George Frances Loftin

(born 1908 Islinton)

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Maternal grandmother: not known

Maternal grandfather: not known


Paternal grandmother: Ann Dickery (born 10.6.1849 Islington, London died 1930 Islington, London)   View NotesHide notes  

The 1911 census has Anne and Charles married for 31 years, which puts the year at 1880, but I can find no such marriage on record, although there is a possible match in 1892. Comparing the 1881 and 1891 census returns, it seems certain that Anne was previously married to somebody called Loftin. The only match I could find for this was a marriage between Ann Dickery and Robert William Loftin in 1868 Lambeth. However, I can find no census record of this Robert. The number of children born/died is also a mystery with 5 of seven dead by 1911. Does this include the Loftin children? If so Robert at least seemed to still be alive at this time and there were five Loftin children and three Tappins, which adds up to 8. Edith appears as Loftin in 1881 and Tappin in 1891, I believe. Can also find no record for birth of Ellen Loftin. Notably in 1881, the Loftins and the Tappins all live at 60 Frederick St.

Ann Dickery (seems to be mis-written as Dickey on marriage certificate)'s father John Dickery was a Tailor according to marriage certificate.

The Reverend Josiah Pratt, signed Ann Dickery’s christening record, was mentioned in a totally different part of my family tree in the will of Peter Guillebaud.

married 30 May 1868 Lambeth

Paternal grandfather: Robert William Loftin (born 1848 )   View NotesHide notes  

Ancestry have a baptism record, mother Sarah Ann, father Benjamin – London births and baptisms. To be confirmed.


Mother: Margaret Louise Bluff (born 1873 Somersham, Huntingdonshire)  

married 1900 Islington, Middlesex

Father Ernest John Loftin (born 1873 St Lukes, Holborn, Middlesex)  

Brother: Ernest John Loftin (born 1902 Islinton )  

Sister: Annie E Loftin (born 1903 Islinton )  

1857 baptism,
Ann Dickery
The Rev. Josiah
Pratt, mentioned in Peter Guillebaud’s will o...

Present day Map with below census address/es in red

Census records:

1851 3 Bear Lane, Christchurch, Southwark, Surrey
Loftin Benjamin Head Married M 45 1806 Labourer Bisham, Berkshire 3811
Loftin Sarah Wife Married F 42 1809 Staymaker St Giles, Middlesex 3812
Loftin Mary Daughter Unmarried F 17 1834 Tailoress Christchurch, Surrey 3813
Loftin Louisa Daughter Unmarried F 13 1838 Servant Paddington, Middlesex 3814
Loftin Jane Daughter F 10 1841 Scholar Christchurch, Surrey 3815
Loftin Ellen Daughter F 8 1843 Scholar Christchurch, Surrey 3816
Loftin Charles Son M 4 1847 Scholar Christchurch, Surrey 3817
Loftin Robert Son M 2 1849 Christchurch, Surrey 1769

1851 4 Maidenhead Court, Little St, Saint Thomas Apostle, London, Middlesex
Dickery John Head Married M 44 1807 Tailor Cripplegate, London 1770
Dickery Ann Wife Married F 27 1824 Ireland 1771
Dickery George Son M 13 1838 Tailor St Sepulchre Without Newgate, P 1772
Dickery Ann Daughter F 1 1850 Coleman Street, London 363

1861 2 Sugar Loaf Court, St Michael Queenhithe, Middlesex
Dickery John Head M 55 1806 Tailor London 1770
Dickery Mary Ann Wife F 40 1821 Wife Dublin, Delaney 1771
Dickery Ann Daughter F 12 1849 Scholar City of London 363
Dickery John Son M 9 1852 Scholar City of London
Dickery Mary Daughter F 6 1855 Scholar City of London

1861 25 Broadwall, Christchurch, London, Surrey
Loftin Sarah Head Widow F 48 1813 Laundress St Giles, Middlesex 3812
Loftin Charles Son M 16 1845 Errand Boy Christchurch, Surrey 3817
Loftin Robt Son Unmarried M 13 1848 Errand Boy Christchurch, Surrey 1769
Mosses Charles Lodger Unmarried M 41 1820 Army Pensioner Bristol

1881 60, Frederick St [2], Islington, Middlesex
Loftin Ann Head Married F 30 1851 Book Binders Wife London City Of, London, Middles 363
Loftin Ellen Daughter Single F 11 1870 London City Of, London, Middles 1763
Loftin Robert W Son Single M 9 1872 London City Of, London, Middles 1764
Loftin John Son Single M 7 1874 St Lukes, Middlesex 1765
Loftin Charles Son Single M 5 1876 Islington, Middlesex 1766
Loftin Samuel Son Single M 3 1878 Islington, Middlesex 1767
Loftin Edith Daughter Single F 0 1881 Islington, Middlesex 364

1891 42, Blundell Street, Islington, London, London
Tappin Charles Head Married M 36 1855 Gas Stoker Islington, London 362
Tappin Anne Wife Married F 41 1850 Islington, London 363
Tappin Edith Daughter Single F 10 1881 Scholar Islington, London 364
Tappin William Son Single M 8 1883 Scholar Islington, London 70
Tappin George Son Single M 6 1885 Scholar Islington, London 365
Lofton Anne Married F 22 1869 Servant Domestic Islington, London
Lofton John Single M 18 1873 Gas Stoker Islington, London 1765
Lofton Charles Single M 16 1875 Van Guard Islington, London 1766
Lofton Samuel Single M 14 1877 Van Guard Islington, London 1767

1901 42, Blundell Street, Islington, London
Tappin Charles Head Married M 40 1861 Gas Labourer Islington, London 362
Tappin Annie Wife Married F 50 1851 City of London 363
Tappin Edith Daughter Single F 20 1881 Mothers Help Islington, London 364
Tappin George Son Single M 15 1886 Works At Cake Factory Islington, London 365

1901 5, Offord Road, Islington, London
Loftin John Head Married M 28 1873 Builders Genl Labourer St Lukes, London 1765
Loftin Margaret Wife Married F 28 1873 Somersham, Huntingdonshire 3143

1911 163 Bemerton St, Barnsbury N, London
Loftin Ernest John Father Married M 39 1872 Coal Porter Coal Merchants St Lukes London England 1765
Loftin Margaret Louise Wife Married F 39 1872 Huntingdonshire Islington 3143
Loftin Ernest John Son Single M 9 1902 School Islinton 3144
Loftin Annie E Daughter Single F 8 1903 School Islinton 3145
Loftin George Frances Son Single M 3 1908 Islinton 3146

1911 42 Blundell St, Islington N, London
Tappin Charles Head Married M 56 1855 Gas Stoker, Out Of Work, Pension 5 shillings weekly from compan London Islington 362
Tappin Anne Wife Married F 61 1850 Kings Cross London 363
Demer George Boarder Married M 33 1878 London Islington
Demer Ada Boarder Married F 35 1876 London Islington