Elizabeth Mary Matthews

(born 1865 London City)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Husband: Ebenezer Kevan (born 1863 Shoreditch, London died 31.7.1935 Willesden)   View NotesHide notes  

Ebenezer of 32 Sellons-avenue Willesden, probate London 25 October to Elizabeth Mary Kevan widow. Effects £1987 11s 10d

<p>“Ebenezer, Nathaniel, Phoebe and Phyllis Kevan were all cousins of Thomas Bearman 111 on his mother's side and Nathaniel, in particular, was a life-long friend of his. In 1881 the Kevanfamily was living at 10, Tudor Road, Hackney, London next door to the Bearmans, where 20 years later, the Middlemiss family were living.</p>

<p>“Nathaniel Kevan (1844/45 - ?) settled at Deal, where he had a house in Blenheim Road. He became a well-known f igure in the town and can be seen on many old photographs taken on the beach, the pier or the Parade. He married his cook , Elizabeth (1841/42 - ?) who, I understand, was a shy person and always kept very much in the background. They had just one daughter, Caroline, generally known as Doris, who married but I never heard whether she had any children. The sisters Phoebe and Phyllis lived in the Blenheim Road house for many years after Nathaniel died.</p>

<p>“They also were a well-known sight in Deal - two old ladies in black, always together. The interior of their house was, in the 30s, still a cosy Victoriana museum, with big aspidistras and knick-knacks. Phoebe (1852/53- 1939) was an upright lady with a strong, somewhat gaunt face, a deep voice and a precise way of speaking. She appeared to be the dominant sister; Phyllis(1857/58- ?) was a round-faced, more compliant sort of person.”</p>

<p><a href="" target="_blank">Dr Frank Middlemiss’s online notes</a></p>

Son: Leonard Boyd Kevan (born 1892 London Hackney ) 1 children  

Wife: Winifred A Lucas (born 1895 )  

Son: David F B Kevan (born 1922 Willesden, Middlesex )  

Daughter: Dorothy Mary Kevan (born 1895 London Hackney )  

Daughter: Marjorie Barclay Kevan (born 1900 Middlesex, Willesden died 18.12.1931 Epsom, Surrey)   View NotesHide notes  

Marjorie Barclay of 32 Sellons-avenue, spinster, died at St Anthonys Hospital North Cheam Surrey. Probate 4 March to Ebenezer Kevan retired inspector and Elizabeth Mary Kevan (wife of said). Effects £393 17s 4d

Ebenezer Kevan
1935 probate
Barclay Kevan 1932 probate
Leonard KEVAN
born 1892
Dorothy KEVAN
Ebenezer KEVAN
with his wife [Elizabeth Mary née Matthews] and...
Ebenezer KEVAN
with his wife and daughter Marjorie. In the cent...

Census records:

1871 Cambridge St, Great, St Leonard, Shoreditch, London, Middlesex
Kevan Nathaniel Head M 48 1823 Gas Collector Bermondsey 56
Kevan Eliza Wife F 52 1819 Middlesex 26
Kevan Nathaniel Son M 26 1845 Plumber Middlesex, Bethnal Green 50
Kevan Benjamin Son M 24 1847 Carpenter Middlesex, Bethnal Green 57
Kevan James Son M 23 1848 Plumber Middlesex, Shoreditch 58
Kevan Eliza B Daughter F 21 1850 Middlesex, Shoreditch 59
Kevan Phebe Daughter F 19 1852 Middlesex, Shoreditch 53
Kevan Samuel B Son M 17 1854 Blind Maker Middlesex, Shoreditch 63
Kevan Jane Daughter F 15 1856 Scholar Middlesex, Shoreditch 62
Kevan Phillis C Daughter F 13 1858 Scholar Middlesex, Shoreditch 54
Kevan Ebeneza Son M 8 1863 Scholar Middlesex, Shoreditch 55

1881 10, Tudor Rd, Hackney, Middlesex
Kevan Nathaniel Head Married M 36 1845 Collector Of Gas Rates Bethnal Green, Middlesex 50
Kevan Elizabeth Wife Married F 39 1842 Hertfordshire 51
Kevan Caroline Daughter Single F 15 1866 Scholar Hackney, Middlesex 52
Kevan Eliza Mother Widow F 62 1819 Income From House Rates St Pancras, Middlesex 26
Kevan Phebe Sister Single F 28 1853 Shoreditch, Middlesex 53
Kevan Phillis C Sister Single F 23 1858 Shoreditch, Middlesex 54
Kevan Ebenezer Brother Single M 18 1863 Shoreditch, Middlesex 55

1891 10, Tudor Road, Hackney, London
Kevan Nathaniel Head Married M 46 1845 Collector To Gas Co Bethnal Green, London 50
Kevan Elizabeth Wife Married F 49 1842 Ross, Hertfordshire 51
Kevan Caroline Daughter Single F 25 1866 Hackney, London 52
Kevan Phoebe Sister Single F 39 1852 Living On Own Means Shoreditch, London 53
Kevan Phillis Catherine Sister Single F 33 1858 Living On Own Means Shoreditch, London 54
Kevan Ebenezer Brother Single M 28 1863 Clerk To Gas Co Shoreditch, London 55

1901 18, Fairlight Avenue, Willesden, Middlesex
Kevan Ebenezer Head Married M 38 1863 Inspector Gas Light & Coke Co Shoreditch, London 55
Kevan Elizabeth M Wife Married F 36 1865 City, London 66
Kevan Leonard B Son Single M 8 1893 Hackney, London 67
Kevan Dorothy M Daughter Single F 6 1895 Hackney, London 68
Kevan Marjorie B Daughter Single F 0 1901 Willesden, Middlesex 69

1911 16 High St Harlesden N W, Middlesex
Kevan Ebenezer Head Married M 48 1863 Resident Inspector In Charge Ga London Shoreditch 55
Kevan Elizabeth Masry Wife Married F 46 1865 London City 66
Kevan Leonard Boyd Son Single M 18 1893 Clerk Shipping London Hackney 67
Kevan Dorothy Mary Daughter Single F 16 1895 School London Hackney 68
Kevan Marjorie Barclay Daughter F 10 1901 School Middlesex Wellesden 69