Margaret Ann Roberts

(born 23 Mar 1934 Islington, London died 15 Sep 1991 Barnstaple, Devon)

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Maternal grandmother: Hannah Barnes (born 8 Jan 1883 Camden Town, London St Pancras died 8 Sep 1972)  

married 4 Aug 1907 Islington, London

Maternal grandfather: William Charles Tappin (born 9 Oct 1882 London Islington died 1971 Barnet, Middlesex)  


Paternal grandmother: Martha Hannah Hales (born 3.3.1878 Yorks Sheffield died 21.10.1957 Islington)   View NotesHide notes  

Record of approx birth on IGI - which is presumably derived from census returns. 1939 Register confirms actual date of birth.

married 22 Jun 1901 Islington, London

Paternal grandfather: John Gough Roberts (born 21.6.1878 Walworth, London died 27.6.1957 Islington)   View NotesHide notes  

Birth registered at St Saviour, Southwark, July 1878

Married 22nd June 1901 (see attached image) at Camden Road Baptist Church. "The bride was neatly attired, and was given away by her eldest brother Mr W J Hales. The four bridesmaids were Miss E R Hales... and three Misses Roberts... Mr G Perry was best man". 

Living at 63 Roman Road in 1906 according to Christening record for son John.

Listed at 361 Caledonian Road in 1916 and 1929 as a furniture dealer according to the Post Office Directory. Also on electoral register at same address in 1931.

Buried 1st July 1960 in Islington Cemetery according to deceasedonline - but this conflicts with my date of death above, so wonder if the year is incorrect. There is one other John Gough Roberts, born in Wrexham district in 1897 - so perhaps this is him but it seems unlikely as Islington was our John’s haunt.


Mother: Elsie Ivy Tappin (born 18 Aug 1908 London Deptford died 2 Oct 2006 Launceston)  

married 30 May 1931

Father Albert George Roberts (born 14 Aug 1902 Islington died 3 Apr 1952 St Albans)  

Sister: Christine Winifred Roberts (born 16.6.1935 Barnet, Hertfordshire ) 3 children  

Husband: Laurence Seguin Oliver (born 1924 St Albans, Hertfordshire died 16.11.2016 )   View NotesHide notes  

Laurie shared his middle name with his grandfather on his mother’s side, George Seguin Portch. A search on FMP reveals only one marriage between a Seguin and a Portch and that was 15th April 1798 between Martha Seguin and Robert Portch in London — perhaps an ancestor

Daughter: Susan S Oliver (born 14.7.1955 St Albans )  

Daughter: Alison S Oliver (born 13.3.1957 St Albans )  

Son: Stephen L Oliver (born 8.2.1960 )  

Brother: David Roberts (born 22.9.1939 )  

Brother: Kenneth J Roberts (born 22.7.1941 St Albans, Hertfordshire ) 2 children  

Wife: Eithne Sterrett (born 22.7.1941 )  

Son: Neil Michael Roberts (born 24.8.1971 )  

Son: John Barnaby Roberts (born 9.6.1980 )  

Husband1 : Peter Frederick Boyd Bearman (born 11.4.1932 died 14.10.2012 Uckfield, East Sussex) married 1956 St Albans, Hertfordshire  
Husband2 : Eugene Peters (born 11.5.1939 Hitchin ) married 1971 Exmouth, Devon  

Daughter: Penelope Jane Bearman (born 31.12.1958 ) 3 children  

Partner: Michael Somers (born 1946 )  

Husband: Gerald F T Cavell (born 15.5.1949 Sandwich )  

Daughter: Lucy Paloma Somers (born 1989 Dover )  

Son: Reuben Thomas Bearman (born 1998 Deal )  

Son: Jacob Alexandra Bearman (born 2001 Deal )  

Son: Jonathan Boyd Bearman (born 3.3.1960 Hemel Hempstead ) 1 children  

Wife: Michelle Taylor (born 29.5.1963 Coventry )  

Son: Callum Jordan Ashley Bearman (born 11.11.1995 Walthamstow )  

Daughter: Amanda (Mandy) Jacquelline Peters (born 23.1.1968 Epping )  

Son: Brian Tristram Peters (born 11.6.1972 Exmouth )  

Wedding John
Gough Roberts with Martha Hannah Hale 22nd June 19...
Marriage of
John Gough Roberts to Martha Hannah Hales in 1901, ...
P14: Donald
Bearman with Pippa, 1926
P16: Pippa
Bearman with ? at Deal, 1926
P20: Pippa and
Rosalind Bearman with Nanny Warner, 1929
P22: Rosalind
and Pippa at Deal, group at Deal, 1930-31
p24: Peter
Bearman in pram at Deal with sisters Pippa and Rosal...
The Bearmans,
presumably at Noonsun in the late 1940s
L-R Margaret
Bearman (neé Roberts), Penny Bearman, Ken Roberts...
John Gough
Roberts listed in the 1929 Kellys directory as a fur...
Index to Peter
Bearman’s photo album from his parent’s nega...
P1: Ethel C
Webb’s graduation and marriage to Donald B Bearma...
P2: Alfred
Robert Webb and wife Sarah née Fidler, Frederick We...
P3: Sarah
(Fidler) Webb in garden at 18 Allendale Road, Enfield
P4-5: Sarah
Webb, Alfred Robert Webb in Enfield, Donald Bearman...
p6-7: Donald
and Ethel Webb’s wedding and honeymoon in France
P8: Donald
Bearman and wife Ethel (Webb)
P9: Holiday in
France, Nanny Rainbow, Pippa and ?. Top right im...
P10: Pippa
Bearman with Nanny Rainbow and mother Ethel
P11: Pippa with
father Donald Bearman, and Donald with Ethel
P12: Noonsun
– 25 Churchfields, Broxbourne; Pippa Bearman...
P13: Noonsun 25
Churchfields, Broxbourne, Herts, 1920s and 1950...
P15: Mrs
Pledger and Pippa Bearman, and Ethel and Pippa at Deal...
P17: Pippa
Bearman with Auntie Katie (Wright) Mrs Pledger and M...
P19: Pippa
Bearman in Churchfields private road, with Donald, P...
P19: Pippa
Bearman with father Donald, Nanny Warner and Rosalin...
P21: Pippa
Bearman, Peggy Huxley & ?, Pippa and Marianne Rankin...
P23: Nurse Wood
and Peter Bearman at home, Rosalind, Nursie and...
p25: Peter
Bearman with sisters Rosalind and Pippa, also older ...
p26: Grandpa
Alfred Webb and group; Ethel Bearman, Ros and ?; E...
P27: Pippa
Bearman & Rachel, Marianne Rankin, Myra & Peggy Huxl...
P28: Ros and
Ethel Bearman, Peggy Huxley, Bettie, Auntie Katie ...
P29: Ros and
Pippa Bearman by the Lea, Ethel Bearman, Donald Be...
P30: Pippa
Bearman and Auntie Katie; Peter Bearman and sister R...
P31: Peter in
Noonsun garden; and with Pippa and Rosalind + te...
P32: Bearman
family at Walton on the Naze, twins Gyp. 1936/7.
P33: Bearman
family at Walton on the Naze, twins Gyp. 1936/7.
P34: Mrs
Bowman, caretaker of Beechcrest, Deal for the Bearmans...
P35: Deal, Kent
in the 1950s
P36: Deal, Kent
in the 1950s
P37: Deal, Kent
in the 1950s
P38: Churchill;
Peter Bearman 1950s
P39: Farrier St
and West St, 1950s
P40: More Deal
views and Ethel and Donald Bearman, late 1960s o...
Ethel and
Donald Bearman and children Peter, Rosalind and Pippa...
Peter Bearman,
presumably at Christmas lunch at school, late 19...
generations: Margaret Roberts, her father Albert Roberts, ...
generations: Margaret Roberts, her mother Elsie Ivy Robert...
Penny Bearman
with cousins Alison and Susan Oliver
Penny Bearman
and sister Mandy Peters
Donald and
Ethel Bearman’s Ruby Anniversary, 29 September 196...
Ethel Bearman
(neé Webb) with Jonathan Bearman, around 1965 ne...
Donald and
Ethel Bearman’s Ruby Wedding, 29 September 1962

Census records (16):

1881 45, St Johns Rd, Sheffield, Yorkshire (West riding)
Hales Wm Head Married M 31 1850 Railway Porter Odell, Bedfordshire 155
Hales Louisa Elizth Wife Married F 28 1853 Northampton, Northamptonshire 156
Hales Louisa Kate Daughter Single F 4 1877 Sheffield, Yorkshire 157
Hales Martha Hannah Daughter Single F 3 1878 Sheffield, Yorkshire 40
Hales Wm John Son Single M 1 1880 Sheffield, Yorkshire 158

1881 9, Tonbridge St, St Pancras, Middlesex
Roberts Thomas W Head Married M 39 1842 Baker Worcester, Worcestershire 7
Roberts Elizth Wife Married F 33 1848 Bloomsbury, Middlesex 11
Roberts E E Daughter Single F 7 1874 Bloomsbury, Middlesex 8
Roberts E M Daughter Single F 4 1877 Walworth, Surrey 12
Roberts J B G Son Single M 2 1879 Walworth, Surrey 13
Roberts L K R Daughter Single F 1 1880 Peckham, Surrey 14

1891 106, Hornsey Road, Islington, London, London
Roberts Thomas W Head Married M 49 1842 Furniture Dealer Worcester 7
Roberts Elizabeth Wife Married F 43 1848 Bloomsbury, London 11
Roberts Elizabeth E Daughter Single F 17 1874 Machinist Holborn, London 8
Roberts Esther M Daughter F 14 1877 Walworth, London 12
Roberts John J Son M 12 1879 Walworth, London 13
Roberts Lilian R Daughter F 11 1880 Peckham, London 14
Roberts Evelyn V Daughter F 9 1882 St Pancras, London 15
Roberts Mabel B Daughter F 8 1883 Islington, London 10
Roberts Florence M Daughter F 5 1886 Islington, London 9
Roberts Wilfred L Son M 3 1888 Islington, London 16

1891 16, Georges Yard, Islington, London, London
Barnes Geo H Head Married M 32 1859 Cabdriver Drove End Gedney, Lincolnshire 78
Barnes Susan Wife Married F 32 1859 Parson Drove Fen, Cambridgeshi 73
Barnes Geo W Son M 10 1881 Scholar Holbeach Marsh, Lincolnshire 79
Barnes Hannah Daughter F 8 1883 Scholar Camden Town, London 71
Barnes Flor Ada Daughter F 4 1887 Islington, London 80
Barnes Ethel May Daughter F 1 1890 Islington, London 74
Barnes Nellie A Daughter F 0 1891 Islington, London 81

1891 42, Blundell Street, Islington, London, London
Tappin Charles Head Married M 36 1855 Gas Stoker Islington, London 362
Tappin Anne Wife Married F 41 1850 Islington, London 363
Tappin Edith Daughter Single F 10 1881 Scholar Islington, London 364
Tappin William Son Single M 8 1883 Scholar Islington, London 70
Tappin George Son Single M 6 1885 Scholar Islington, London 365
Lofton Anne Married F 22 1869 Servant Domestic Islington, London
Lofton John Single M 18 1873 Gas Stoker Islington, London 1765
Lofton Charles Single M 16 1875 Van Guard Islington, London 1766
Lofton Samuel Single M 14 1877 Van Guard Islington, London 1767

1891 Down Street, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire
Hales William Head Married M 41 1850 Fishmonger Odell, Bedfordshire 155
Hales Lousia E Wife Married F 38 1853 Northamptonshire 156
Hales Lousia Kate Daughter Single F 14 1877 General Servant Sheffield, Yorkshire 157
Hales Martha H Daughter Single F 13 1878 Scholar Sheffield, Yorkshire 40
Hales William J Son M 11 1880 Scholar Sheffield, Yorkshire 158
Hales Albert T Son M 9 1882 Scholar Sheffield, Yorkshire 159
Hales Edith R Daughter F 5 1886 Scholar Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 160
Hales Mary E Daughter F 2 1889 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire 161

1901 1, Isledon Road, Islington, London
Pinnock Charles Head Widower M 52 1849 Provision Merchant Pimlico, London
Pinnock Pollie C Daughter Single F 30 1871 Housekeeper Camden Town, London
Pinnock James C Son Single M 24 1877 Provision Salesman Islington, London
Pinnock Roland J Son Single M 21 1880 Provision Salesman Islington, London
Pinnock Joseph R Brother Single M 40 1861 Provision Salesman Brighton, Sussex
Hales Martha H Servant Single F 23 1878 General Domestic Sheffield, Yorkshire 40

1901 166, Hornsey Road, Islington, London
Roberts Thomas W Head Married M 59 1842 Furniture Worcester 7
Roberts Elizabeth Wife Married F 53 1848 Bloomsbury, London 11
Roberts Elizabeth E Daughter Single F 27 1874 Mantle Finisher Holborn, London 8
Roberts John G Son Single M 22 1879 Furniture Dealer Walworth, London 13
Roberts Lilian R Daughter Single F 21 1880 Blouse Maker Peckham, London 14
Roberts Mabel B Daughter Single F 18 1883 Blouse Maker Islington, London 10
Roberts Florence Daughter F 14 1887 Mothers Help Islington, London 9

1901 5, Lyon Street, Islington, London
Barnes George H Head Married M 42 1859 Cab Driver Gedney, Lincolnshire 78
Barnes Susan Wife Married F 42 1859 Wisbech, Cambridgeshire 73
Barnes George W Son Single M 20 1881 Horse Keeper Holbeach, Lincolnshire 79
Barnes Hannah Daughter Single F 18 1883 Book Folder St Pancras, London 71
Barnes Florence A Daughter F 14 1887 Islington, London 80
Barnes Nellie A Daughter F 10 1891 Islington, London 81
Barnes Frederick H Son M 4 1897 Islington, London 75
Barnes Arthur Son M 2 1899 Islington, London 76
Barnes Elsie J Daughter F 1 1900 Islington, London 77

1911 30 Thorpedale Road, Tollington Park, London NO, London
Tappin William Charles Head Married M 28 1883 Electric Tram Car Conductor London Islington 70
Tappin Hannah Wife Married F 28 1883 London St Pancras 71
Tappin Elsie Ivy Daughter F 2 1909 London Deptford 72

1911 359 Caledonian Road Holloway N, London
Roberts John Gough Head Married M 32 1879 Locksmith, own account London Walworth 13
Roberts Martha Hannah Wife Married F 33 1878 Yorks Sheffield 40
Roberts Albert George Son M 8 1903 London Islington 41
Roberts John Edward William Son M 5 1906 London Islington 42
Roberts Ellen Louisa Daughter F 2 1909 London Islington 43

1921 361 Caledonian Rd, Lower Holloway, Islington, London
Roberts John Gough Head Married M 42 1878 Home Furnisher, Employer Walworth, London 13
Roberts Martha Hannah Wife Married F 43 1878 Home Duties Sheffield, Yorkshire 40
Roberts Albert George Son Single M 18 1902 Advertising Clerk Islington, London 41
Roberts John Edward William Son Single M 15 1906 General Assistant (shop), J G Roberts House Furnisher Islington, London 42
Roberts Ellen Louisa Daughter Both alive F 12 1908 Islington, London 43
Roberts Dorothy Edith Daughter Both alive F 6 1915 Islington, London 368
Pateman Ada Visitor Married F 36 1884 Maidwell, Northamptonshire

1939 11 Francis Avenue, St Albans, Hertfordshire
Roberts Albert G Married M 37 1902 Compiler of a Directory 14th August 41
Roberts Elsie I Married F 31 1908 Unpaid Domestic Duties 18th August 72
Roberts Margaret A Single F 5 1934 Single 23rd March 113
Roberts David Single M 0 1939 Single 281
Tappin Hannah Married F 56 1883 Unpaid Domestic Duties 8th January 71

1939 410 Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, 2, Middlesex
Tappin William C Married M 57 1882 Railway Gauger 9th October 70
Gregory William G Married M 28 1911 Railway Clerk 21st November 374
Gregory Winifred F Married F 27 1912 Unpaid Domestic Duties 25th January 366
Barnes Susan Widowed F 81 1858 Unpaid Domestic Duties 1st October 73
Blacked Out 0 0

1939 57 Ronalds Road, Islington, London
Roberts John G Married M 61 1878 Furniture Dealer 21st June 13
Roberts Martha H Married F 61 1878 Unpaid domestic duties 3rd March 40
Roberts John E W Single M 33 1906 Ice Cream Vendor 21st February 42
Roberts Dorothy E Single F 24 1915 Invoice Typist 8th June 368
Mitchell Walter G Single M 34 1905 Carpenter (General) 11th October

1939 Street Farm, Deben, Suffolk
Cornell Rowland G Married M 35 1904 General Farmer (Own Account) 9th February
Cornell Married F 51 1888 Unpaid domestic duties assisting f 11th April
Bearman Donald B Married M 49 1890 Chartered Accountant 24th May 31
Bearman Ethel C Married F 46 1894 University Lecturer (Languages) 7th October 37
Wood Vera K Single F 35 1904 Children’s Nurse 25th March 4084
Bearman Eirene M Single F 13 1926 At School 271
Bearman Rosalind A Single F 10 1929 At School 23rd April 272
Bearman Peter F B Single M 7 1932 At School 114