesex
Stevens Charlotte Boarder F 11 1840 Scholar , London, Middlesex
Fany Sarah Boarder F 6 1845 Scholar , London, Middlesex
Fany Jane Boarder F 4 1847 Scholar , London, Middlesex
Stevens Charlotte Visitor Unmarried F 36 1815 Woking, Surrey
Huntley Sarah Servant Unmarried F 25 1826 House Servant , Hungerford, Berkshire

1861 29, Hercules Buildings, Lambeth, London, Surrey
Norman Edwin Geo Head Married M 27 1834 Clicker , Taunton, Somerset 1576
Norman Elizabeth Wife Married F 19 1842 Kensington, Middlesex 1575
Hurn Ann Visitor Widow F 53 1808 Retired Butcheress , ..., Somerset

1861 Love Street, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hum John Head Married M 28 1833 Butcher , Clifton
Hum Mary Wife Married F 25 1836 Bristol
Lasbury Benjamin Visitor Married M 67 1794 Butcher , Dundry, Somerset 1542
King Sarah Servant Unmarried F 26 1835 Servant , Rainworth, Gloucestershire
White Thomas Servant Unmarried M 18 1843 Butcher , Rainworth, Gloucestershire
Lane Walter Servant Unmarried M 25 1836 Butcher , Rainworth, Gloucestershire
Webber William Servant Unmarried M 20 1841 Butcher , Chawleigh, Devon

1871 Hercules Buildings, Lambeth, London, Surrey
Norman Edwin George Head M 39 1832 Boot maker Somerset, Taunton 1576
Norman Elizabeth Wife F 29 1842 Middlesex, Kensington 1575
Norman William George Son M 9 1862 Surrey, Lambeth 1577
Norman Florence Daughter F 8 1863 Surrey, Lambeth 1578
Norman Elizabeth Daughter F 6 1865 Surrey, Lambeth 1579
Norman Annie Daughter F 3 1868 Surrey, Lambeth 1580
Hookey Mary Ann Servant F 15 1856 Surrey, Lambeth

1871 Langford, Upper, Churchill, Somersetshire
Cole Edward Head M 55 1816 Somerset
Cole Louisa Wife F 50 1821 Somerset
Cole Annie Daughter F 13 1858 Somerset
Cole Hannah Daughter F 10 1861 Somerset
Cole Lucie Daughter F 7 1864 Somerset
Lasbury Benjamin Boarder Widow M 75 1796 Somerset 1542

1871 Portland Place, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hurn James Thomas Head M 40 1831 Butcher Clifton, Bristol 1588
Hurn Mary Wife F 32 1839 Middlesex, Kensington 1574
Hurn Edith Daughter F 2 1869 Clifton, Bristol 1589
Hurn Ada Daughter F 0 1871 Clifton, Bristol 1590
Bennett Emma Servant F 19 1852 Clifton, Bristol
Hiscox Catherine Servant F 22 1849 Somerset
Bryant Caroline Servant F 20 1851 Devon
Gerrist Henry Servant M 19 1852 Gloucestershire

1881 10, Portland Place, Clifton, Gloucestershire
Hurn James Thomas Head Married M 51 1830 Butcher , Clifton, Gloucestershire 1588
Hurn Mary Wife Married F 42 1839 Wife Of Butcher , Kensington, Middlesex 1574
Hurn James I Son Single M 25 1856 Butcher , Clifton 1658
Hurn Annie Daughter Single F 21 1860 Clifton 1659
Hurn Alice Daughter Single F 18 1863 Clifton 1660
Miller William Visitor Single M 24 1857 Hosier , Headington, Oxfordshire
Trotman Elizabeth Servant Single F 19 1862 Servant , Berkeley, Gloucestershire
Rogers Jane Servant Single F 17 1864 Servant , Clifton

1881 279, Gold Hawk Rd, Hammersmith, Middlesex
Norman Edwin George Head Married M 48 1833 Boot Maker , Taunton, Somerset 1576
Norman Elizabeth Wife Married F 39 1842 Kensington, Middlesex 1575
Norman William George Son Single M 19 1862 Lambeth, Surrey 1577
Norman Florence Daughter Single F 18 1863 Lambeth, Surrey 1578
Norman Elizabeth Daughter Single F 16 1865 Lambeth, Surrey 1579
Norman Albert Edward Son Single M 6 1875 Shepherds Bush, Middlesex 1581
Norman James Son Single M 4 1877 Shepherds Bush 1582
Norman Charles Son Single M 3 1878 Shepherds Bush 1583
Norman John Son Single M 1 1880 Shepherds Bush 1584
Ancott Or Aucott Elizabeth Servant Single F 20 1861 Servt , Leicester, Leicestershire

1891 279, Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith, London, London
Norman Edwin G Head Married M 58 1833 Bootmaker , Taunton 1576
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Norman Charles A Son M 13 1878 Shepherds Bush, London 1583
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Symes Edith Servant Single F 16 1875 General Domestic , Walton, Surrey

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Hurn John Son Single M 31 1860 Butcher , Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hurn James Son Single M 29 1862 Butcher , Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hurn Amelia Daughter Single F 23 1868 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hurn Frederick Son M 19 1872 Butcher , Bristol, Gloucestershire
Batchelor Elizabeth Servant Single F 48 1843 Cook Domestic Servant , Bradford, Wiltshire
Beale Caroline Servant Single F 18 1873 Housemaid Domestic Servant , Brixton, London

1901 279, Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith, London
Norman Edwin G Head Married M 68 1833 Boot Maker , Taunton, Somersetshire 1576
Norman Elizabeth Wife Married F 59 1842 Kensington, London 1575
Norman Eliza Daughter Single F 28 1873 Lambeth, Surrey 1587
Norman Leopold Son Single M 19 1882 Boot Maker , Shepherds Bush, London 1585
Norman Alexander M Daughter Single F 18 1883 Shepherds Bush, London 1586
Phipps Emma Servant Single F 18 1883 General Domestic , Vauxhall, Surrey

1901 29, Sion Hill, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hurn Mary Head Widow F 64 1837 Living On Own Means , London 1574
Hurn Annie Daughter Single F 40 1861 Bristol 1659
Hurn Frank Son Single M 27 1874 Tea Merchant , Bristol 1661
Burchell Emma Servant Single F 18 1883 General (Domestic) , Bristol

1911 29 Sion Hill Clifton Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hurn Mary Head Widow F 73 1838 Private Means London Rennington 1574
Hurn Annie Daughter Single F 49 1862 Glos Clifton 1659
Hurn Frank Son Single M 37 1874 Tea Merchant Glos Clifton 1661
Bridgman Blanch Visitor Single F 30 1881 Farmers Daughter Long Ashton Som
Krinks Sarah Servant Single F 56 1855 Domestic Servant