Mary Elizabeth Calvert

(born 27 Apr 1871 Enfield, Middlesex died 4 Feb 1916)

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Maternal grandmother: Sarah Savil (born 11 Jun 1796 Bardfield or Little Saling, Essex)   View NotesHide notes  

Birth date now confirmed (although a month different) from microfiche at CRO which also gives her parents as Waite Savil and Mary. She is also mentioned on internet forums by Janet Pritchard. See

Marriage is on IGI and the Essex Marriage Registers at CRO, vol 54 Bardfield Saling - although the date is slightly different. The register notes she signs Savill. Oddly, I could not find this on microfiche.


married 28 Feb 1815 Bardfield Saling, Essex

Maternal grandfather: Stephen Cross (born 1802 Essex) (born Essex )  


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Elizabeth Cross (born 1839 Essex died 1888 Edmonton, Middlesex)   View NotesHide notes  

Daughter Sarah Fidler born out of wedlock, father Thomas Fidler (who died around the same time). She married Richard William Bray in 1867, Shoreditch. He died in 1869, aged 29 in Edmonton.

married 1872 Enfield, Middlesex

Father William Calvert (born 1843 Durham, Medomsley died 1907)  

Sister: Sarah Fidler (born 26.4.1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire died 17.2.1952 Enfield, Middlesex) 3 children  

Husband: Alfred Robert Webb (born 18.5.1861 Cripplegate, London died 28.5.1948 Edmonton, Middlesex)  

Daughter: Myra Elizabeth Webb (born 1889 Enfield, Middlesex )  

Daughter: Ethel Carrie Webb (born 7.10.1894 Enfield, Middlesex died 10.1971 )   View NotesHide notes  

Ethel “was brought up in the Plymouth Brethren and was a Sunday School teacher before going to university. She graduated with 1st Class Honours in French at Somerville College, Oxford, in 1916. While on a travelling scholarship to Paris she met Don at the "Rue de Sevres Meeting" in January 1920 and they were married in September 1922. We have been told that Don first spotted Ethel on a bus in Paris and was so attracted by her that he followed the bus on his own bicycle. In 1924 they had their house Noonsun, 25, Churchfields, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, built to their own designs. Here their three children, Eirene, Rosalind and Peter were born. Ethel later obtained her Oxford M.A. and was an active academic all her life, mainly at the London University Institute of Education and as G.C.E. Chief Examiner. One person who has particularly made a point of telling me that he studied under her at the Institute is Mr. Southey, organiser of the Spring and Autumn concert seasons at Deal. Her nickname at the Institute of Education was Prudence, and her character in later life probably reflected the influence of the Plymouth Brethren in her childhood. Like her husband, she was an ardent pacifist.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Son: Frederick Ernest Webb (born 1896 Enfield, Middlesex died 10.6.1918 Died in war)   View NotesHide notes  


Enlisted: Westminster

Residence: Enfield

Rank: Corporal

Regiment: Corps of Royal Engineers

Number: 113094

Theatre of war: Western European Theatre

Died: 10th June 1918

cause: Died of wounds

Comments: "F" SPEC. COY., R.E.

Source: Ancestry quoting


Fred’s last letter transcript (he died two days later):


Dear Ethel,

For twenty four hours political discussion and conjecture was the universal diversion here and then ceased as suddenly as it began. The immediate cause of its rise was the distribution of printed cards for the sequestration of “the mugs” under the Representation of the People Act (which will next October at the latest be instrumental in supersceding the Repression of the People act — otherwise DORA — [Defence of the Realm Act] by something more sane). The discussion which ensued was amusing for political ideas are rather like army jam at present — mixed. And it is to be hoped that those men of influence who do not hold highly salaried positions in the present government or are not so sychophantic as to sacrifice their nationality to their purses will see that the election is held on social and humanitarian issues instead of political. If it is political it will be a [farce?]. If the issue is for Knock out Blow or negotiations the

------ reverse side of page -------

war will not drag on its detested existence to mock and desecrate another Christmas.

However, from May to October is a long cry, and many things may happen between. In fact the papers hint at startling events at the present moment, more “victories” apparently only Fritz doesn't regard them in that light.

The weather has threatened to break again, but today has been sunny though fresh and of course we have been for our daily swim. We usually have one a day when we are down here unless the weather is unusually cold, and if it is decently warm the one becomes two or three. After all the salt water of last year I find swimming in fresh is quite difficult, though of course there are no waves to contend with.

The writer of “Two years before the mast” [Richard Henry Dana, Jr., 1840] (which I have been reading) continues to make you quite interested in the intricacies of a sailing ship and the problems of sea trade and transport before the era of the steamboat and steam labour saving machinery.

------ page 3 ---------

Have you noticed how mainly the ideals of different writers — and of the same writer — are at varience concerning the best way of arranging if not a perfect, at least a more sane and stable system of life than has been evolved in the last half century? They drift towards the opposite poles of single self-sufficing existence on a basis of 40% of agriculture and a revival of farmhouse industries, and of highly complex civilisation in which manual labour in its unskilled sense has no place and old [??????] work is done mechanically. I think that H. G. Wells was right when he wrote (in the War in the Air)[see book as html ] that the only solution was entirely to destroy the existing [status?] — or rather give it room & time to compass its own destruction and allow a new system to evolve itself. And in our country at least this has happened & we don’t know how soon it will happen in others.

Well tea is just up so I suppose I had better leave off.

Quite well.

With best love.



Myra, Arthur
and Peggy according to Rosalind Hammond. Which cas...
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Fred’s last letter to Ethel
Webb’s last letter, to Ethel (page 1). Dated 2nd Ju...
Webb’s last letter, to Ethel (page 2). Dated 2nd Ju...
Webb’s last letter, to Ethel (page 3). Dated 2nd Ju...
Donald and
Ethel Bearman’s Ruby Anniversary, 29 September 196...
Ethel Bearman
(neé Webb) with Jonathan Bearman, around 1965 ne...
Myra Webb circa
Donald and
Ethel Bearman’s Ruby Wedding, 29 September 1962

Present day Map with below census address/es in red

Census records:

1841 Stebbing Barn End, Stebbing, Essex
Cross Stephen M 45 1796 Bricklayer Essex 441
Cross Sarah F 45 1796 Essex 442
Cross Sarah F 25 1816 Essex 443
Cross Ann F 20 1821 Essex 444
Cross Henry M 15 1826 Essex 445
Cross Mary Ann F 8 1833 Essex 446
Cross Walter M 5 1836 Essex 447
Cross Elizabeth F 2 1839 Essex 448
Cross Joseph M 80 1761 Essex 449

1861 Summer Hill East Side, Cheshunt, Middlesex
Cross Sarah Head Widow F 64 1797 Ealing, Essex 442
Cross Walter Son Married M 25 1836 Brick Layer & Plasterer Stebbing, Essex 447
Cross Matilda Son Wife Married F 25 1836 St Pancras, Middlesex 460
Cross Elizabeth Daughter Unmarried F 21 1840 Dressmaker Stebbing, Essex 448
Cross Richard Grandson M 3 1858 St Pancras, Middlesex 482
Cross Emma Sarah Granddaughter F 1 1860 St Pancras, Middlesex 461

1871 Enfield Highway, Enfield, Middlesex
Bray Elizabeth Head Widow F 31 1840 Dressmaker Essex, Stebbing 448
Bray Sarah Daughter F 9 1862 Scholar Birmingham 35
Foster Henry Visitor M 6 1865 Essex, Waltham ??
Foster Bertha Visitor F 5 1866 Essex, Waltham ??

1871 Forty Hill, Enfield, Middlesex
Ranson Wm Head M 57 1814 Builder Raffstone[?], Suffolk 1132
Ranson Ann Wife F 47 1824 Stebbing, Essex 444
Ranson Geo Son M 21 1850 Carpenter Ly??d Norfolk 1133
Short Kate Servant F 13 1858 General Servant Birmingham, Warwickshire
Chadwick Chas Apprentice M 14 1857 Apprentice Enfield, Middlesex
Cross Sarah Mother-In-Law F 73 1798 Shiling[?] Essex 442

1871 Green Street, Enfield, Middlesex
Webb Frederick Head M 46 1825 Toolmaker Finsbury, Middlesex 180
Webb Mary Wife F 46 1825 Norwood, Surrey 181
Webb Frederick Son M 16 1855 Machinist City of London 184
Webb Emily Daughter F 14 1857 Scholar City of London 185
Webb Ellen Daughter F 12 1859 Scholar City of London 186
Webb Alfred Son M 9 1862 Scholar City of London 34
Webb Caroline Daughter F 8 1863 Scholar Enfield, Middlesex 182
Webb William Son M 6 1865 Scholar Enfield, Middlesex 183

1881 33, Medcalf Rd, Enfield, Middlesex
Calvert William Head Married M 38 1843 Smith In Gun Fac R S A Durham, Durham 483
Calvert Elizabeth Wife Married F 40 1841 Essex 448
Calvert Sarah Daughter Single F 19 1862 Enfield, Middlesex 35

1881 54, Medcalf Rd, Enfield, Middlesex
Webb Frederick Head Married M 56 1825 Marine Engine Fitter Finsbury, Middlesex 180
Webb Mary Wife Married F 56 1825 Lambeth, Surrey 181
Webb Alfred Son Single M 19 1862 Gun Barrel Machinist In Fac London, Middlesex 34
Webb Caroline Daughter Single F 18 1863 Enfield, Middlesex 182
Webb William Son Single M 16 1865 Grocers Assistant Enfield, Middlesex 183

1891 33, Medcalf Road, Enfield, Middlesex
Calvert William Head Married M 48 1843 Blacksmith Durham Medomsley 483
Calvert Emma L Wife Married F 42 1849 Stepney, London 484
Calvert Mary E Daughter Single F 19 1872 Enfield, Middlesex 485
Walters Emma Mother In Law Single F 62 1829 Chelsea, London 486

1891 43, Medcalf Road, Enfield, Middlesex
Webb Alfred R Head Married M 29 1862 Filer In Gun Trades London 34
Webb Sarah Wife Married F 28 1863 Birmingham 35
Webb Myra Daughter Single F 2 1889 Enfield, Middlesex 36
Kennan James E Boarder Single M 25 1866 Superintendent Of Gas Workers Ireland

1901 Fernlea, Allandale Road, Enfield, Middlesex
Webb Alfred Head Married M 39 1862 Gun Sight Filer Cripplegate, London 34
Webb Sarah Wife Married F 38 1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire 35
Webb Myra Daughter F 12 1889 Enfield, Middlesex 36
Webb Ethel Daughter F 6 1895 Enfield, Middlesex 37
Webb Frederick Son M 4 1897 Enfield, Middlesex 38
Borell Ernest Boarder Single M 31 1870 Gardener (Not Domestic) Sweden (Swedish Subj)

1911 10 Stafford Street Derby, Derbyshire
Webb Myra Elizabeth Assistant Matron Single F 22 1889 Teacher Assistant, Derby Education Committee Middlesex Enfield Lock 36
Ward Dorothy Hilda Student Single F 19 1892 Student In Training For Elementary Teacher Nottinghamshire Nottingham
Turner Agnes Gertrude Student Single F 20 1891 Student In Training For Elementary Teacher Lancashire Barrow in Furness
Pimblett Elizabeth Student Single F 19 1892 Student In Training For Elementary Teacher Lancashire Eccles
Jackson Annie Student Single M 19 1892 Student In Training For Elementary Teacher Lancashire Salford
Kelly Eva Student Single F 20 1891 Student In Training For Elementary Teacher Lancashire Salford
Sowter Ethel Maud Student Single F 19 1892 Student In Training For Elementary Teacher Staffordshire Leek
Turner Kate Caroline Caretaker Widow F 38 1873 Working Caretkaer Warwickshire Birmingham

1911 Fernlea, Allandale Road, Enfield Wash N, Middlesex
Webb Alfred Robert Head Married M 49 1862 Viewer - Enfield Gun Factory London; Jewin Crescent 34
Webb Sarah Wife Married F 48 1863 Warwick; Birmingham 35
Webb Ethel Carrie Daughter Single F 16 1895 Middlesex; Enfield Lock 37
Webb Frederick Ernest Son M 14 1897 School Middlesex; Enfield Wash 38
Calvert Mary Elizabeth Boarder Single F 39 1872 Middlesex; Enfield Lock 485