Beatrice Mary Norton

(born 5 Jan 1920 Leciester died 18 Sep 2008 Palmerston North, New Zealand)

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Maternal grandmother: Emma Hayfield (born 26 Jun 1848 Brace Factory, Erdington, Aston)  

married 1865 Leicester

Maternal grandfather: Thomas Langdale (born 1845 Loughborough, Leicestershire) (born Loughborough, Leicestershire )  


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Beatrice Lillan Langdale (born 1888 Leicester)  

married 26 Dec 1907 Leicester

Father Sidney Norton (born abt 1885)  

Husband: Phillip Thomas Clark (born 22.9.1916 Featherstone, New Zealand died 3.7.1992 Levin, New Zealand) married 28.4.1942 Cairo, Egypt  

Son: Chester Phillip Norton Clark (born 11.2.1947 Featherston, New Zealand )   View NotesHide notes  

Married Judith HOWELL on 02 Mar 1978 in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Chester married Denise Waller in March 1969 in Palmerston North. They were only married for a few months and subsequently divorced. No children.

Judith was previously married and had two sons by her first marriage. Richard and Andrew Court. She was divorced and used her maiden name at the time she married Chester Clark.

Daughter: Stephanie Mary Clark (born 16.4.1948 Featherston, New Zealand ) no children  

Husband: Frank Douglas Bryson Thompson (born 1940 )  

Daughter: Merilee Beatrice Clark (born 25.2.1950 Featherston, New Zealand )  

Beatrice Mary Norton Notes:

Daughter of Sidney NORTON and Beatrice Lilian LANGDALE

Stephanie Mary,
Chester Philip Norton and Merilee Beatrice Clar...
Agnes Florence
Clark (known as Mickie and she changed her name ...
Taken at the
funeral of John Baird in November 2011: Stephanie ...
Thompson (née Clark) with cousin Caroline Twyman (ne...
Sidney Norton
with Beatrice Mary and Sidney c.1926
Lillian Norton
Lillian Norton and daughter Beatrice, c. 1922
Grace Lilly
Booker (née Clark) with daughter Carolyn Rosemary ...
Phillip Clark
with mother Florence and wife Beatrice (Mary)
Stephanie Clark
with parents Phillip and Mary, 1966
Chester with sister Merilee, 1993
Phillip Thomas
Clark, Beatrice Mary Clark, Aliston (Bert) and h...
Beatrice Mary
Clark manning a searchlight in Cairo during the w...
P.T. (Phil)
Clark and B. Mary Clark memorial
Stephanie Mary
Clark and Frank Douglas Bryson Thompson
Phillip Thomas
Clark with his favourite niece Patricia Clark, d...
Lillian Norton, Stephanie Mary Thompson (nee Clark) ho...
The children of
Florence Eliza Hales and Herbert Clark, taken i...
Phillip Thomas
Richard and Stephanie
Beatrice Norton
and Phillip Clark

Present day Map with below census address/es in red

Census records:

1851 Factory, Erdington, Aston, Warwickshire
Hayfield James Head Married M 39 1812 Power Loom Weaver Leicester, Leicestershire 3717
Hayfield Sarah Wife Married F 39 1812 Birmingham, Warwickshire 3718
Hayfield Ellen Daughter Unmarried F 15 1836 Weaver Aston, Warwickshire 3719
Hayfield Henry Son M 14 1837 Scholar Aston, Warwickshire 3720
Hayfield Sarah Daughter F 12 1839 Scholar Aston, Warwickshire 3721
Hayfield James Son M 9 1842 Scholar Aston, Warwickshire 3722
Hayfield Emma Daughter F 2 1849 Aston, Warwickshire 3713

1851 Garden Row, Loughborough, Leicestershire
Langdale Thomas Head Married M 41 1810 Journey Tailor Loughbor, Leicestershire
Langdale Elizabeth Wife Married F 36 1815 Wife Ticknall, Derbyshire
Langdale George Son Unmarried M 18 1833 App Loughboro, Leicestershire
Langdale Thomas Son M 5 1846 Scholar Loughboro, Leicestershire 3712
Langdale Thomas Widower M 79 1772 Pauper Loughboro, Leicestershire

1861 7, Bridge Street, St Margaret, Leicester, Leicestershire
Langdale Thomas Head Married M 51 1810 Tailor Loughborough, Leicestershire 3723
Langdale Elizabeth Wife Married F 45 1816 Ticknall, Derbyshire 3724
Langdale Thomas Son Unmarried M 14 1847 Tailor Loughborough, Leicestershire 3712
Thompson Daniel Lodger Married M 29 1832 Bricklayer ..., Staffordshire
Langdale Frederick Visitor Unmarried M 3 1858 Scholar St Margarets, Leicestershire

1871 Willow Bridge Street, St Margaret, Leicester, Leicestershire
Langdale Thomas Head M 24 1847 Leicestershire, Loughboro 3712
Langdale Emma Wife F 23 1848 Warwickshire, Erdington 3713
Langdale Albert E Son M 5 1866 Leicester 3714
Langdale Arthur E Son M 2 1869 Leicester 3715

1881 9, Willow Bridge St, Leicester St Margaret, Leicestershire
Langdale Thomas Head Married M 34 1847 Tailor Loughboro, Leicestershire 3712
Langdale Emma Wife Married F 33 1848 Birchers Green Birmingham 3713
Langdale Albert Son Single M 15 1866 Needle Maker Leicester, Leicestershire 3714
Langdale Arthur Earnest Son Single M 13 1868 Assistant Needle Maker Leicester, Leicestershire 3715
Langdale Ellen Elizabeth Daughter Single F 8 1873 Scholar Leicester, Leicestershire 3716

1891 Union Workhouse, Sparkenhoe Street, Leicester, Leicestershire
Landale Beatrice Lillan Inmate F 3 1888 Leicester 3706

1901 8, Lower Brown Street, Leicester, Leicestershire
Langdale Samuel Head Married M 36 1865 Frame Work Knitter Plymouth, Devonshire 3707
Langdale Maud Wife Married F 36 1865 Leicester 3708
Langdale Beatrice Daughter Single F 13 1888 Leicester 3706
Langdale Maud Daughter F 6 1895 Leicester 3709
Langdale Eva Daughter F 1 1900 Leicester 3710

1911 Cattle Market House, Welford Road, Leicestershire
Bird Alfred Isaac Head Married M 53 1858 Slaughter Houses Corporation Leics Hinckley
Bird Elizabeth Wife Married30 years F 50 1861 Home Work Leics Hinckley
Norton Beatrice Lillian Dopted Daughter Married F 25 1886 Boot Leics Leicester 3706