Richard Wescoe Jullian

(born 1842 Stepney died 1873 Greenwich)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Wife: Emma Louisa Walters (born 1849 Stepney, London died 15.8.1930 )   View NotesHide notes married 1870 Poplar  
Was named Emma Louisa Jullian at time of 1889 marriage to William Calvert in Hackney.

Richard Wescoe Jullian Notes: Baptised 1st Jun 1842 in Southwark to Francois Eugene and Ann Maria (née Wescoe who was a teacher of music in 1851). Francois and Ann Maria married in 1841 St George Southwark.

Emma Louisa
takes husband William Calvert to court in 1896, fro...
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death record on freebmd showing age 81 at time ...

Census records (3):

1871 Timothy Wharf, All Saints, Poplar, London
Jullian Richard Head Married M 29 1842 Commercial Clerk London Middlesex 4516
Jullian Emma Wife Married F 22 1849 London Middlesex 484

1881 High St, 2 Victoria Terrace, Low Leyton, Essex
Walters Richard Head Married M 61 1820 Shoreditch 4517
Walters Emma Wife Married F 52 1829 Chelsea 486
Jullian Emma Louise Daughter Widow F 32 1849 Milliner Stepney 484

1891 33, Medcalf Road, Enfield, Middlesex
Calvert William Head Married M 48 1843 Blacksmith Durham Medomsley 483
Calvert Emma L Wife Married F 42 1849 Stepney, London 484
Calvert Mary E Daughter Single F 19 1872 Enfield, Middlesex 485
Walters Emma Mother In Law Single F 62 1829 Chelsea, London 486